Think back to the days of double denim, tamagotchi’s and dial-up internet – it was simpler time and there was nothing more exciting than sitting down to a brand new episode of Friends.

For many of us, Friends was the pinnacle of the ’90s, but it turns out the greatest sitcom of all time was almost very different.

It’s now been revealed that Hollywood mega star, Vince Vaughn was actually considered for the role of Joey Tribbiani.

Vince Vaughn’s good pal, John Favreau was also offered the role of Chandler Bing but he turned it down after he decided to concentrate on starring in Swingers- a film that launched his career.

But obviously friends fans will recognise that John Favreau did eventually appear in the show as Monica’s boyfriend, Pete Becker.

Despite Vaughn being turned down for the role, Friends casting director did say she thought he was “tall and handsome” and “a good actor” – which is probably why he did make an appearance between 2005-2006 to date Rachel.

Vaughn and Anniston also appeared together in the move The Break Up.

This isn’t the only cast switch up that nearly happened.

Eric McCormark of Will from Will and Grace fame, was almost cast as Ross Gellar- can you imagine?! Would he have gone on a break with Rachel? Or loved dinosaurs as much as the Ross we know and love?!

Saved By The Bell’s Jessie Spanno, otherwise known as Elizabeth Berkley, was also considered for the role of Rachel, but then producers decided Courtney Cox should be Rachel and she had to convince them that she would in fact be better as Monica.

It turns out the producers were spoilt for choice when it came to Chandlers as Jon Cryer from Two and a Half Men was also considered. But we’re pretty sure Cryer isn’t too sad that he wasn’t picked as he ended up being part of one of the highest-paid sitcoms of all time.

Another trivia fact for ’90s kids – the catchy Friends theme tune wasn’t even the first choice for the theme tune. In the original pilot of the show, when it was still called Friends Like Us, REM’s Shiny Happy People was used in the opening credits.