Over the years, many people have contacted the Oprah Winfrey Show‘s ‘Fab 5’ makeover team, pleading with them to transform spouses, daughters, sons, brothers, sisters and friends.

Many people have gone on the show over the years, and the results of their makeovers have been stunning.

None more so than in the case of two men called Gerald and Roland. Here is the story of their amazing Fab 5 makeover, plus a few others whose lives and looks have been transformed over the course of the last twenty five years.

Roland The Hippy

In 2003, the Fab 5 team encountered Roland Jones, a long haired, bearded man from Chicago. They thought Roland would be the perfect fit for the Oprah Winfrey Show, so invited him on for a makeover. Roland was at first reluctant, but he eventually agreed.

His Family Wanted To See His Face

Roland, his two daughters and his wife Kimberley were all invited on to the show. Before Roland’s dramatic transformation, Oprah asked his family about his long hair and beard. Roland’s daughters confessed that they hadn’t seen their dad’s face in twenty years. Roland’s wife Kimberley told Oprah that she had never seen Roland unshaven. The audience found these tales hilarious!

Gerald Was Also Due A Makeover

Roland wasn’t the only one who was due to receive a Fab 5 makeover that day. Another man called Gerald was due for a transformation on the show too. Gerald’s wife, Fiona, had sent a video in to the show explaining that she could no longer remember what he looked like clean-shaven as his face had been buried under a beard and long hair for years. She begged the Fab 5 to reveal the man underneath all that fuzz.

Gerald’s Wife Was At Her Wits’ End

In Fiona’s video, she told Oprah and the Fab 5 team that Gerald had cared greatly for his appearance when they first met, but over the years he had given up caring about it. She drew particular attention to Gerald’s unibrow, which she said drove her mad. The audience laughed when they heard this!

That’s One Hell Of A Unibrow!

Oprah brought both men up on stage so the audience could take a final look at their pre-transformation appearances. Fab 5 team leader, Kyan Douglas, was asked what the team planned to do. Turning to Gerald, Kyan explained that he had ‘show-stopping eyes’ that were buried under his unibrow. Kyan explained that both Roland and Gerald worked in the creative industries, and that their creative nature was the reason why they didn’t pay enough attention to the way they looked.

Hairy For The Last Time

Kyan explained that it was going to take the combined efforts of all five members of the Fab 5 team to transform Roland and Gerald. They planned to give them haircuts, shave off their unruly face fur and the team’s stylists would pick outfits for them that would make them look pin-sharp. It was going to be quite the undertaking!

An Amazing Transformation

The two men were led away and the transformations began. Eventually , it was time for the big reveal. The first man to walk back on stage after his transformation was Gerald. His wife Fiona was on the edge of her seat when her husband was called back on to the stage. She nearly fell off that seat when she saw her husband. He looked like a totally different man.

His Wife Was Stunned

Gerald’s transformation was astonishing to behold. His long, unruly locks had been cut into a style that made him look years younger, his unkempt beard was gone, replaced with a natty set of sideburns and, most importantly, his unibrow had been tamed by the Fab 5 team. Fiona couldn’t believe her eyes!

Enter The Silver Fox

Next up, it was Roland’s turn to take to the stage. His wife and family waited with baited breath to see what the Fab 5 team had done to the man who had had a beard for two whole decades. They weren’t disappointed when Roland strolled on to the stage. He looked like a completely different man. Gone were the long grey locks and straggly beard. And instead of Roland’s hippy garb, he was wearing a smart cream blazer and blue jeans. Roland’s sister told Oprah that her brother looked ’19 again’.

A New Man

Roland’s transformation stunned his family and the rest of the Oprah Winfrey Show audience. Roland looked like a completely different person now that his long silver locks and scraggly beard had gone. And like Gerald, his unruly eyebrows had been trimmed to reveal his eyes. His family was amazed!

His Family Couldn’t Believe Their Eyes

Roland’s wife couldn’t contain her disbelief. Was this silver fox really her husband? She certainly hoped so, because he was quite the catch! Meanwhile, Roland’s daughters were gobsmacked. They hadn’t seen what their dad looked like in twenty years. They stared open-mouthed at his amazing transformation.

Looks Like A Movie Star

Fab 5 team leader Kyan Douglas told Oprah that both Gerald and Roland had amazing eyes, and the team had done their very best to bring them to the forefront. Roland told Oprah that he felt ‘alive again’ after hiding behind his beard and hair for two decades. Many people pointed out that Roland now looked like a celebrity.

Twenty Five Years Of Transformations

Roland and Gerald’s transformations haven’t been the only ones featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show over the years. In fact, they’ve been going on for more than two decades. It’s amazing what a new haircut, a trim of the beard and a decent set of clothes can do a person. Oprah’s transformations are still getting millions of hits on YouTube, despite many of them being many years old.

The Hair Metal Couple

One of the transformations that really stuck in people mind was the 2002 makeover of Tim and Wendy. The pair were dubbed ‘The Rock and Roll Hair Couple’ thanks to their 1980s hair metal hairstyles. Oprah’s team decided it was about time they were dragged into the 21st Century, and the results were astounding!

They Were Unrecognizable

The audience were stunned when first Wendy and then Tim walked out on to the stage after the Fab 5 had worked their magic. Gone were the terrible ’80s rock haircuts and bad clothes, and in their place were fashionable hairstyles and clothing more befitting of a middle-aged couple. The pair looked amazing, and they were both thrilled with their incredible makeovers.

The ‘Caveman’ Is Tamed

Another man who received the full works from Oprah’s incredible team of talented stylists was Josh. Josh’s girlfriend Heidi had written into the show to plead with Oprah to transform her man, who was described as looking like a caveman. Stylist Tim Gunn set to work strimming Josh’s unkempt beard and lank hair and the transformation made Josh look like a model.

From Farmer To Fashion Model

In the same show where Josh had been given a completely new look, Tim Gunn also got to work on farmer Jason. Jason had been spotted by researchers in a hardware store wearing baggy overalls, a straw hat and an unkempt beard. The team got to work and Oprah and her audience were stunned when they saw the transformation. Jason looked twenty years younger.

The Sulky Teenager

Things don’t always go according to plan for Oprah’s transformation team. Back in 1993, rebellious teenager Jocelyn appeared on the show after her mom wrote in to say she was embarrassed by her daughter’s appearance. The team worked their magic and Jocelyn was transformed into a beautiful young woman. However, when asked how she felt about her new look, the teenager wasted no time telling Oprah that she hated her new look. You can’t win ’em all!

From Frumpy To Foxy

Luckily, most people are delighted with their new look, and some will go that extra mile to have a bit of fun when their makeover is complete. Back in 2003, Heather appeared on the show after her husband wrote in to say that his wife’s obsession with knitted sweaters made her look like her mother. Heather opted for a much sexier look, and even pole-danced for her husband after the team had worked their magic!

It Wasn’t Just the Guests Who Transformed

Of course, it’s not just Oprah’s viewers that have undergone amazing transformations. Back in the 1980s, Oprah Winfrey was overweight and was determined to do something about it. Through diet, exercise and a lot of will power and hard work, she shed an incredible 67 pounds. She appeared on her own show with a cart full of the equivalent amount of fat that she had lost. On seeing her incredible transformation, the audience went wild!