If you’re a child of the 1970s, you’re probably used to younger generations assuming you grew up growing out your hair and listening to disco. The ’70s was a decade full of pre-Internet fun, like running around until sundown without anyone worrying. Admit it you’re starting to feel a little nostalgic aren’t you.

Everyone Jumped In The Family Station Wagon

Road trips just aren’t the same as everyone piling into your parents station wagon and taking a road trip.

Owning A Pet Rock Was Cool

In 1975 inventor Gary Dahl, unveiled a product that would go on to rival the hula hoop as a craze. It was none other than the “Pet Rock”.

Over a few short months over a million of these were purchased making it a true phenomenon.

They didn’t need to be fed, walked or bathed, which obviously made them the best pets ever.

We loaded our games into the Atari and were happy to wait

In the late 70s the Atari 2600 made it’s way into households changing everything, go on admit it playing Pong on your phone doesn’t come close to playing it on the Atari.

You loved checking out Tiger Beat

Tiger Beat was the must read magazine, where you were desperate to catch up with the latest from stars such as Scott Baio, Donny Osmond, John Travlota and more.

Wanting you have your hair cut like one of the Charlie’s Angels

Farrah Fawcett was the Jennifer Aniston of the 90s! Everyone wanted the hair to match the screen star.

Seriously, her long, wispy layers were every woman’s dream hairstyle in the ’70s.

Having Kitchen Appliances That Were Crazy Colors

Shades common during this time were brown, avocado green, cream, dark orange or red, sage green, mustard as well as aubergine. These were often offset by dull gold, tarnished copper or stainless steel which can be associated with the influence from the disco era.

These earthy tones of kitchen décor was paired with dark timber cabinetry or wallpaper featuring bold coloured plaid or check prints.

Loading 8-track tapes in your car

8-track tapes, which can hold up to 45 minutes of sound, were introduced to the general public in 1966 when the Ford Motor Company included 8-track players as a cutting-edge automotive accessory for the Ford Mustang.

Their light-weight plastic casings made them ideal for travel — and unlike vinyl records, 8-track tapes didn’t warp or skip.

Loading games into your Atari console

Pong was the height of at-home multiplayer gaming. Two dials, one button and one switch is all you had, and with your opponent sitting in extremely close proximity to you, chances are most of the heckling would be the good-natured variety.

And lets be honest playing pong just isn’t the same on your phone.

Staying up late to watch the first episodes of Saturday Night Live

Back when cast members like Chevy Chase and Bill Murray weren’t household names, but rather just a couple of comedians trying to make it with their first big breaks.

Practicing the Bump with your friends

Doing this with “KC and the Sunshine Band” playing in the background? You know you were super cool.

All I can think now is take me back…..