Who remembers begging their parents for a PlayStation when they were released way back in 1992?

Then the year after you got one you had to beg for an extra controller so you no longer had to share with your annoying younger sibling.

Here are 14 of the best games we played when we finally got our hands on the beloved PS1.


Rayman was the Mario of PS1. Instead of Bowser there was Mr Dark as well as funky music and colourful scenes.

 Final Fantasy VII

’90s kid’s parents were extremely apprehensive about buying this game because of how scary it looked – however eventually they gave in and you spent hours playing it.

Tekken 3

Hands down the best fighting game on any console ever. You just pressed any button and didn’t care what happened as long as you were winning.

Tony Hawk Pro Skater

So ’90s kids started with the mini handheld skateboards but after a little bit of practise you were ready to move on up to Tony Hawk Pro Skater. Your parents were happy for you to play this game, because it didn’t involve any real danger like an real skateboard.

Crash Bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot taught us to run from boulders and anything marked TNT. The game is getting remastered and is set to be released later this month.

Spyro the Dragon

Before Spyro, Barney was the only purple dragon you loved. That was until you realised Spyro could breath fire making him 10 times cooler.

Rugrats: Search for Reptar

The graphics on Rugrats: Search for Reptar were especially awful – but ’90s kids did not care.

Silent Hill

’90s kids longed to played this game but were always a tiny bit terrified.

Dino Crisis

This was basically Jurassic Park as a game and kids born in the 1990s couldn’t get enough of it.

WWF War Zone

Before WWE, it was WWF and just like Tekken all you did was press buttons and hoped it would do something.

Toy Story 2

This game came from the movie of your childhood, making it an instant classic and must-have.

Tetris Plus

Ok so this wasn’t invented for PS1 – but sometimes the amazing graphics of other games got too much and all you needed was some simplicity in your life.

Tomb Raider

There was not one ’90s kid without this game. Who else use to lock the servant out of everywhere.