The 1980s were a great decade for toys and saw the birth of some childhood classics, from He-Man to the very first Nintendo games console.

Although it’s very likely you ripped open the box and played with your toy until it could take no more, mint condition 1980’s toys are hugely popular even 30 years on.

Some of the rarest toys can actually fetch life-changing amounts of money, so take a look through our 20 toys and see if you could be rich.

(Warning, after reading this you are likely to spend hours in your attic looking for these gems).

The A-Team Van with BA Baracus -$640


The A-Team’s TV success peaked in 1985 with toy manufacturers desperate to release its own toy range.

By the time it was released, viewers had moved on and the craze had gone, meaning they are very rare now, especially this Van Play Set.