Disney and Nickelodeon are who many girls have got to thank for their first ever crushes. There was no denying that at some point or another in the ’90s you were infatuated by a guy, and probably (definitely) believed that you would never be able to love anyone more than him, ever.

While they may have been absolute dream boats back in the day, they’ve come a long way since then, and believe it or not – they’ve changed for the better!

Take a look through some of the guys you definitely had a crush on back in the day.

Justin Timberlake Then

It was a strange but undeniable attraction, never sure if it was his curly locks or his baby face – JT was every girls favourite crush.

Justin Timberlake Now

Gone are the ramen hair days, and in comes the beard which makes everything a whole lot better for Justin, we’re still crushing on him two decades later.

Taylor Lautner Then

Known most famously for his role as Jacob in the Twilight Saga, Lautner has come a long way since his porcupine hair days.

Taylor Lautner Now

The spikes are gone and the stubble has grown, and Lautner has perfected the smouldering look – dreamy!

Jake Gyllenhaal Then

It must have been his moody look and classic ’90s haircut, we couldn’t help but love him.

Jake Gyllenhaal Now

He’s definitely lost the baby face and is absolutely killing it with his swept back hair, it seems that Gyllenhaal has improved drastically with age!

Joe Jonas Then

He’s so so young! Obviously known for being the frontman of the Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum selling group the Jonas Brothers.

Joe Jonas Now

It seems that life since the band’s separation has been treating Joe well, and the addition of a beard always fixes things.

Dev Patel Then

You were probably a little too young to watch Skins, but you did it anyway – and it may or may not have been because of the eye-candy involved!

Dev Patel Now

This is one serious glow-up. So although Dev may not have been the number one hottie in Skins he’s certainly changed things around now.

Nicholas Hoult Then

He went from scrappy-looking little boy in the movie About a Boy to a scrappy-looking teenager who we all grew to love in Skins.

Nicholas Hoult Now

Considering he was always a guilty pleasure throughout the ’90s, there’s no way he could be anything other than gorgeous today.

Nick Lachey Then

Known for The Newlyweds: The First Year there was something about Nick we loved.

Nick Lachey Now

Somehow time seems to have done absolutely nothing for Nick, he looks exactly the same except a little less orange.


The sideways cap teamed with the ‘U’ chain must have been the thing that did it for us back in the ’90s.

Usher Now

Usher has well and truly grown up, he looks amazing and thank god he’s ditched the cap and chain.

Channing Tatum Then

Step Up was an amazing film and definitely made us all want to be dancers. Channing had that “bad boy your mum told you not to go near” vibe.

Channing Tatum Now

The movies have got better and we definitely still fancy Channing Tatum as much as we did in the ’90s, if not a bit more (thank you Magic Mike.)

Zac Efron Then

If anyone tells you they didn’t fancy Zac Efron in High School Musical – they’re lying.

Zac Efron Now

Efron is the definition of glow-up, and we possibly love him even more now he’s all grown up.