We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, Friends truly is one of the best sitcoms of all time.

Running for ten seasons, we couldn’t get enough and loved keeping up with the lives of Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Ross, Joey and Chandler.

Like in all shows though, there were a few things that just didn’t add up and for Friends, it was continuity errors that were undeniable. We still love the show all the same, but we can’t believe they allowed these to slip through.

1. Crab Cakes

image source: Comedy Central

In the past, it was established that Ross was allergic to shellfish, however in season nine he is quite happily eating crab cakes – maybe his allergy subsided?

2. Saltwater Taffy

image source: Pinterest

Season eight sees Phoebe enjoy saltwater taffy for what she says in the first time. In season two however, she explains that she met her Navy boyfriend after he dropped some in her guitar case.

3. Birthday Changes

image source: TBS

In season three, Phoebe says her birthday falls on February 16th, but by season nine she’s celebrating it on Halloween.

4. The Cleaning Lady

image source: WhatCulture

Though he often says that Carol was the first woman he slept with, in season seven Chandler reveals that Ross slept with their college cleaning lady.

5. Surprise

image source: Friends Wikia

Monica and Chandler were shocked to find out they were going to be adopting twins from Erica, but they saw the ultrasound beforehand so how did they not know already?

6. Happy Birthday

image source: Comedy Central

Ross’ birthday changed from March, to December and then to October 18th.

7. Chandler Can’t Cry

image source: Book Riot

There was a whole episode based on the fact Chandler couldn’t cry, but in The One With Rachel’s Going Away Party, Monica says that Chandler cried at the six o’clock news.

8. Vegetarian?

image source: Comedy Central

Despite the fact she’s vegetarian, Phoebe wants – and gets – leather pants in season four.

9. Magic Boots

image source: Friends Wikia

In season nine, Monica is seen wearing the same boots that she supposedly lost in the season previous.

10. Ice Cream

image source: @cbsarcasm

Whilst out on a date with Elizabeth, Ross happily enjoys an ice cream, although he previous claimed not to like it.

11. “Air Quotes”

image source: Fanpop

Throughout the show, Joey often uses air quotes, however in season nine he claims to not know how to use them.

12. Greene

image source: @Comedy Central

When Ross sends her wedding invitation, her surname is spelt at ‘Greene’.

13. First Meeting

image source: TVLine

Chandler and Rachel meet three times throughout the show! First in the pilot.

14. Again

image source: seriemaniacos

Then again in The One With The Flashback, at the bar that later became Central Perk.

15. And Again

image source: The Hook

And also in The One With All The Thanksgivings.

16. Ross’ First Kiss

image source: Pinterest

Ross discovered that “his first kiss with Rachel” was actually his sister Monica, but four seasons earlier Rachel admits Ross kissed her during High School to “get some chapstick”.

17. Moving Toilet

image source: TopCount

Some bathroom remodelling must have occurred because first of Joey and Chandler’s toilet is here…

18. Bathroom Remodelling

image source: Reddit

but then it moved to behind the door in later seasons.

19. Part-Time Job

image source: moviepilot

The nurse who delivers Ben is the same actress that played Estelle.

20. Engagement Ring

image source: Comedy Central

Monica is shocked by the size of the ring that Joey ‘proposed’ to Rachel with. However, given that he proposed to Emily with it and it’s her grandmothers anyway, she would have seen it before.