The twins began their acting career with Full House and went on to star in Two of a Kind as well as movies such as Billboard Dad and New York Minute. The pair always seemed to be appearing on our screens, until one day they suddenly disappeared. It seemed they made the decision to take a final bow to acting in order to focus their attention on their main passion: fashion.

There is part of us that wishes they were still an acting duo with a show of their own – but for now, here are some things you may not know about Mary-Kate & Ashley.

image source: Teen Vougue

1. Nine Months Old

At the age of just nine-months-old, the twins took on their first ever role as Michelle Tanner in Full House. The twins appeared on the show for eight years, and took it in turns to film scenes. As their baby teeth began falling out as they were filming for the show, they had to wear dentures in order to keep the same appearance throughout!

2. Hollywood Producers

The twins created their very own Hollywood production company at the age of just six-years-old. The company was called Dualstar Entertainment.

3. Net Worth

The twins estimated net worth is over $300 million. As they have worked almost their entire lives, it’s fair to argue that they have definitely earned their fortune.

4. Not Identical

The sisters are not actually identical twins, although it is very difficult to tell them apart. Ashley was actually born two minutes before Mary-Kate, and is an inch shorter than her sister. Mary-Kate is left handed, while Ashley is right handed.

5. They Missed Prom

The girls actually missed their own prom, as they were offered the opportunity to host the Jimmy Fallon show. In order to make up for this, Jimmy Fallon and Will Forte recreated their own prom in the opening montage and shared a dance with the girls.

6. Lyme Disease

In 2015, Ashley was sadly diagnosed with Lyme disease after suffering for years. She has never spoken to the press about her condition and has kept it as low profile as possible.

7. ADD

Mary-Kate was diagnosed with ADD (attentional deficit disorder) and has spoken out about her condition saying, “I get extra time to take the test because of my ADD. Everybody’s brains work differently and I just need longer for things to register.”

8. Middle Name

Ashley actually has a middle name – Fuller – but Mary-Kate doesn’t.

9. GiGi Hadid & Amber Heard

The twins have said their favourite fashion icons are GiGi Hadid & Amber Heard.

10. Their Store

After spending a fortune on their store, The Row, the twins have put their own restaurant into it which offers their clients lunch. They also provide a dressing gown in the changing rooms for their clients to use in between outfits.

11. Brother

The twins have a brother, as well as their sister, Elizabeth Olsen. Their brother, Trent Olsen is just one year older than the twins but opted to go with an alternate career path than his sisters.

12. Social Media

The twins don’t have Facebook or Twitter, Mary-Kate explained, “That gives me so much anxiety. We’ve spent our whole lives trying to not let people have that accessibility, so it would go against everything we’ve done in our lives to not be in the public.”

13. Millionaires

By the age of 10, the twins were self-made millionaires.

14. Famous Faces

The girls have also shared the stage with many other famous actors and actresses. Full House was filmed on the same set as Friends, as well as many other iconic American TV shows.

15. Hollywood Walk Of Fame

They became the first twins to be recognised in such a way, they were awarded a combined star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame.

16. Danish And Swedish

The twins are very distantly of Danish and Swedish decent, and they were a huge hit in Norway. They even launched a collection in a Norwegian store called Bik Bok in 2013.

17. Pretty Little Liar

They grew up right next to  a Pretty Little Liar, as they lived right across the street from actress Troian Bellisario.

18. Mary-Kate’s Marriage

Mary-Kate married Oliver Sarkozy in 2015 at a New York Penthouse. The 50 guests that were invited had to hand their mobiles in before enjoying dinner, cocktails and a bowl of cigarettes. Oliver proposed to Mary-Kate with a Cartier ring worth £63,000

19. Jake

The twins also have a half-brother, Jake, who used to sell his classmates autographed photos of his siblings.

20. Full House

They were given the role of Michelle Tanner in Full House because they were the only babies that didn’t cry throughout the audition process. The twins were paid £19,860 each per episode of Full House and Michelle Tanner wore a lot of designer clothes made by Marc Jacobs and Chanel.