Growing up in the ’70s was a whole different ball game to the childhood experiences many have today. Things were much more relaxed, which makes us wonder how so many of us made it out alive.

Our parents would hardly ever check we were wearing a seatbelt, we ate whatever we wanted without ever thinking of our health, and from a young age we were given more responsibility than we ever needed.

You know you grew up in the best decades ever if you did these 12 dangerous things as a kid.

Chasing After DDT Trucks On Your Street

Looking back this probably wasn’t the smartest idea, but it was so much fun nonetheless. As soon as one of these monstrosities rode down your street, you were running right behind it with all your friends. They were used to release chemical sprays into the air to help fight off mosquitos, but no ’60s or ’70s kid worried about breathing in the harmful chemicals for themselves or running in front of fast moving traffic to get behind it. It just had to be done.