33 years after its release in 1985, Back to the Future is definitely still one of the ’80s most iconic films and is definitely a family favorite.

However, there are more secrets behind the film than you probably realize – even if you have watched it a million times, like us.

Such as…

Huey Lewis Made A Cameo

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Some of you with a keen eye may have already realised this, but we hadn’t!

When Marty McFly’s band took part in the school talent show, they were deemed “Just too darn loud” by one of the judges. Little did we know, that judge was in fact the rock legend, Huey Lewis – who of course wrote the amazing theme song from the film, “Power of Love”.

There Was Supposed To Be A Nuclear Blast

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Marty also originally needed a nuclear explosion in order to generate the electricity to travel back to 1985. However, when the special effects were too expensive, the amazing producer Steven Spielberg suggested lightning might work better.

He Actually Stole The Idea

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Spielberg, who also directed the film Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull ended up using both ideas for the film.

It Wasn’t Until Zemeckis Gave Up That The Film Was Made

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Unfortunately Back to the Future was having quite a bit of difficulty in being made. Zemeckis shelved BTTF in favour of Romancing the Stone, after that became a hit, he had the power to get BTTF made.

When The Movie Started Shooting, It Wasn’t With Michael J. Fox

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Marty McFly wasn’t always played by Michael J. Fox, it actually began with Eric Stolz, however after several weeks of filming he was fired as he was seen as too serious. 

Michael J. Fox

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Fox had initially been asked to take the role before Stoltz, however he had prior commitments as he was shooting Family Ties. 

However, when they had to approach Fox again, after Stoltz was let go, Family Ties let him go ahead and shoot the movie, under one condition.

Fox Didn’t Sleep Much

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Unfortunately for Fox, the deal involved him continuing to shoot for Family Ties in the mornings, then could shoot Back to the Future from 6.30pm to 2.30am. He said that for that time, he lived on only five hours of sleep and also worked weekends to do the BTTF daytime shots.

Why Put Yourself Through That?

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Fox said it was the perfect role for him, he even said, “All I did in high school was skateboard, chase girls and play in bands. I even dreamed of becoming a rock star.”

Einstein Was Almost A Monkey

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Another wise change made by the producers; Einstein the dog was supposed to be a monkey. Further research into movies with monkeys found that they didn’t actually even earn money. 

One Final Miss

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Producers also originally aimed for John Lithgow to play the role of Doc Brown. Thankfully, Christopher Lloyd won the part – Doc is an all time classic! 

Doc’s Inspired Look

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Lloyd stated that his look had been partly based on Albert Einstein and partly on Leopold Stokowski. 

Lea Thompson Spent A Lot Of Time In Makeup

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Every time she played Marty’s mum, she had to spend three and a half hours in makeup!

A Huge Easter Egg You Probably Missed

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The mall was the Twin Pines mall until Marty shoots back to 1955 and runs over one of the trees. When he returns in 1985 it has been renamed Lone Pine Mall.

Ronald Reagan Was A Huge Fan

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In 1955, the movie poked fun at the expense of Reagan, however he definitely returned the favour in his 1986 State Of Union address, stating: “Never has there been a more exciting time to be alive, a time of rousing wonder and heroic achievement. As they said in the film Back to the Future, ‘Where we’re going, we don’t need roads’.”

Top Grossing Film

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Even though Back to the Future was only in cinemas for the last six months of the year, it was 1985’s top grossing film!

There Was Even A Saturday Morning Cartoon

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CBS aired a Saturday morning cartoon from 1993-1994. Strangely enough, Dan Castalleneta who now voices Homer Simpson, played the voice of Doc Brown. 

Broadway Is Calling

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Apparently, there is plans to have a stage musical version of the time travelling trio of movies premiering in London 2015.

Deleted Scenes

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There was a whole eight minutes of scenes being cut, which included a longer scene of Marty impersonating Darth Vader and Lea Thompson cheating on a test. 

Johnny B. Goode Almost Got Cut

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Fans of the film might be shocked to hear that this scene was almost cut from the film as producers didn’t see that it moved the plot along. However, the audience loved it, so it was kept! Thank god. 

That’s Kind Of Marty Playing

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Although Marty wasn’t actually playing in the scene, he was actually coached by a profession on how to look like he was playing! That guy needs a raise because we all believed it! 

Jack Mack And The Heart Attack

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Again, it wasn’t Fox’s singing voice either. The vocals actually belonged to the leader of the Hollywood R&B group, Jack Mack and the Heart Attack. 

Power Of Love

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Although the studio loved the theme song to the film, they were annoyed that it didn’t include the film’s name in the lyrics. The studio sent memos to radio stations to let them know. 

To Be Continued, Controversy

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If you remember the ‘To Be Continued’ sign at the end of the film, you must have been watching on VHS, as the DVD and theatrical versions didn’t include the teaser.

It’s A Big Deal

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The premier was actually so big that Princess Diana even attended. 

There Won’t Be A Remake

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The writer of Back to the Future, Bob Gale has said that unlike just about every other ’80s film which is being remade, they will not approve of a remake of this film. His reasoning is completely logical, as he says they will not be able to improve upon it.

The Delorean..

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This particular car was chosen for its aesthetic features, mainly because it looked like a spaceship and would fit well with the scene in the barn where the farmer thinks Marty is an alien.

It Was Almost A Fridge

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Thankfully, the writers changed their minds on this decision. Originally, the time travelling device was a fridge! This was for a couple of reasons, one being that the device needed to be mobile and secondly because they were worried children would start shutting themselves in fridges

The Delorean Lives On

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The Dolorean owes a lot to the film, as the cars were actually only produced between 1981-1983 and only 9,000 were ever manufactured.

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Too Much Incest For Disney

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Unfortunately they couldn’t get any studio to buy the script, over 40 had already turned it down because the story wasn’t as raunchy as other popular teen films. Disney backed away as it was apparently too dirty, this was because of the implied incest between Lea Thompson and Michael J. Fox’s characters.

Tom Wilson Is Pretty Great

Tom Wilson, who played Biff, once gave an interview about the film in the form of a single type-written paragraph.

Biff Tannen Got His Name In An Unusual Way

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This on screen bully earned his name from one of the Universal Studios Film execs, Ned Tannen – he had once verbally abused Zemeckis and Gale so they named the bully after him.

Weird Ending

In the adjusted future, the McFly family employ Biff to wax Marty’s car, when you think about it, that’s quite a weird thing to do. Considering Biff tried to rape Lorraine even in the adjusted timeline. Yes George McFly is rich in the future, but keeping such an evil person around your family setting is quite weird.