33 years after its release in 1985, Back to the Future is definitely still one of the ’80s most iconic films and is definitely a family favorite.

However, there are more secrets behind the film than you probably realize – even if you have watched it a million times, like us.

Such as…

Huey Lewis Made A Cameo

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Some of you with a keen eye may have already realised this, but we hadn’t!

When Marty McFly’s band took part in the school talent show, they were deemed “Just too darn loud” by one of the judges. Little did we know, that judge was in fact the rock legend, Huey Lewis – who of course wrote the amazing theme song from the film, “Power of Love”.

There Was Supposed To Be A Nuclear Blast

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Marty also originally needed a nuclear explosion in order to generate the electricity to travel back to 1985. However, when the special effects were too expensive, the amazing producer Steven Spielberg suggested lightning might work better.