With Lindsay Lohan’s new show leaked on the internet, it got us thinking back to where we originally saw Li-Lo. The Parent Trap is one of the greatest movies of the ’90s, and was much loved by everyone then, and is still loved by everyone now.

Hallie and Annie, two twins and one elaborate plan to reunite their parents.

Did you know about these behind-the-scenes facts about the movie? If not, read them and learn them and you’ll be able to tell your friends, “I have class, and you don’t!”

1. Abbey Road

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While Hallie visits London, there’s a scene where she and her mum are walking to her mum’s studio for a photo shoot. A version of The Beatles ‘Here comes the sun’ plays in the background, as they walk exactly how The Beatles did for the cover of their album. Even the cars are the same in the background!

2. Same Street

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Tony Richardson, the father of Natasha Richardson, once lived on the exact same street that Elizabeth James, Natasha Richardson’s character, lives on in the movie.

3. “Actually”

The word “actually” is said or sang 23 times throughout the movie. The last time is in the movie’s very last line, when Hallie says, “We actually did it!”

4. Reverend Mosby

At one point in the movie, Meredith answers the phone and says, “Hello, Reverend Mosby.” Reverend Mosby is a reference to a character from the original Parent Trap.

5. For Hallie

In the closing credits, there’s a dedication that reads, “For Hallie.” This is a reference to Nancy Meyers’ daughter.

6. Handshake

That handshake Annie and Martin have consists of a massive 18 moves! And don’t deny that you spent hours rewinding and playing the tape to learn with your friends.

7. Quick Learner

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And that 18-move masterpiece only took Lindsay Lohan one hour to learn. Consummate professional, that one.

8. “Let’s Get Together”

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When Hallie is heading to the elevator in the hotel and runs into Meredith, she’s singing “Let’s Get Together” under her breath, which is a song from the 1961 movie.

9. Erin Mackey

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Erin Mackey was Lindsay Lohan’s body double during the movie’s filming, and while she didn’t get any face-time in The Parent Trap, she’s gone on to have an amazing career in her own right. She’s a stage actress and singer best known for portraying Glinda in the Chicago, Los Angeles, and Broadway productions of Wicked.

10. Red Ball

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There were some scenes where Lindsay Lohan had to play opposite herself and Erin Mackey wasn’t around to be her double. In these cases, a red ball was placed where her head would be to help her look in the right place.

11. Mara Wilson

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Lindsay Lohan wasn’t the only one in the running for the roles of Hallie and Annie. Mara Wilson auditioned for the parts, but producers ultimately felt she wasn’t old enough.

12. Other Actresses

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Scarlett Johansson and Michelle Trachtenberg were among the other actresses who tried out for the roles. Trachtenberg even shares a birthday with the movie’s main characters. The Parent Trap could have been very different, and we can’t imagine the lead role being played by anyone other than Li-Lo.

13. Long Scenes

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There were several hard-to-shoot scenes in this movie, as you can imagine, but the one where Hallie and Annie are lying in bed and the camera pans from the moon to the parents’ picture to the twins, took six whole hours to get right.

14. Pierced Ears

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Hallie having pierced ears is an important part of the plot because Annie doesn’t. Well, neither did Lindsay Lohan before filming started, she got her ears pierced for the movie – that’s some serious dedication!

15. Piercing Scene

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When the movie was released in the U.K., part of the ear-piercing scene was cut so as to discourage young kids from going out and trying it themselves.

16. Twins Names

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Hallie and Annie, the twins in the movie, are named after director Nancy Meyers and her partner at the time, producer Charles Shyer’s, real-life daughters.

17. Earpeice

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For the split screen scenes, when Lohan had to act by herself, she wore an earpiece that would play back the dialogue of the other sister.