Kenan & Kel ran for an impressive 65 episodes and wrapped up their epic run with a movie back in 2000.

Since then there has been a orange soda shaped hole in our hearts. The pair reunited on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon earlier this year and teased a Good Burger reunion, however nothing has yet been confirmed.

So until we get that revival, here are some little known facts about our favourite ’90s duo…


The first two seasons of the show were filmed at Universal Studios Florida. But in season three they moved to the LA in a bid to feature more celebs. The show’s runner, Dan Frischman, was relieved about the big move. “There was a TV monitor outside the dressing area in Orlando that had a goofy Nickelodeon cartoon character singing a very annoying jingle,” Frischman said in an interview in 2013. “It ran on a loop and they wouldn’t turn it off!”


Kenan & Kel made history as the first primetime sitcom to star two African-American lead actors on Nickelodeon.


Coolio didn’t only write and sing the theme song, he also made his directional debut in the opening sequence. In an interview he was asked who he liked better, he replied: “Kel, excuse my French, wouldn’t have been sh*t without Kenan, and Kenan wouldn’t have been sh*t without Kel. They go hand-in-hand.” 


In VH1’s List of the Greatest 90’s TV Stars Kel was the audiences favourite. However when they both audition from Saturday Night Live, Kenan was booked for the role.


The pair were inseparable off-screen as well as on-screen. Not only this but their moms were close too. Off set the foursome would hang out together and chat. The boys loved to play pranks on one another – one time they replaced the dishwasher soap with laundry detergent. “It was bubbles everywhere. The whole apartment was just with bubbles,” Mitchell said in an interview with ABC News. “It was like an episode of Kenan & Kel but real life. It was pretty funny.”


When the pair were on hiatus from All That they began to shoot the first few episodes of their own show – however in the beginning the title was a working project. Me and My Friend and Me and My Homeboy.

According to Kel, “I remember there was a list of them at a meeting we had, but then someone at the table was like, ‘Just call it, Kenan & Kel. That’s their names. That’s how it came to be.”


Kenan and Kel have both made appearances on other TV shows. For example Sabrina the Teenage Witch, The Steve Harvey Show and Cousin Skeeter. They also appeared on Sister Sister probably because both shows have the same creator.


In 1999 Britney appeared in the show. The boys snook into her trailer and ruined her hair. After her cameo she went on to appear on Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Will and Grace, How I Met Your Mother and Jane the Virgin.


Nick Cannon appeared on four episodes of Kenan & Kel before he became a famous comedian.