After years of speculation Life Size 2 is finally happening!

Life Size was a Disney Channel favourite and since 2015 there have been rumours about the pre-teen classic getting a follow up movie – and it’s almost here.

Tyra Banks, who plays the “life-size” doll, confirmed the news on Twitter earlier this week.

Banks isn’t only returning to star in the movie, she is also an executive producer meaning she’s got a lot more of a say on what happens in the movie.

The original movie debuted 17 years ago and features Lindsay Lohan, who plays a pre-teen called Casey, and her doll Eve, played by the supermodel, that comes to life.

However at the end of the 2000 movie, Eve decided to undo the spell and return to being a doll.

The new movie is set to be released in December 2018 on Freeform and the sequel sees Eve woken up again to help a young woman learn how to live and love – but who will play this young girl?

Of course along the way there will be drama and ups and downs – but this time it will have a Christmas twist due to it’s release being in the holiday season.


“She’s more adult now, so the storyline is going to be more adult,” Banks said. “It’s on Freeform which lets you know it’s going to be a little sexier, a little edgier, so a different Eve.”

Tyra has given minimal gossip about the sequel and her lips are sealed on the details, however she did say: “She comes to life in a very interesting way this time.”

Speaking to E! News, the model said: “I would love for Lindsay to do something. Like, Lindsay, the last time I saw you was, I don’t know how many years ago—Every time I see her she gives me a hug like it was back in the day, like she’s 10 years old again—I would love for you to come back and do something for Life-Size, will you? Will you?”

There has been no word yet from Lindsay Lohan or her team about her starring in the sequel, but that’s probably because she’s too busy filming the follow up to Freaky Friday – all the nostalgia!

So for now, we’ll just have to watch this space.

Life-Size 2 will premiere December 2018 on Freeform.

UPDATE: 1/6/2017

While the revival is already confirmed there was previously no word about whether Lindsay Lohan would be making her return after starring as Casey in the original movie.

However Tyra Banks appeared on the The Talk on Tuesday and pretty much confirmed that LiLo would be making a return.

Tyra said she’s been “having conversations with Ms. Lohan” about the movie.

“Yes, and I want her to come back and I think that she does too,” Tyra said. “Actually, I know she does. So I really hope that she can be in it.”

Watch the interview here:

Lindsay Lohan is yet to comment on the rumours but we can only hope!