A huge part of our childhood’s can be summed up in several Disney Pixar movies.

They taught us about friendship, loyalty, loss and most importantly, happiness. We re-watch them when we’re sad and when we’re feeling nostalgic. Yet most importantly, we can remember watching them for the first time like it was yesterday.

As many times as Woody, Sully, Wall-e, Nemo and Buzz Lightyear have graced our screens, there are still numerous facts and secret details about the movies that we never knew – and probably would have never noticed, until now.

Here are 25 mind-blowing Disney Pixar facts that will change everything.

1. Monsters Inc.


At the end of Monsters Inc., Boo attempts to get Sully to stay and play by offering him a toy Nemo. This was super cute, but it was also the first ever clue about Pixar’s next film, Finding Nemo. It arrived in cinemas two years later.

2. A113


The mysterious ‘A113’ appears in all of Pixar’s films, but did you know that it is actually a reference to a classroom number at the California Institute of Arts where many of the animators at Pixar and Disney learned about animation in their first year of college.

3. Up


There are 20,622 balloons that lift Carl’s house in the movie Up, when in fact it would take about 9-12 million balloons to lift a house the size of Carl’s.

4. Toy Story


Although it was never addressed in the movie, Andy knew Carl and Ellie from the movie Up from a postcard from them that was hanging on his pin board.

5. Pizza Planet Truck


Does this Pizza Planet truck look familiar? Well it should since it appeared in every single Pixar film, except for The Incredibles, although it does appear in the video game.

6. Up


The villain in Up is named Charles Muntz after the man who stole Walt Disney’s production rights in 1928, Charles Mintz. Clearly they still haven’t forgiven him..

7. Wall-e


Legendary sound designer, Ben Burtt, is the man behind the distinctive voices of both Wall-e and Star Wars’ own R2-D2. He’s a big name in the industry after creating sounds for cinematic classics E.T, Indiana Jones and even the new Star Trek movies.

8. Finding Nemo


Sadly not all Disney Pixar movies have a positive effect on children’s behaviour. After the substantial popularity of Finding Nemo, the demand for clownfish as pets skyrocketed, which resulted in the species numbers declining dramatically. Not cool kids..

9. Inside Out


Remember Riley refusing to eat broccoli in Inside Out? Well, depending on which country you’re watching the movie in, the vegetable that she refuses to eat actually changes. Whilst we see her hating broccoli, it’s green bell peppers in Japan.

10. Wall-e


The man that helped design Eve in Wall-e also designed the iPod! Eve and Apple, we think that Apple’s chief design officer may have purposefully chosen this biblical reference.

11. Monsters University


Pixar actually created a full-functioning admissions website as part of the promotion for Monsters University. Sign us up!

12. Bill Murray


Bill Murray could have voiced a couple of very important characters in Pixar movies. He was considered for the role of Buzz Lightyear, and even offered the role of Sully in Monster Inc. but didn’t bother to return John Lasseter’s, Pixar’s Creative Chief Officer, phone call.

13. Toy Story 2


Toy Story 2 almost never happened after someone accidentally deleted ALL of the film’s files. Thankfully, a member of the Pixar team kept a back-up copy of the film as they worked on the film from home after having a baby.

14. Brave


Brave features four major actors from the famous Harry Potter series: Kelly Macdonald played Helena Ravenclaw, Robbie Coltrane (Lord Dingwall) played Hagrid, Emma Thompson (Queen Elinor) played Professor Trelawney, and Julie Walters (the witch) played Molly Weasley.

15. Barbie


The voice of Barbie in the Toy Story films is voiced by Jodi Benson, who also voices the iconic Disney princess Ariel in The Little Mermaid.

16. A Bug’s Life


Many people believe that A Bug’s Life is loosely based on Akira Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai, and that many of the animation’s scenes are mirroring the epic Japanese classic.

 17. Brave


The Pixar animation team sculpted over 1,500 individual curly red strands on Merida’s head. This generated about 111,700 total hairs on her wee head.

 18. Toy Story


Josh Whedon, who is credited with co-writing the Toy Story script, came up with the idea for Rex, the neurotic dinosaur, as he saw him as the “voice and sensibility” of the characters.

 19. Toy Story 2


In the original script, Joss wanted Barbie to rescue Buzz lightyear and Woody, but Mattel weren’t confident that Toy Story would be a success so they didn’t allow Barbie to join the gang on screen until Toy Story 2.

 20. Brave


Reese Witherspoon was originally cast voice Merida in 2012’s Brave, but sadly scheduling conflicts prevented her, so she was replaced by Scottish actress Kelly Macdonald who voiced the redheaded princess.

21. Lotso


Lotso, the Toy Story 3 villain has appeared in three other Pixar films, including Toy Story, Up and Cars 2.

 22. Cars


Cars is Pixar’s most profitable film yet – it generated over $10 billion in merchandise sales alone.

 23. Toy Story


As Toy Story was the first fully computer generated film, it took each frame between 4 -13 hours to render back in 1995.

 24. Brave


Did you know that Merida is also the first ever Disney princess to not have an American accent.

 25. Dory vs Nemo


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With over 25 million likes, Dory is the most-liked Pixar character on Facebook. Perhaps this is due to her new movie, which her voice, Ellen DeGeneres, has widely publicised. Nemo isn’t far behind though, with an impressive 22 million likes.