Malcolm in the Middle was first on our screens way back in 2000. Running for seven seasons and 151 episodes, it was a hugely popular show that won numerous awards during its run.

The show which broke the fourth wall with Malcolm regularly talking to the audience, it followed the story of the wildly dysfunctional family of Malcolm, his three brothers and two parents.

The show ended in 2006, so it’s been over 10 years since we saw any new episodes but we still love it all the same even now.

Everyone Loved Bryan Cranston

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The immature father was massively popular with audiences. Bryan Cranston played Hal and because of his antics, scenes often took longer than planned to shoot, but Cranston got away with it because he was so loved by the crew and cast.

Aaron Paul Auditioned For The Role Of Francis

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Cranston and Paul teamed up for Breaking Bad, but who knew that years before they could have played father and son in Malcolm in the Middle.

Named After A Racing Driver

In the tenth episode of the first season, Hal admits to Malcolm that he was named after the stock car racer, Rusty Malcolm, and tells Francis and Reese that they were originally going to be called Malcolm too.

A Real Life House

In the show it was named 12334 Maple Boulevard, but the house was privately owned and the owners made $3000-$4000 a day whenever filming took place there.

Based on The Writer

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Linwood Boomer based the show on his own life, taking inspiration from his own childhood. The youngest of four bothers, he switched it up by making Malcolm the third child and exaggerating his intelligence

Cranston Did His Own Stunts

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Cranston really got into his role in the show. Though his character was known for being dependant on his wife Lois and a bit stupid, Cranston was the opposite and famed for doing all of his own stunts. He even wore a suit of 10,000 bees.

Malcolm Was Supposed To Be Younger

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When the character of Malcolm was originally created, he was nine-years-old. However when Frankie Muniz auditioned aged 13, they were so impressed with him that they changed the characters age from nine to twelve and gave him the part.

No Last Name

The writers of the show were deliberately vague about the family’s last name and they mystery became a running joke in the show. However, during a pilot episode, Francis’ name tag displays the surname ‘Wilkerson’, though the name never pops up again during the show.  To keep the joke going, in the last episode, Francis’ employee card is seen and reads ‘Francis Nolastname’.

A Breaking Bad Connection

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There was an episode in which Reese throws a party whilst his parents are away but it gets overrun with a gang who set up a meth lab in the garage.

Celebrity Guests

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Guest stars were a regular feature in the show with the likes of Dakota Fanning, Ashley Tisdale and Hayden Panettiere appearing. Emma Stone also made an appearance in season seven, a year before her film debut in Superbad.

Frankie Is Older Than His Older Brother

Malcolm’s age was never mentioned during the show, however he was obviously the middle child with Reese and Francis being his older brothers and Dewey and later on Jame, being his younger siblings. In real life though, Muniz is actually a few months older than his older on-screen brother.

Living In California

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The location of the family home was never stated in the show, there were clues alluding to the location instead. From Texas to D.C, each state could have been the location, but the show was actually filmed in California due to the secure weather.

Jane Kaczmarek Never Actually Gave Birth

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Playing the authoritative mother, Lois, Jane had to ‘give birth’ five times during the show. However, she’d never actually given birth in the same way in real life – having C-section births instead. She said she prepared by imitating birth scenes she’d seen on screen before.

Equally Gifted…Almost

Malcolm was the family genius, placed in a class for gifted students and had a photographic memory. Reese was a bully but skilled in the kitchen, whilst Dewey was also intelligent and excelled in music. Francis however missed out on any special skills and actually got more immature as the show went on.

Reese Was One Of TV’s Biggest Brats

With Malcolm being the main character, the producers didn’t expect that the rest of the family would get so much attention. Due to their comedic performances, the whole cast were praised for their roles and Reese was often voted the worst TV brother of all time.