Over the years Oreo O’s have continually made it on to the throwback lists of food that people wished would come back – well finally ’90s kids voices have been heard.

If you weren’t lucky enough to try the delicious cereal the first time around, Oreo O’s were circular, chocolatey-oat cereal that are covered in a creme coating. They also contained real Oreo cookie pieces – so basically it was like eating cookies for breakfast.

However just seven short years after they were released they were taken off the shelves – until now.

Manufacturer’s Post have confirmed that the sugary cereal is back in production in the U.S and will be hitting the shelves this June all over the country.

Up until now Oreo O’s were only being produced in Korea meaning cereal lovers that needed their fix of the deliciousness were having to fork out $33 and above for a box off of eBay.

Fans have been campaigning via social media for years in a bid for the cookie flavoured cereal to make a return.

They have taken to Twitter to share their excitement about the upcoming revival.

Oreos really are taking over the world – not that we’re complaining.


Many millennial’s are going to get a serious taste of their childhood back when they get their hands on Oreo O’s.

Walmart is just one of the named stores that will be restocking the nostalgic snack.

A spokesperson said in a statement: “Fans of the iconic OREO O’s cereal will find the product has stayed true to its roots, with OREO cookie bits and a crème coating combined to make the chocolaty, crunchy O’s that can be enjoyed in a bowl with milk, or straight out of the box.”

You can find out which stores near you will be stocking Oreo O’s using the Post brand store locator.

Make sure to stock up because we don’t know how long these bad boys will be staying around for!

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, 2017 is definitely the year of the come back.

First Steve Madden mules and Raven then Will and Grace – what will be next?!