So it’s probably time to admit that we’re no longer young enough to play with the toys we used to love back in the ’90s.

Well it turns out there is a perfect alternative – a nostalgic accessory that will satisfy your throwback needs.

Truffle Shuffle are launching a Polly Pocket bag and it’s everything we dreamed of and more.

Truffle Shuffle

Back in the 1990s girls and boys everywhere went crazy for the original Polly Pocket in plastic cases that opened up to reveal a themed home for Polly and friends to play in.

They were simpler days until you lost all of Polly’s furniture down the sofa never to be found again.

The adorable bag comes in millennial pink (of course) and is in the classic Polly Pocket heart shape – although it is a slightly bigger replica of the cases we used to play with.

The front is emblazoned with the tiny dolls logo and has a nostalgic image of Polly on the inside – could it get anymore #TBT?

Truffle Shuffle

The bag looks big enough to carry all of the essentials including an iPhone – you could probably fit a Tamagotchi in there too.

Many fans of the toy have taken to Twitter to share their excitement about the up coming release – with many saying they didn’t know this is what was missing in their lives until today.

Truffle Shuffle say the Polly Pocket-branded handbag is bound to ‘bring back lovely, nostalgic memories of playing with the popular toy’, which was launched back in 1989 by Mattel.

The bag is launching on June 8 and will cost £37.99 ($49 at the time of writing)- but be sure to get your hands 0n it quick because we guarantee this little piece of nostalgia will sell out.

Polly Pocket fans who do not live in the UK do not need to worry. Royal Mail Airmail Delivery is available and Truffle Shuffle, who specialise in nostalgic memorabilia, deliver to a whole host of countries including the USA.

You’ll see us rocking this bag whilst wearing our Steve Madden mules  that have also made a comeback this year.