If you grew up in the ’90s then chances are either you or someone you know probably had a Tamagotchi.

When they were released way back in 1997 they were a pretty big deal and now to celebrate the 20th anniversary the original manufacturers, Bandai, have re-released the pocket pet.


If you have no idea what a Tamagotchi is – it’s a small plastic egg on a key-ring which had 6 virtual pets to choose from and the ultimate goal was to keep them alive for as long as possible.

The early versions didn’t have a pause option and owners had to press a button every 30 minutes to feed them, otherwise they would starve to death.

The name Tamagotchi comes from the Japanese word for egg, ‘tamago’, and the English word ‘watch’, according to Bandai.

The new version remains pretty similar to the classic including the original buttons, it’s just slightly smaller and comes at a much lower price – $13.55 compared to $17.99 in 1997.

However there is a catch.

The bad news is that the iconic toy will only be available in Japan and on Amazon Japan. So we’re going to have to wait a little while longer to get our nostalgic hands back on an original Tamagotchi.

The new size did deter some users in Japan.

“Got the Tamagotchi! IT’s smaller than  thought it would be but oh the memories!” said one Japanese user on Twitter.

Another said: “I came to buy this immediately at Tamagotchi’s 20th anniversary.”

“The eggs were sold out right away!” one added.

When the toy was launched back in 1997, over 76 million of the digital pets were sold worldwide.

This news comes just months after it was announced that Nokia is also releasing a brand new version of the ’90s classic 3310 model.

In 2013 Bandai released a handheld game that was similar to the ’90s classic called Friends, however it never quite had the same following as the Tamagotchi.

They said: “Part fashion, part friendship, part community and all fun, the new Tamagotchi Friends combines the nurturing features and simple play pattern of the beloved handheld virtual pet, with exciting new entertainment that we believe will really resonate with Tamagotchi fans.

“And now, with the new bump feature, similar to what’s found in today’s smartphones, these lovable, whimsical friends can connect with each other for massively increased levels of interaction.”

We hope the new Tamagotchi is a great success and will eventually be released across the world!