Super Mario fans rejoice as a new bar in Washington D.C has just combined our favourite adulthood and childhood things – Mario and alcohol!

The Cherry Blossom PUB is a pop-up bar that has been put together by The Drinks Company in order to celebrate cherry blossom season in the countries capital.

If you do want to visit the themed bar then you should probably get in the queue now as reports have said that it can take up to two hours to get inside due to it’s over-whelming popularity.

But once you see the pics of inside, you will realise that it’s completely worth the wait.

The decor will hit you right in the nostalgic feels with 8-bit blocks, mushrooms hanging from the ceiling and the bartenders that are dressed up as none other than Mario and Luigi.

“Japan has always been a source of inspiration for me and, as a native Washingtonian, cherry blossom season is something we look forward to every year,” Derek Brown of Drink Company said in a press release. “This pop-up brings together some of my favorite things under one roof, including both classic cocktails and Mario nostalgia.”

The cocktails on offer pay homage to the impressive theme, including drinks such as King Koopa Cup,” a mix of Japanese whiskey, Genmaicha “popcorn” tea and ginger syrup with a lemon “crown” and “What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Smaller,” made with vodka, mandarin orange, pomelo and apricot soda.

And of course It’s a Me, Amario” made of a sweet vermouth, Don Ciccio & Figli Carcafio, aperitivo, and spicy ginger ale.

However the menu is divided in half – with half offering a throwback to Mario and the other half honours the Cherry Blossom theme, giving people a taste of both Japanese culture.

Not only this but the bar is also offering a host of Japanese snacks such as gyoza, seaweed salad and a katsu sandwich are also on the menu, alongside Japanese sake, beer and whiskey offerings.

If you do fancy like taking a trip down memory lane then the bar in located inside Mockingbird Hill (1843 7th Street NW) and Southern Efficiency (1841 7th Street NW).

It’s only open until April 15th so get down there before it’s gone!