Although it’s only been two decades since the ’90s, life has changed a lot since then.

Life was extremely different 20 years ago, what with the internet being slow and pretty useless, but kids always seemed to have a great time with some of the most amazing toys at their fingertips.

There are obviously newer and more technological toys for kids to play with now, and there is no chance of a squirt gun becoming the most popular toy of 2017, however it’s great to look back and see how different life was growing up in the ’90s.

Take a look through some of these iconic images which give a small insight into what it meant to be a kid 20 years ago.

1. Pogo Balls

Pogo balls were never as fun as they looked in the adverts, they just caused bruises and lots of tears.

2. Zubaz Pants

These jazzy trousers were the thing to be seen in throughout the ’90s, teamed with a Mickey Mouse jumper is just perfect.

3. Nano Pet

These little pocket pets taught kids in the ’90s about responsibility, and also what happens when you spend money on cheap electronics.

4. Windows Media Player

What electronics lacked in functionality, they made up for in over-the-top design, like this Windows Media Player skin.

5. Dexter

This nerdy little character and his laboratory was the most educational TV got in the ’90s.

6. Hair Goals

This hairstyle can’t even be defended, there is no point in those little braids.

7. Toy Figures

If you gave these little toys to a child today they would probably ask what it does, and it may not actually do anything, but they were still fun!

8. Pokemon

Anyone who had a Bulbasaur bouncy ball was the talk of the playground.

9. Phone

These jazzy little phones were what everyone asked for Christmas for, however unfortunately they only ever lasted around 10 minutes before the broke.

10. Friends Assistant

This is possibly the most ’90s thing on this list; the cast of a ’90s show, walking users through the use of a ’90s product, in the middle of the ’90s.

11. Barney

These kids were well and truly in the ’90s, posing with a toy Barney on their little truck!

12. Supersoaker

How many Super Soakers you owned was an accurate reflection of how cool you were.

13. Justin Timberlake

This is what aspiring teen web designer’s efforts looked like in the ’90s.

14. Balancing Bird

There was hours of endless fun to be had with these weird balancing bird things which would never (always) fall off.

15. Walkman

This girl looks like she doesn’t care that she’s lost her front tooth because of her super portable Walkman.

16. Pogs

These little things practically stole half of any kids childhood in the ’90s.

17. Dial Up

Dial-up speeds were painfully slow, it made the rewards so much better.

18. Baggy Jeans

Skinny jeans were the obvious backlash to this trend, when the wider the jean-leg the better.

19. Old School

Although they weren’t fun, they got the job done.

20. Polly Pocket

When kids were too young to play with makeup they played with amazing toys like these Polly Pockets!