Keanu Reeves has long been renowned as one of the most down to earth members of the Hollywood elite.

Rather than embracing the trappings of celebrity, as most actors do, Reeves lives like an ordinary Joe.

He has also been the subject of a number of internet memes, such as Sad Keanu!

And now, a Twitter account has popped up, showing Reeves in a number of ordinary scenarios just doing things! And it’s oddly mesmerising.

Here we give you 25 times that Keanu did stuff!

Taking a Stuffed Toy to China

When Keanu Reeves went to China to promote a movie, he took a plush toy with him. This toy was photographed accompanying Reeves across the country; on planes and trains, and inside hotel rooms!

Exchanging Wisdom With a Homeless Man

Reeves is well-known for his down to earth compassion, as shown in this picture. When he saw a homeless man sat begging in the street, Reeves decided to stop and chat. He sat with the man for a while, exchanging stories and cigarettes.

Flipping the Bird to Paparazzi

Although known as a good guy, Reeves shares one thing with the rest of Hollywood: a disdain for the paparazzi! He cannot stand the press intrusion, as many of us can understand. When he gets doorstepped by photographers, Reeves often reacts in the best way possible – by flipping them off!

Feeding Koi Carp

Reeves is a nature lover. He loves nothing more than getting out and about in the great outdoors. So, when the opportunity arose to feed a shoal of the much sought after Koi Carp, Reeves did not turn it down!

Posing For Pictures With Fans

Some superstars see their fans as a nuisance. They will avoid posing for pictures, and refuse to sign autographs. Not Keanu! Reeves spends a great deal of time interacting with fans, and is only too happy to strike a pose in photos!

Refusing to Buy New Shoes

As a part of the Hollywood elite, Reeves is a very wealthy man. However, that does stop him being frugal. So when his shoe got a hole in it, instead of chucking them in the bin, and buying a new pair, he decided to fix them with gaffer tape, and a bit of ingenuity!

Falling Into a Food Coma

We’ve all been there. You eat a big ol’ meal, and slump back into a food coma! Keanu is no exception. After being spotted eating a huge dinner at a roadside cafe in LA, Reeves was photographed taking time to let the food go down!

Wearing the Same Outfit For Three Decades

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?! That’s certainly Reeves’ philosophy when it comes to sartorial decision making. He has been rocking the black trousers, black t shirt and black suit jacket look for nearly three decades now. Check out that belt!

Drinking Corona

It’s been a hard day at work. You get home. What is the first thing you do? That’s right – crack open an ice cold beer! After a long shoot, Reeves likes nothing more than pounding a few brews. His drink of choice? Corona. Viva Mexico!

Getting Excited Over a $5 Bill

You’d think that $5 wasn’t much money for a superstar like Reeves. Think again! Here he is getting overexcited about a five buck bill. He’s like a little kid getting his pocket money on a Friday!

Taking a Nap

Acting is a tiring business! It takes a lot of energy to play a Neo or a Ted (or was her Bill?!) So when the opportunity comes to take forty winks, Reeves will embrace it. Even if it is curled up next to a table at a restaurant!

Contemplating Life Whilst Eating a Slice of Pizza

We all love eating pizza. But do you love eating pizza whilst pondering life’s big questions? Keanu does. Here he is chomping on a margarita and thinking about whether Sartre was right that existence is prior to essence. We assume.

Sitting in a Bathtub in the Middle of Nowhere

You’re wandering around the back end of beyond with your dog, and you spot a rusty old bathtub. What do you do? Well, sit in it of course. And make sure that you have someone around to photograph it!

Trying to Take a Selfie

We’ve already shown you how Keanu is eager to have his photo taken with fans. Well, sometimes he takes selfies of himself with the adoring public. Mind you, judging by this photograph, he’s not quite got used to the technology yet!

Showing Off His Debut Picture Book

Reeves is a talented man. Not only is he a superstar actor, he also plays bass guitar in his band Dogstar, and is a talented sketch artist. When he was asked to promote his debut picture book, his excitement was palpable. Look at the joy on his face!

Trying to Disguise Himself Whilst Walking Down a Busy High Street

Being a famous movie star can have its downsides. It’s not all red carpets and parties. As many celebrities will tell you, they are unable to walk the street without being mobbed. So, when Reeves decided to wander down an LA street, he tried to disguise himself with a hooded sweatshirt. Not very inconspicuous!

Getting Blinded by the Sun

Wasn’t Keanu ever told not to look directly into the sun? Evidently not! We assume that he didn’t have his retinas burned off!

Balancing on a Rock

So, you’ve got to have some promo shots taken. Where do you go? A photo studio? Not Keanu, it seems. He decided to instead head to the nearest pond and balance on a rock. As you do.

Sitting on a Chair on Top of a Bed

Another photo shoot, another bizarre scenario. This time, we have Reeves swinging on a dining chair on top of a bed. It doesn’t look particularly safe!

Drinking Coca Cola and Smoking a Cigarette

Smoking is bad, guys. We all know this. But Keanu makes it look so cool. One of his favourite things in the world to do is to crack open a cold can of Coke and light up a cigarette. You should not do this as you’ll die.

Riding a Motorbike Topless

Another instance of Reeves flagrantly disregarding health and safety. Here he is riding a motorbike topless, and without a helmet. Don’t try this at home folks.

Lounging on a Chair in the Middle of the Road

How did that armchair get there? Why is Keanu sitting in it? Isn’t it ridden with filth? Another Keanu photo shoot that raises so many questions. One thing is for sure, he’s unconventional!

Getting Funky

Reeves is not one to take himself seriously. He often pokes fun at himself, as shown by this photo. Why not don a pair of sparkly sunglasses and get down to some funk music? You wouldn’t catch Russell Crowe doing this!

Taking a Nap in the Grass

As we’ve already seen, Keanu can get sleepy. However, this time, instead of dropping off on a restaurant veranda, he decides to take a nap in the sun on some long grass. He seems very content!

Shadow Boxing on the Side of a Road

You’re standing by the side of the road waiting for someone. You’ve got time to kill. Why not engage in a spot of shadowboxing? Who cares if you’re an instantly recognisable, world famous actor out in public!