’90s kids rejoice – The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air actor Jazzy Jeff has revealed that he has been in talks to bring the classic TV show back.

The Dj, real name Jeffrey Allen Townes confirmed the exciting news in a recent interview.

Speaking to the Sun, he said: “There have been talks with people about doing something. I think it would be cool if they did it and go down memory lane again.

“It’s a blessing to be part of something that people still hold in high regard. You can’t beat that”

“It’s hard for people to keep their attention span normally, but to be able to keep it for all these years and transcend generations, put their kids onto it, this is deep.”

This isn’t the first time fans have had the chance to get excited about the chance of a possible reboot of the hit series.

Earlier this year the cast reunited for the 20th anniversary of the show and a group photo posted onto Instagram led to a lot of speculation about a come back.

Alfonso Ribeiro, who played Will’s cousin, Carlton Banks, uploaded the picture to Instagram alongside Tatyana Ali (Ashley Banks), Karyn Parsons (Hilary Banks), Will Smith (Will Smith), Daphne Maxwell Reid (Aunt Viv) and Joseph Marcell (Geoffrey).


Ribeiro wrote the caption: “Always amazing to spend an afternoon with my Fresh Prince family.” This was followed by a touching tribute to their deceased co-star: “Wishing that James Avery was still with us to make this complete.”

The news comes from Jazzy Jeff just a few weeks before he is set to reunite with Will Smith for a performance at Livewire Festival in Blackpool, England.

The DJ also discussed the pairs music.

He explained: “This has been a long time coming. I have been fighting for it.

“Being one of the biggest movie guys in the world, it was really about Will’s schedule and freeing up the time.

“But Will’s heart is still in music – he keeps talking about it and bringing it up. I told him ‘listen, man, we need to satisfy that heart’.”

James Avery sadly passed away in 2013, so even if the show did return, it would be bittersweet and the show would just not be the same without him.

It has been over 20 years since a new episode of the show was filmed – it ran for six seasons before coming to an end in 1995.

Despite it being one of the biggest shows in the 1990s, Will Smith has previously shut down rumours of a reunion, saying: “I don’t think ever, like pretty close to when hell freezes over,” he said. “Like we’re going to leave that one alone.”