There was probably a time in your life that you thought keeping hold of your childhood belongings was a bad idea, so you bagged them up and chucked them out.

However now you’re having major regrets.

From VHS tapes to your beloved toys that are no longer available – here are 16 things you owned as a kid that you definitely wish you’d kept hold of:

Your Disney VHS Collection


When DVD’s started taking over VHS tapes your Disney classics felt like the most uncool thing ever. However now ’90s kids would do anything to have a rainy Saturday afternoon at home rewinding and fast-forwarding Disney classics on VHS. Also last year an original Beauty and the Beast VHS tape sold for an impressive $1,000 on eBay.

Pokemon Cards


Pokemon made an impressive comeback in 2016 with Pokemon Go, however nothing is quite as good as the simpler times of Pokemon cards.

Nickelodeon Time Blaster Radio Alarm Clock


Waking up in the ’90s was much fancier affair with the Nickelodeon alarm clock and not the bog standard phone alarm everyone has these days.

Skip It


Forget your Fitbit – Skip Its were the ultimate fun-come-workout back in the day. While similar toys are still on the market today, nothing beats the classic.

Your TY Collection


TY collections in the ’90s were a status symbol – the more you had the cooler you were – especially if the original tags were still in pristine condition. Some of the commemorative bears have recently gone on sale for thousands of dollars, so if you have some of the rarer cuddlies back in the day, you want to hope they’re still in your parents garage.

Mix Tapes


Mix tapes were the ultimate romantic gift back in the ’90s – it was a true sign of dedication, those bad boys used to take hours to make. A Spotify playlist really doesn’t have the same effect does it?

Your POG Collection

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POGs may have been the most simple game every but it sure was good. It was a great way to relieve stress and now your an adult you could definitely get some use out of it.

Your Walkman


Walkman were vital if you wanted to listen to your fire mixtape in the ’90s and soon became a staple of any outfit. They were a game changer and so much more simple than the devices we have to carry around now.

Bop It

Bop It was the ultimate challenge and was the best way to settle arguments. We say bring it back!

Your Entire Wardrobe


’90s fashion has done full circle and is now back on the shelves – but due to being an adult now money is tight – meaning you were probably better dressed 20 years ago than you are now. Just imagine how happy you would be if you could get it all back!

Doc Martens


Doc Martens were probably part of that wardrobe you regret chucking out. They’re back in a big way and you’re probably desperate for a pair.

Your Goosebumps Library


There were an impressive 62 books in the original Goosebumps series and chances are you had your hands on a few on them during the ’90s. If you kept any books from your childhood you’d better hope they were these ones.

Moon Shoes


Moon shoes “accurately” let you feel like what it was like to walk on the moon and we can’t help but think that 2017 needs a lil bit of that.



While Furbys have made a comeback in recent years, they’re just not the same as the old school ones. They were a pet that came with no responsibility, however did sometimes wake you up in the middle of the night with strange noises.