There are times in your life when you need nothing more than to curl up on the sofa with a cup of tea and a good television show playing on your TV screen – or maybe that’s every weekend.

Thankfully, there are plenty of shows out there that are quite simply, magical. No matter how old you they get, no matter how many times you’ve watched them, your love for them remains the same.

So if you’re looking for some TV inspiration for this evening, these are the shows that will always be there for you no matter what.

1. Gilmore Girls


Lorelai and Rory are the perfect mother-daughter team. Following their journey through education, careers, family struggles and relationships, it’s the perfect show to binge watch.

2. Gossip Girl


The mysterious gossip girl continues to stir up trouble even after the former students of the exclusive prep school have moved on to focus on their careers

3. The Great British Bake Off

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You might thinking baking is stressful, but it’s nothing compared to watching others compete in this baking competition.

4. Friends


If you’re yet to watch Friends, where have you been for the past 23 years? It’s the sitcom of all sitcoms, following the lives of a group of friends in New York.

5. Malcolm in the Middle


This unconventional family is made up of a whole host of characters with brainiac middle child Malcolm offering the narrative for the show.

6. Sex and the City


Four women navigate through the Manhattan dating scene, experiencing a lot of friendship and relationship drama along the way.

7. Archer


If you’re looking for something a little difference to watch, Archer is an adult spy sitcom focusing on Sterling Malory Archer – the world’s most dangerous secret agent who is also incredible egotistical and self-involved.

8. The Simpsons


The classic animated comedy has been going since 1989 and is a firm favourite of many for good reason.

9. Sherlock


The contemporary version of the the detective stories has given them a new lease of life. With incredible mysterious to solve, Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson make the perfect team.

10. Buffy The Vampire Slayer


Buffy is one in a long line of women whose mission to to seek and destroy vampires, demons and forces of darkness

11. Scrubs


If you want to laugh until you cry, Scrubs is a drama series about a group of medical students at Sacred Heart Hospital.

12. Xena: Warrior Princess


This absolute badass of a women travels around fighting evil alongside her friend Gabrielle.

13. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia


Several friends who own Paddy’s Pub in Philadelphia try to work their way through the world of work and relationships – and if they can get over life’s hardships, you can too.

14. How I Met Your Mother


It’s easy to watch and you’ll be able to relate to at least one of the characters in the show. It also stars Jason Segel so you’re guaranteed a laugh.

15. Charmed


If you want a burst of 90’s nostalgia and badass women fighting evil, this is the show to marathon.

16. Will & Grace

Will & Grace Forever

Best friends who are a little too involved in each other’s business – it’s certainly relatable.

17. Futurama


Waking up 1000 years in the future, Fry is taken in by his sole descendant and has to learn to adapt to the future.

18. The Inbetweeners


Relive your painfully awkward school years through The Inbetweeners, with Will, Simon, Jay and Neil struggling to make their way through the social scene and into the cooler crowd.

19. Call the Midwife

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A funny and colourful look at midwifery in the 1950’s in East End London, Call the Midwife sees a group of women form close friendships and support each other through everything.

20. RuPaul’s Drag Race


A fun and colour show that celebrates the art form that is drag – and it will definitely cheer you up.