Hollywood is a fickle industry – one moment an actor can be starring in every blockbuster going but the next year they could be struggling to find any work in showbiz.

In recent years we have seen some of the biggest names in film go from hero to zero in a matter of months – including Mel Gibson, Eddie Murphy and Charlie Sheen.

From diva demands to continuous box office flops – here are 25 celebs that all Hollywood producers refuse to work with.

Mel Gibson


In a series of leaked phone calls, Gibson made some outrageous comments about his ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva. This led to many Hollywood studios dropping the household name from their projects. Not only did his movie roles disappear but so did his endorsements. 

Sarah Michelle Gellar


From Scooby Doo to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Sarah Michelle Gellar appeared in nearly all films in the ’00s, and it seemed as if she was signing on for everything that came her way. These days, however, Sarah can be seen in pretty much nothing, evident that her career ended as quick as it started.

Dakota Fanning


Despite Dakota Fanning only being 23-years-old, she has still had quite an impressive run in Hollywood. She started acting at the age of five and has starred in more than 30 films to date, but in recent years her career has certainly slowed down. Since appearing in the Twilight franchise, it’s unclear whether Dakota has just decided to take on fewer roles or whether she’s finding it hard to land herself a new spot in a film.

Lindsay Lohan


Lindsay Lohan is another child star that has kissed their acting career goodbye. She brought her misfortune on herself due to bad behaviour and diva demands on set. She is renowned for having bust ups on set with Hollywood directors and is said to cause chaos on any set that she works on – leading to many people refusing to work with her completely. 

Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel was similar to Sarah Michelle Gellar in the early 2000s – she featured in almost every movie going. However, as time went on her career seemed to deflate. Biel went on to marry pop star Justin Timberlake and have a child together. It’s unlikely we will see this actress in any movies in the near future.

Nikki Blonsky


In 2007, Nikki Blonsky was the name on everyone’s lips after she appeared in Hairspray. However, despite being nominated for all kinds of awards for her performance, her career never sky-rocketed. Casting directors were not interested in her. She actually returned to her normal 9 to 5 job, leaving acting behind.

Matthew Fox

After starrign in hugely popular show Lost, in 2010 Matthew’s career crashed just like the plane in the hit series. He was alleged by co-star that he beats women and that he always abused a female bus driver, before being arrested for a DUI in 2012. Six years later we haven’t seen him get any opportunities. 

Hilary Swank


After her performance in Million Dollar Baby Hilary Swank was set for big things. She was soon inundated with acting roles – so much so she had to turn down some of them because of her busy schedule. A stark contrast to her career now. The opportunities seemed to dry up for Hilary and now she is involved in much smaller movie productions.  

Eddie Murphy


A decade or so ago Eddie Murphy had one hell of a career. He had started out as a comedian but cracked the movie industry – launching him to worldwide success. There is no doubt that Murphy earned a dollar or two in his heyday, which may be the reason why we don’t see him around too much these days. His more recent movies have either bombed or were not given a release date. Nobody would have predicted this 20 years ago.

Katherine Heigl


Katherine Heigl is known in Hollywood as being difficult to work with. It has been reported that she acted as if she was better than everyone else on set of every movie or TV show she worked on. This was actually confirmed by Shonda Rhimes, the show creator of Grey’s Anatomy, who ended up firing Katherine for being one of the most difficult people she has ever had to work with. Hollywood directors, agents and casting crew noted this, which is probably why we no longer see Katherine in blockbusters.

Hilary Duff


Since getting married to an NFL player and having a child, Hilary Duff has taken a backseat in Hollywood. Before she settled down she had launched a successful clothing line, big album sales and a string of money making movies – but her new found life means we no longer see her on our TV screens. Maybe starting in the industry so young put her off for life.

Charlie Sheen


Charlie Sheen was one of the highest paid men on TV – that was until he made allegations against his crew back in 2011. Sheen was reportedly earning $1 million per episode of Two and a Half Men but during a drugs rampage he was interviewed and he said he was too big of a star to be on the show for such a small pay packet. The producers made the decision to fire Sheen from the show and since then no one in Hollywood has wanted to work with him. In 2015 he made less than $2 million.

CeeLo Green


CeeLo Green saw his record sales plummet and his career plato after a woman claimed she was raped by the singer. CeeLo claimed the woman gave him consent but her lawyers said otherwise. Not only did his record sales drop but he was also fired from his role as a mentor on The Voice – a job that was making him $7 million per series. 

Columbus Short


Following a string of abusive allegations made by his ex-wife, Tanee Short, Columbus was fired by Shonda Rhimes, who produced and created Scandal. She did not want people thinking that she supported domestic abuse. Reports claimed that Short made death threats against his then-wife, who also told several media outlets that her ex-husband was threatening to kill himself. Since then Hollywood has completely avoided Short all together.  

