Who said nobody remembers second place? Whoever it was, never accounted for McKayla Maroney!

The young American won silver at the London 2012 Olympics, but has been the golden girl ever since, thanks to her infamous reaction on the podium alongside her fellow competitors.


But what happens when you become known for being a viral sensation rather than an athlete? We take a look at her life and what she is up to now. It is a world away from the gym vault we can tell you!

McKayla was born on December 9th 1995 to parents Mike and Erin (pictured above). Both her parents were very keen on sports so it was only a matter of time before their daughter got involved. Her father Mike played Quarterback for Purdue University and her mother was a figure skater. They took the decision to homeschool McKayla so that she could train as much as possible.

McKayla wasn’t the couples only daughter, she had two siblings called Tarynn and Kay. The three children would always be very active but it was McKayla, who loved watching Tarzan as a child, who would take up gymnastics from the tender age of two years old.