A huge part of our childhood’s can be summed up in several Disney Pixar movies.

They taught us about friendship, loyalty, loss and most importantly, happiness. We re-watch them when we’re sad and when we’re feeling nostalgic. Yet most importantly, we can remember watching them for the first time like it was yesterday.

As many times as Woody, Sully, Wall-e, Nemo and Buzz Lightyear have graced our screens, there are still numerous facts and secret details about the movies that we never knew – and probably would have never noticed, until now.

Here are 25 mind-blowing Disney Pixar facts that will change everything.

1. Monsters Inc.


At the end of Monsters Inc., Boo attempts to get Sully to stay and play by offering him a toy Nemo. This was super cute, but it was also the first ever clue about Pixar’s next film, Finding Nemo. It arrived in cinemas two years later.