Optical illusions have been messing with our heads for hundreds of years. These mind-melting images use colors, lines, shapes and the positioning of objects to fool our minds into thinking things are there when they are not, images are moving when they are in fact static, and things are bigger or smaller than they actually are. Have those migraine pills handy as we show you twenty brain-melting illusions that will seriously mess around with your mind!

Red And Black

While it may appear that the red lines on the left are considerably lighter than the ones on the right, this is not actually the case. They are in fact exactly the same color. This is called the ‘Bezold effect’, named after the 19th Century German meteorologist, Wilhelm von Bezold. Bezold discovered that placing two vastly different colors next to one another and then laying lines of a third color over them creates the illusion of color contrast. It’s certainly a  mind-melter!