Flea markets, garage sales and thrift stores are great places to pick up a bargain. They’re also great places to pick up some of the weirdest stuff mankind has ever manufactured.

From a tacky golden egg that turned out to be worth millions of dollars to an award handed over to a former US president who clearly appreciated it so much that it ended up in a flea market.

Here are twenty of the weirdest, wackiest and, in some cases, most unexpectedly expensive items bought from flea markets, thrift stores and garage sales.

Buried Treasure

Described as the ‘best find yet’, this delightful sculpture of an ostrich burying its head in the sand hides a hilarious surprise. If you turn the sculpture over, you’ll see the ostrich’s grinning face looking right back at you! We agree. This is indeed the best find yet!

The Best Bathroom Pictures Ever

When this thrifty shopper found these hilarious cats in need a bathroom break pictures at their local thrift store for just $1, they knew they had to have them. And where did they put them? In the bathroom, of course! Now all their guests can enjoy these laugh-out-loud pictures of cats who really, really need the bathroom!

A Fitting Tribute To The Lost Rap Nui Tribe

The Rapa Nui tribe of Easter Island vanished from their Polynesian home many centuries ago, leaving behind huge stone heads that have mystified scholars for years. And what better way to honor their memory than dragging tissues through the nose of one of their sacred sculptures? Worth every penny of the whopping $3 the thrift store shopper bought it for, we reckon!

She Wanted A Cane For Her Birthday

She was into steam punk and all things Victorian. When her mom bought her a cane from a guy in a thrift store, her mom just thought she was buying her something to add to her growing collection of Gothic memorabilia. In reality, what she was buying her was a deadly weapon. Way to go, mom!

In A Thrift Store … And A National Museum

These dinky little cuff-links were made to commemorate the Apollo 11 moon landings in 1969. You’d think something this special would be a precious family heirloom, but nope. They ended up in a Salvation Army store. Luckily, someone who realized their true value – an identical pair have pride of place in the National, Air and Space Museum at the Smithsonian Institute – and snapped them up. A great addition to any wardrobe!

The Quest Is Finally Over

“I’m done with thrift shopping,” said the guy who found this costume in his local thrift store. “I’ll never find anything better than this.” Hey, don’t give up so soon! You’ve already found a Häagen-Dazs popsicle costume. Who knows what you’ll find next? A Kool-Aid Man? A Burger King costume? A complete set of California Raisins? Keep digging, fella!

My Precioussssssss Shower Cap And Bath Mat

This guy was rooting through the stalls at his local flea market when he came across this cardboard cut out of Smeagol from Lord of the Rings. He knew exactly what he was going to do with it when he bought it and got it home. “I live with two other people,” he said. “Let the games begin!” Cruel, but fair.

Wonder If He Wants It Back?

It’s fun to go rooting through thrift stores, flea markets and garage sales, but it’s rare we find something truly remarkable. Most of us will come away with something along the lines of a lava lamp or a 1981 Luke Skywalker action figure with a missing lightsaber. This guy, however, hit the mother-load when he found an award handed to Barack Obama by the National Middle School Association. “Should I write him on Twitter and see if he wants it back?” he said.

A Stroke Of Genius

Buying albums from a thrift store is a great way to boost your growing record collection. Of course, nobody wants a defaced album, but in this case we’ll give the guy who donated this Liszt album to the store a pass. Why? Because he’s clearly a comedy genius. There’s nothing like having a good laugh as you’re hunting for a bargain in the thrift store!

A Piece Of History

One lucky bargain hunter bagged himself a slice of world history when he found this framed copy of the St. Louis Post Dispatch from the day after man first landed on the moon on the 20th July, 1969. They managed to get hold of this piece of history for the bargain price of $35. As an added bonus, a letter bearing the US Postal Service official moon landing commemorative stamp was attached in the right hand corner. Nice!

Behold! The Bermuda Shorts Of the Gods!

Cats have become big business ever since the Internet made them the superstars of the information age. You would think that these Bermuda shorts found by one lucky bargain hunter in a thrift store in the USA were made by a trendy hipster startup company a couple of years ago, but that’s not the case. They were in fact made in the 1980s. Maybe this cat craze goes back further than we think?

Six Dollars For Just 50 Cents

Think about this for a minute. A thrift store took possession of a piece of ‘art’ consisting of six uncut, perfectly usable one dollar bills and, instead of taking the dollars out of the frame and putting them in the till, they slapped a fifty cent price tag on the picture and put it on sale. D’oh! Needless to say, the person who bought the picture did just that, and found themselves five and half dollars richer because of it.

Worth More Than Its Weight In Gold

A scrap dealer in the Midwest made the find of a lifetime when he came across this gold egg in a flea market. Priced at $13,300 dollars (primarily because it was solid gold), the scrap dealer bought it with the plan to melt it down for scrap. However, he decided to get it valued at a jewelers first, and was astonished to discover it was the missing third Imperial Easter Egg made for the Russian Tsar Nicholas II by the world famous jeweler, Carl Faberge. The egg was valued at $33 million. Not bad! Imagine being that flea market stall owner though. It was probably enough to turn him to drink.

My Life Was Empty Until I Found This Giant Yogi Bear Head

We’re not entirely sure why anyone would ever need a giant Yogi Bear head minus the rest of the Yogi Bear costume unless they were promoting a new Yogi Bear cartoon or DVD box set behind a neck high brick wall, perhaps. Still, at just $5, this thrift store find couldn’t really be left to fester on the shelf. So well done, sir. You’re now the proud owner of a completely useless – but admittedly fantastic – Yogi Bear head.

Unicorns Are So Last Year

One lucky, lucky bargain hunter hit the jackpot after a busy day rooting through the stalls at their local flea market when they came across this rainbowtastic ‘quadricorn’ mug. Unicorns are so last year, everyone. It’s time for the quadricorn to take its place as the rainbow king! All hail the mighty quadricorn!


As far as a mirror’s basic function goes – which is being able to see yourself in it – this mirror fails miserably on pretty much all fronts. However, who wants to see what they look like when they can look at the grinning face of Michael Knight and his supercar K.I.T.T. from the hit 1980s show, Knight Rider. We know which one we would prefer. Another thrift store win!

I Didn’t Choose The Plate Life, The Plate Life Chose Me

Nothing says ‘Thug Life’ quite like a pretty decorative plate covered in flowers and filigree. Bought for just a couple of dollars from a thrift store, this adorable plate would grace the shelves of any gangsta’s grandma’s house. If only Tupac had lived to see this grandmatastic decorative plate in all its Thug Life glory.

It Really Brings The Room Together

We’re not entirely sure why anyone would want a giant, deranged banana sculpture that’s clearly flashing its banana particulars at anyone unfortunate enough to see them, but when it’s this cheap, who cares? We’re sure whoever bought the giant perverted banana at the garage sale is delighted with their purchase and not at all weird or mad.

The Greatest Jigsaw In The History Of The World

When you think of jigsaws, rolling pastoral scenes, bunches of flowers and cute animals probably spring to mind. What wouldn’t immediately spring to mind is a man in a suit made entirely from bacon. This garage sale slice of fried gold was snapped up for a few cents by one lucky bargain hunter. Whoever you are, we salute your purchasing choice!

Anyone For Some Human Bones?

Apparently, England doesn’t have a police force so it’s perfectly fine to sell a box of human remains at a garage sale without any law enforcement officers coming round to ask what on earth you think you’re doing. So, if anyone fancies buying bits of people, why not head over to the United Kingdom and pick up a leg or a head or two? Bonetastic!