Teen flick Clueless is turning 22 this year and star of the movie Alicia Silverstone has made shocking revelation about the iconic wardrobe she got to wear.

Silverstone played Cher Horowitz – the girl with the most enviable wardrobe- from the yellow plaid two piece to the Mary Janes – her clothes were pined over by ’90s fashionistas everywhere.

Clueless not only inspired fashion it also introduced phrases like, “whatever” and “as if” into the vocabulary of teenagers everywhere following its 1995 release.

However in an interview with Entertainment Daily, the 40-year old actress has revealed she has one major regret about the movie.

Silverstone she was in fact gifted Cher’s wardrobe after filming- but threw it all out.

“At that time of my life, I wore jeans and a green t-shirt every single day and that was it. I just didn’t get fashion at all,’ she confessed.

“I was just kind of a tomboy and I just wasn’t into it, so when we had the [costume] fittings, I was just like, “What is going on? Why am I in these fittings for so long?” And I just didn’t get it until I saw the movie and I was like, “Oh I get it! The costumes are the star of the movie!”

“I took so [many] of the clothes, and I’m really sad because I don’t have any of them anymore because like a ding dong, I got home with all the clothes and then I was like, “How am I going to wear these Mary Janes out now?”” Alicia continued.

“Like, that girl who wore jeans and a green t-shirt didn’t know how to transition that wardrobe, so I just gave a lot of it away. I don’t have any of it but I had a lot of it.”

We’re sure ’90s girls across the globe have some major regrets about the clothes they’ve thrown out that are now back in fashion. However earlier this year it was announced that Steve Madden was re-releasing the classic mule we were obsessed with back in the 1990s – so it’s not all bad.

In the same interview the actress also revealed that when she first read the script, she wasn’t sure if she was the right person for the movie.

She said: “I was reading the Clueless script in the back of a car and I remember thinking, ‘This is so funny, but I’m not funny! I don’t know how I can do this.’”

We’re so glad she decided to do it anyway – we can’t imagine anyone else as Cher!