We’ve seen so many ’90s trends come back into fashion over the past few years.

From chokers to grunge makeup and crop tops, it seems that flashback fashion is definitely the way forward.

So, if you want to be ahead of the times, let’s take a look at all the other ’90s fashion trends that could very well be filling your favourite clothes shops very soon…

1. Waist Belts

image source: Elle

We all want the illusion of a smaller waist and although these bulky belts aren’t exactly subtle, we imagine that many people would still use them.

2. Circle Belts

image source: Pinterest

We all had a few of these in a variety of colours, but they have been banished forever and we intend on keeping it that way.

3. Boho Skirts

image source: Pinterest

Boho style is still very much a current trend so we wouldn’t be surprised if these skirts became even more popular.

4. Shrug Cardigans

image source: Pinterest

What were we thinking? Either go big or go home aka get a regular sized cardigan or don’t wear one at all…

5. Baker Boy Cap

image source: Gay Times

We’ve already seen many celebrities and beauty bloggers sporting these bad boys and we have to say – we love them!

6. Low-Rise Trousers

image source: Marie Claire

With the reigning high-wast jeans, shorts, skirts – everything, we’d be very surprised if these came back into fashion.

7. Ponchos

image source: Etsy

The perfect middle between a cardigan and a coat – not exactly the prettiest accessories but oh wow were they comfy.

8. Wearing A Dress Over Jeans

image source: BuzzFeed

We definitely hope that this trend stays in the past forever.

9. Ra-Ra Skirts

image source: Auguste

With it coming up to summer, we wouldn’t be surprised if these cute skirts made a comeback, even just for the season.

10. Skinny Scarves

image source: Pinterest

Although these would never be practical for keeping you warm, they were the perfect sassy accessory to throw over your shoulder.

11. Crochet Beanies

image source: Pinterest

These looked cute in a way but they were just too much to handle since we wore them so far back and had to clip them in so they wouldn’t budge.

12. Von Dutch

image source: Pinterest

This brand was our go-to when it came into fashion but don’t you think its best if we give other brands a try nowadays… please?

13. Blazers With A Hoodie Sewn In

image source: Complex

You were definitely a rebel if you wore one of these.

14. Tiny Handbags

image source: Cosmopolitan

Thank the heavens that the clutch bag was born because we definitely couldn’t deal with these again.

15. Super High Waist Jeans

image source: Keyword Suggests

The type that practically go over your boobs and act as a jumpsuit – no thank you!

16. Waistcoats

image source: Ebay

Unless we’re going to a wedding, do we ever really need one of these?

17. Ties With A T-Shirt

image source: Keyword Suggests

Oh Avril, what have you done? We hope that this doesn’t become a thing again.

18. Bandanas

image source: Refinery29

These were so versatile back in the day but that is exactly where this accessory should remain – in the past.

19. Slogan T-Shirts With A Gothic Font

image source: Paramount

Everyone loves a vintage tee but we can’t imagine how well these cringe pieces would go down.

20. Halter Tops

image source: Paste Magazine

At the moment, these tops are becoming a staple for festival season but we would love them for everyday wear too.