We often hear about unruly behavior on planes, such as when Kate Moss called a flight attendant a ‘basic bitch’- but it appears out of control celebrities are the least of their worries.

Disgruntled airplane staff have decided to shame passengers who indulge in their nasty habits whilst on board and the results are shocking!

Cabin crew have taken to social media to expose all – by posting all of their feral findings.

The Instagram account, PassengerShaming, has around 300,000 followers and posts pictures including bottles of urine, food left overs and bare feet that have been wedged between seats.

Here’s a few of the most shocking…

Netflix & chill right?


This guy appears to think he’s on his sofa at home… not on a plane with hundreds of other passengers.

Not sure I like who they’ve seated me next to

Screen Shot 2016-12-22 at 13.38.41

Imagine going to look out of the window and seeing this beast looking back at you.

Maybe we need a shirts on/off sign too

10552497_810640015637963_4633556553120301881_n Obviously felt the best way to get the crews attention was this. Instead he became insta infamous.

Escort shopping on the runway

Screen Shot 2016-12-22 at 13.39.48 Getting his pre-booking in ready for landing, this guy obviously doesn’t like to waste time when he hits the landing strip.

When the safety announcement gets weird

Screen Shot 2016-12-22 at 13.41.19

Haha, getting that pre/mid flight stretch in is a key component to fight DVT.

Apparently These Need Better Signage

Screen Shot 2016-12-22 at 13.45.34

Sometimes you just have to ask yourself! What is wrong with these people…

Paging the passenger that left the catheter bag behind

Screen Shot 2016-12-22 at 14.05.41

Sir I think you forgot something.. No it’s fine you keep it.

Guy looks like a frequent flyer for sure

Screen Shot 2016-12-22 at 14.08.36

Guys making himself at home, legs outstretched, rubbish everywhere.

Business Classy….

image source

Say no to crack… I mean seriously guy put it away.

The skies are never dull

Screen Shot 2016-12-22 at 14.16.55

I mean this dog is more than at home, hope his owners got a poop bag ready.

Happy Holiday Travels

Screen Shot 2016-12-22 at 14.44.07

Hey I’m in vacation mode.  I’m going to let it all hang out.

Something seems a bit off here

Screen Shot 2016-12-22 at 14.54.12

Not only has this passenger stripped down to their pants, they’ve decided to stand on the chair too so everyone can see them.

Crack is whack


Once again put it away buddy, we don’t need to see this.


11800021_862355680466396_4253244295566144542_n Who get’s off a plain and doesn’t realise that they’ve left half their weave on the seat?

Don’t ask!


Imagine having to deal with this lady.. oh you want another drink madam..

There’s chilled and then there’s this guy!

10942362_813514208683877_1185251398133387618_n This guys ended up in full sofa mode, just needs his blanket and he’s set.

I hope that’s not used!

10999610_809166672451964_326969842426689434_n I mean that’s a real surprise package for anyone cleaning the plane.

It looks like a entire nursery group has been under these seats.

11066165_827790660589565_5926478747616417770_n You’ve got to be a real savage to make this much mess on a plane.

Nugget Anyone? We have dip too.

11693942_850622988306332_2079620644028525941_n First off.. Who leaves so many nuggets.. the savages.

Sharing’s Caring!


I love the sincerity, but seriously people use your heads.

What do you say to this?


I mean who needs to wee in a bottle on a plane with working toilets? And how did they only do such a small one.

When you just can’t wait!


He’s obviously really excited by that email… got to grab his brain.



That’s it buddy, nothing makes a suitcase appear quicker than a peek through the covers.

Inflight pedicure


Imagine you’ve paid for a business class flight and you have to watch this guys sit there picking his toe nails.

Did you just get busted??

Why do these two look like they’ve just been busted, so are pretending to be asleep, what is it about the sky that makes people so frisky?

In the aisle! Really buddy

11401241_846120288756602_6088183896639811755_n Once again do these people not realise there’s fully functioning bathrooms on these planes.

Making your own business class


I’ll show you a reclining seat.

I see you…


This feels like a scene from a horror movie.. This foot has bad intentions.

I like reading and I like mess.


It must’ve been a pretty long flight to have got through all of these.

Oh you thought that previous seat was bad!


This is some serious mess.. you’ve got some problems if this was your seat.

Who does this to the passenger in front.


I mean you’ve got to be pretty selfish to have your feet like this on the person in fronts chair.

How is this even possible on a plane?


This guy has gone zero to vertical in literally no time! He must do pilates.

Where’s His Head?


You can’t convince me that this guy is comfortable like this.. He’s in a reverse brace position.

An apple a day


Makes the other passengers and the crew just find you disgusting, there’s something that just upsets me about this image.

Serious Rehabbing!


I understand you’re injured but I don’t think we need to see your recovery on the food table.

Addicted to crack


I’m not sure we even need to explain this one… do we?