As a child you probably believed that your toys were the best thing since sliced bread, however since the ’80s and ’90s, toy manufacturers have seriously tried to up their game.

Toy’s of todays generation can’t compete with an extensive My Little Pony collection, or a box full of Crazy Bones.

Thankfully, many of the best toys from our childhood are still on the market, albeit perhaps slightly updated versions. Take a look through these and see how many of your favourites you recognise, and how many you might want to buy again.

1. Barbie House

via: Lynnes Lovables

The Barbie Dream House was a definite obsession for girls throughout the ’70s and ’80s. Today, the dream house has definitely had a slight renovation but we’re sure kids love it just as much as they did back in the day.

2. Cabbage Patch


These little toys were such a popular toy for Christmas gifts in 1984 that some parents even ended up in fist-fights over the limited supply of dolls. Today, Cabbage Patch Kids are a lot less wholesome looking.

3. Carebears

via: Pinterest

These adorable little bears were originally the product of a Hallmark card campaign, but quickly made their way into real products and kids of the ’80s soon fell in love with them. Today, Care Bears are even more colourful!

4. Creepy Crawlers

via: TriviaHappy

This amazing toy brings back some serious memories of creating creepy crawlies. The new version of the Creepy Crawlers set is still in on the market, however it now uses LED light to harden the rubber gel rather than heat, which is much safer for children to use.

5. Light Toy

via: I’m Remembering!

The Lite Brite came with multiple coloured plastic rods, of which children could (try to) recreate the clown masterpiece on the Lite Brite box. They have kept this product going even today, but have tried to keep a retro feel to the product.

6. Tiny Oven

via: Buzzfeed

There was just something about the reinforced gender stereotypes and tiny cookies that kids in the ’80s loved. Most people couldn’t believe that you could get a real treat from the inside of a toy. Unfortunately, Hasbro recently discontinued the Easy-Bake Oven, however you can still find something similar on sale online.

7. Stencils

via: Sew Weekly

Fashion Plates were amazing for those who could barely even draw a smiley face free-hand. They provided endless combinations of outfits to trace and colour in, and amazingly today’s Fashion Plates are almost identical to the old-school sets, although the fashion choices have been slightly updated.

8. Cheap Finger Monsters

via: EbaumsWorld

Anyone growing up in the ’70s, ’80s or ’90s will remember these little guys. They were made fairly badly, with sloppily painted eyes and arms which fell off, but there was something charming about these little monsters. Today’s Finger Monsters aren’t very different, in the fact that they still look as cheap as the originals.

9. Record Player

via: Vice

This Record Player was one of Fisher Price’s true classics. Somehow, in the age of new technology and streaming music, it’s still for sale!

10. Cash Register

via: Etsy

This childhood favourite may have seemed like a mechanical marvel at the time, where the coins disappear magically, only to reappear soon after down the ramp. The classic Cash Register is back on the market in a very similar form, thankfully!

11. Putty

via: Youtube

Nickelodeon’s Gak was a hit with kids everywhere in the ’80s, that was until it dried up in its little tub. One brave company decided to keep this miracle on the market, in small quantities.

12. Stuffed Worm

via: RetroPlanet

The original Glow Worm was a popular ’80s toy which consisted of part stuffed animal, part nightlight. The modern version of the classic Glow Worm looks more sophisticated, but a little smaller these days, and has traded in the nightcap for a hoodie.

13. Koosh Balls

These balls were made of what was essentially broken rubber bands, and were all the rage in the late ’80s. You can still buy these rubber band balls today.

14. Mousetrap

via: Ebay

This game made have had one of the best TV adverts in history, however in reality the game was so complex and confusing it was just set up for kids to feel like failures. It’s still for sale, although slightly more modern, and now you’re all grown up you might even be able to play it properly.

15. Fishing Game

via: Twitter

The official name of this game is ‘Let’s Go Fishing’. This game was actually a very inventive and fun toy, with a pond which rotated was filled with fish who were just begging to be caught (or tangled) in the red string. This game is still for sale, but in a travel version.

16. Awesomely ’80s Kitchen

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Despite the hollow plastic construction and stickers which always peel off, the Little Tikes Kitchen Playset was a key toy in the ’80s. Today’s Kitchen Playset had left the dull colouring behind, and has opted for a more colourful aesthetic.

17. My Little Pony

via: Etsy

The original My Little Pony toy had squishy hollow bodies and fabulous manes and tales. These will never get old, and so you can still buy them today – although they are definitely a lot more jazzy now!

18. Nintendo

via: NerdReactor

The Nintendo changed the history of gaming forever. And it seems like Nintendo believes this too, having re-released a much smaller clone of the original NES, which have brought in huge sales.

19. Pet Rock

via: New York Times

The Pet Rock was ‘invented’ by an advertising executive. He sold over 1.5 million of this product at four dollars each, and instantly became a millionaire. The Pet Rock is back on the market today, with an even steeper price tag and almost identical packaging.

20. Pound Puppies

via: Etsy

This was one of the more plush toys from the ’80s. They came with cute, kennel-like packaging and a whole host of accessories. This was the perfect alternative for parents who didn’t want to buy their children the real thing. Although they aren’t as popular now, you can still find Pound Puppies for sale.