The name ‘John Matuszak’ may not be familiar to you if you didn’t follow American Football in the 1970s, but the name ‘Sloth’ from the smash hit 1980s movie, The Goonies, is very familiar to many people indeed.

Matuszak played Sloth in the movie, though he was unrecognizable under a heavy mask of makeup and prosthetics.

Sadly, the giant footballing legend was never able to capitalize on the success of his time playing Sloth as a hard-partying lifestyle and crippling addiction to painkillers ended in tragedy.

Here is the sad story of the man who played Sloth.

The Man Mountain

‘Giant’ hardly begins to describe John Matuszak. The man was a mountain. Here he is with his lawyer, Bob Woolf, shortly after being drafted by the Houston Oilers back in 1973. Matuszak towered above most ordinary humans. He was six feet six inches tall. Now that’s what we call a big guy!