Backcombed hair, bold patterns, and go-go boots pretty much sum up the 60s, not to mention the sea of drop-dead gorgeous celebrities floating around at the time.

However, in the same way fashion changes over time, so do the famous faces that were once so young and youthful.

Five decades have passed since the following 1960s stars stepped into the limelight, so it is hardly surprising they all look unrecognizable today.

To find out how much these iconic 60s celebs have changed over the years, here’s what they look like: then and now.

Tina Louise Then

This redheaded actress and singer is best known for playing Ginger Grant on Gilligan’s Island. The show only lasted for three years (1964-1967), a memorable song lasted longer than the actual hype of the show. Though we’re pretty sure the film was remembered for more than it’s title theme with an actress like Tina Louise appearing in it.