It doesn’t matter if your 17 or 47, at some point in our lives, we have all been to McDonald’s.

Once more, we have all become obsessed with how many happy meal toys we could accumulate as kids and since they were often based on what was popular at the time, the toys from different decades differ entirely.

Check out which toy was the most popular in the year that you were born…


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The McWrist wallet didn’t actually tell the time, but you were able to open it up and keep something in the compartment.


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Star Trek was the first movie promotion for happy meal toys and it proved to be insanely popular. With five different boxes, this encouraged kids to come back for more, especially for the video communicator, one of the boxes which held comic book strips inside.


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At this time, Playmobil‘s cowboys and indians toys were all the rage, that was until they were deemed a choking hazard and kids were encouraged to bring back their toys to swap for an ice cream cone instead.


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Kids went crazy over Hot Wheels since they were miniature versions of some of the coolest cars around at that time.


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The My Little Pony products sparked a new craze of gender specific happy meal toys – which didn’t go down too well when a female child received a boy’s toy and vice versa.


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This cool concept saw Changeables become the toy of the moment. If you look closely, the pieces resemble McDonald’s products!


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McDonald’s McNugget Buddies were used to promote the new McNugget happy meal. Each of the 10 figurines had distinct characteristics which made kids want to collect all of them!


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In the late ’80s, there was huge popularity surrounding Fry Kids which were McDonald’s food characters that were supposed to resemble fries…


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Camp McDonaldland was the the new campaign to kick of the ’90s – perfect for kids who were the outdoorsy type or simply wanted to build a fort in their living rooms. The set included a canteen, utensil set, collapsable cup and a mess kit.


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The Tiny Toons Flip Cars were definitely considered one of the best happy meal toys since they featured all of your favourite cartoon characters and if you flipped the car over, there would be an entirely different character on the other side!


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These Nickelodeon Game Gadgets were a kid’s dream in the ’90s – with all our favourite Nick accessories including slime in the form of a microphone, a signature orange blimp that doubled as a water gun and some slapstick goodies like the clap hand gun – we were always in for a treat.


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These miniature Barbie dolls were loved by kids in the ’90s since they had hair that they could actually brush – you can bet that everyone wanted the entire collection.


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1994 marked the 15th birthday of the Happy Meal so they celebrated by coming up with a birthday train – each toy became a piece of the train and featured some of the most popular characters over the years.


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The Might Morphin Power Rangers were the next big craze and rest assured, every kid wanted the entire collection of toys just to get their desired coloured Power Ranger.


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These Space Jam Plush Toys were wanted by every kid since the hit movie came out and although you had to pay a little extra for them, this didn’t deter anyone from wanting to collect them.


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These miniature Sky Dancers have to be one of the most famous collections of Happy Meal toys since they were so darn fun – we felt sorry for our parents having to put up with these and the full sized versions…not.


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Even though they weren’t the real things, these Tamagotchi keychains made us feel just as cool as our older siblings who had the real deal.


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Even though we were just as obsessed with the original version, the Miniature Furbies were so much less creepy! They only moved when you pressed a button.


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The Emperor’s New Groove toys came out when the movie did and proved to be super popular. You could race them which encouraged kids to get them all.


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We all loved these Spy Kids spy tools that were released in line with the movie – they included a motion detecter, spy glasses and an invisible pen.


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Because of the “100 Years of Magic’ Disney event, McDonald’s brought out a whopping 100 Disney figurines as their toys for the month. Even though it was very unlikely that you’d go to Maccies that many times in 31 days, you definitely did your best.


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During the release of Finding Nemo, McDonald’s brought out these incredible toys that were perfect for bath time.


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These awesome Lilo and Stitch toys may have been confusing at first when they were accompanied with a tub of Play-Doh but it wasn’t until you connected the two that the real fun began. When you put the Play-Doh in the base of the figurine, Lilo grew a Play-Doh grass skirt and Stitch grew a tongue!


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This was the year of The Cat and Dog Artlist Collection which saw Happy Meal toys release these adorable plush cat and dog keychains.


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In time for the release of the movie, these miniature Cars toys were released. They weren’t just figurines, if you pulled them back they would zoom ahead.


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Even though these American Idol toys look very similar to the Nickelodeon ones, they were just as fun – we loved the toy microphone we could sing our hearts out to.


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These awesome Digi Sportz toys were so addictive – you could play tennis, basketball, football and countless others from the palm of your hand.


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Even though your family hated you for it, the Nerf Toys were one of the best Happy Meal toys, without a doubt.


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These toys were completely random, the Star Wars: Attack Of The Clones Fingerboards were inspired by each character from the saga.


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Even though these Young Justice characters were just figurines, they made for great collectibles for kids.


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These SpongeBob Sport Toys were Olympics themed for the year, as you can see each figurine is playing a different sport. This was a great way to get the younger generation excited for the games.


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This was the first year that toys were replaced with Happy Meals Books – these were great for kids who wanted to brush up their reading and writing – plus they came with little bookmarks that you could personalise.


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American Girl’s Girl of The Year was the little blonde dancer named Isabelle so McDonald’s brought out American Girl Isabelle figurines to mark the occasion.


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In line with The Peanuts Movie, McDonald’s brought out these figurines that each had a specific movement, for example Linus had a retractable blanket.

35. 2016

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McDonald’s have seriously kept up with the times and last year, they tried their hand at Emoji Plush Toys which we wanted more than the kids did!