Life sure throws us plenty of curve-balls. Take the couple in this story, for example. They were on a tight budget and had a baby on the way. This was the moment their furnace decided to break down on them.

They had no choice but to get it repaired, and they were dreading the bill when it finally arrived.

What happened next shocked them to the core, and brought a whole community together.

Waiting For A New Arrival

Young couple Jesse and Maria Hulscher were just about making ends ends meet. The couple already had one child, and things were set to get even tighter as they had a baby on the way. So when Jesse found a note attached to a repairman’s bill that knocked him sideways, he was immediately scrabbling around for his phone. He couldn’t believe his eyes!

Making Ends Meet

Despite their financial pressures, things were starting to look up. Jesse was on reasonably good money – enough to buy his wife a car. The pair were overjoyed when they found out Maria was pregnant again. They were looking forward to their family of three becoming a foursome. However, they could never have expected what would happen next.

A Bundle Of Joy

In February, 2017, Maria gave birth to a healthy baby boy weighing in at seven pounds and nine ounces. Jesse and Maria were over the moon, as were their whole families. The last thing they were thinking about was the weather. Why would they? However, the weather was something that would turn their lives upside down.

There’s A Storm Coming

Jesse and Maria’s baby was born on the night of February the 22nd. On that same day, the National Weather Service reported a huge snow storm was heading towards southern and central Minnesota – the state Jesse and Maria called home. The National Weather Service said the storm would start with heavy rain on the 23rd, and turn to snow soon afterwards. Jesse and Maria figured they’d be OK if they hunkered down and stayed indoors. They couldn’t have been more wrong.

Jesse Goes For A Shower

With the family all safe inside as the storm approached, Jesse decided to take a shower. Suddenly, just as he was finishing washing, the water went cold. What was this all about? He went down to the furnace room to check what was going on. He got the shock of his life when he discovered what the problem was.

The Furnace Lets The Family Down

Jesse was horrified to discover that the furnace had gone out. He tried in vain to fix it, but to no avail. He wasn’t a qualified engineer, and was hopelessly out of his depth when it came to this sort of thing. With a storm heading his way that could see temperatures outside plummet to 30°F (-1°C), this was a disaster. “Instantly I panicked,” he later recalled. “I have a two-year-old here, a newborn coming home and this was before the big potential snowstorm.”

Nobody Could Help Them

Jesse called up a local repairman that his family had used a few times before and asked him if he could come round and fix the family’s furnace. Unfortunately, the repairman the family usually used was fully booked. Alarmed, Jesse searched online for other repair companies, but every one he tried was booked up too. What was he going to do?

Jesse Remembers A Conversation With A Neighbor

Suddenly, Jesse remembered that he had had a conversation with his neighbor about a heating and AC servicing company that the neighbor thought was really great. Jesse couldn’t remember the name of the company his neighbor had been gushing about, so he called his neighbor to get the company’s name. Could this save his bacon?

Riding To The Rescue

Jesse’s neighbor told him that the name of the company he had used was called ‘Magnuson Sheet Metal’. Jesse’s neighbor gave him the company’s number and the father of two gave them a call. He got through to Magnuson’s co-owner, Craig Aurand. Aurand realized this was an emergency and arranged for a repairman to be at Jesse and Maria’s house in just twenty minutes. The repairman fixed the furnace and the heating and hot water came back on. Jesse and Maria were delighted … until they saw the bill. Then they were stunned!

The Bill Arrives

A month after the repairman had been round their house to fix the furnace, a bill arrived in the post. This was the moment Jesse had been dreading. Getting a furnace repaired is not cheap as it is. Getting an emergency repair usually costs twice as much. Jesse opened up the bill with trepidation. Nothing could have prepared him for what he saw written on it.

Jesse Couldn’t Believe What He Was Reading

The bill listed the work done, but instead of a dollar figure for the repairs undertaken, there were these words: “No charge. Take care of the new baby.” Jesse could not believe his eyes. “I didn’t know if it was a boy or girl, I didn’t know if I should get pink or blue,” the co-owner of the company later said. “So I figured, we’ll give the baby heat! How about that?” Maria couldn’t believe it when Jesse showed her what was written on the bill.

The Story Goes Viral

Jesse jumped on to Facebook to spread the news about Magnuson’s incredible act of generosity. “Businesses like this earn customers for life!” he wrote. “Thank you Craig and your staff for the amazing experience!” His post quickly went viral, and it wasn’t long before a local news channel got wind of the story. It soon became clear that this wasn’t the first time Craig and his company had done something amazing for the community.

A Humble Businessman

Other people began telling Jesse and the local news channel reporters that they had had similar experiences with Magnuson. The company had oftentimes repaired people’s furnaces and AC units free of charge. “We didn’t do it for the PR, we just did it to be good people. That’s it. Just to be nice to these people,” Craig told reporters. “That’s what this is about.” What an amazing guy!

Everybody Loved This Company

After the story of Magnuson’s extraordinary generosity went viral and appeared on TV, their Facebook page was flooded with hundreds of positive messages and five star reviews. “It is a blessing to have companies such as yours that not only does great work but also takes care of your community,” said one commenter. There was a lot of goodwill out there for Magnuson Sheet Metal!

Customers For Life

Jesse and Maria also joined in the chorus of praise for the company, telling them they had made customers for life. “We will definitely be calling on your services again,” Jesse told the company, “just hopefully not too soon from now!” And Magnuson’s extremely generous gesture encouraged the couple to pay the gesture forward.

Paying It Forward

Jesse and Maria decided to do everything they could for their community. When their friend Shawn Block’s son Oliver was rushed into hospital with meningitis, the couple set up a GoFundMe page to raise funds to pay for the little boy’s medical expenses. It didn’t take long for Jesse and Maria to reach their funding target, which came as a relief to their friend Shawn. It looks like Jesse and Maria live in a very generous community indeed!