Jessica Alba

In the early 2000s Jessica Alba was one of the biggest names in the movie business. She starred in the Fantastic Four films, Sin City: A Same to Kill For and Honey. Shortly after this success she saw her career plateau and the job offers stopped coming in. Alba decided to focus her time on her true passion – The Honest Company – a toxic-free household products and beauty products. She now seems to have given up acting for good.

Jennifer Lopez

J.Lo’s talents lie in music, however she did dabble in acting work for a short while. Reports say that her behaviour on set was far from lady like. Apparently she arrives with a long list of demands and is increasingly hard to work with if these demands are not met. We can guess that this is the reason that we no longer see her appearing in movies.

Bruce Willis

Willis is said to be hard to work with due to his bad attitude on set. He is said to be completely unapproachable while working and does not like to speak to anyone. Director Kevin Smith called Bruce “soul crushing” while filming with him on Cop Out.

Gwyneth Paltrow

It has been reported that Gwyneth is not fun to work with, which is probably why we never see her in movies anymore. On the set of Iron Man 2 it was said that she was “not friendly to anyone and tends to make people feel awkward and uncomfortable. She wasn’t outright rude to Scarlett [Johansson], she just didn’t ever speak to her. Gwyneth went out of her way to avoid Scarlett.”

Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin faded into the background when he left a very hurtful message on his daughter’s phone and it went public. However, the icing on the cake was probably in 2013 when Baldwin yelled homophobic slurs at a photographer who was trying to take his picture. As a result Baldwin was fired from his job on MSNBC. He then decided to retire from public life.

Shia LaBeouf

It’s no surprise that Shia LaBeouf is a nightmare behind the scenes as he is renowned for being rude in general life. Shia prides himself on being a method actor – meaning he becomes his character to prepare for a role. But often the traits he adopts from his character are unpleasant. Brad Pitt spoke about Shia after filming with him on the movie Fury. Pitt said he was extremely disappointed with his behaviour.

Mike Myers

It’s hard to believe that funny man Mike Myers is hard to be around. But reports suggest that behind-the-scenes he makes filming a difficult process and he does not let anything go by without his approval. He may be a perfectionist but cast and crew soon realised that he was difficult to work with – which is maybe why after Austin Powers he stuck to roles that were mostly voice overs.

Robert Pattinson

Pattinson is yet another Twilight star that has struggled to find work since the movies. The actor struggles with depression which is one of the reasons he has avoided the limelight for many years. Maybe we will see him in more movies when he feels more stable in his personal life.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine Zeta-Jones is another actor who has suffered with finding jobs due to her mental health. Many years ago the award winning actress starred in a whole host of movies but when she went public with her battle of bipolar disorder, Hollywood producers no longer chose to cast her. According to the actress the prejudice against her isn’t the only reason she doesn’t get good roles these days. She also says that parts for older women in Hollywood are simply few and far between.

Chevy Chase

Chevy Chase got his big break on Saturday Night Live, but this is also where he started to display inappropriate behaviour and anger issues. It’s reported that Chase slapped Chery Oteri during a rehearsal and angered Will Ferrel which prompted him to go to the executive director and creator of SNL to complain. Chase was actually banned from SNL from that day forward.

Sharon Stone

Stone’s leading roles in Total Recall, Basic Instinct and Casino made her one of the hottest actresses in the 80s and 90s. Her rising fame meant that she became selective with her roles, so much so that her extreme pickiness led to offers coming in few and far between.

Adam Sandler

After starting his own quite successful production company, Happy Madison, Sandler has struggled to find roles outside of his own projects. His mood swings and misunderstood, abstract creative vision has led to producers steering clear of this funny man.

Tobey Maguire

Tobey will for me always be Spiderman, but unfortunately when it finally came to the fourth installment of the film series, Maguire was 35 and far too old in the eyes of the producers to play the role. Sad times for Tobey, he was paid over £22 million for one of his Spiderman films though!

January Jones

Mad Men shot this actress straight into the limelight, but unfortunately her devotion to the job caused others to keep their distance. Her co-star, Jared Gilmore, who was just 13-years-old when he co-starred with Jones, said “Be careful around January [Jones]. She’s not as approachable as the others. She’s really serious about what she does. Everyone else is so nice.”

Mischa Barton

After the immense success of “The O.C”, Barton let the fame go straight to her head. According to sources, she began acting like a true diva and was even referred to by co-star Tate Donovan as the “biggest diva on set.” Since the show ended, Barton has struggled to get any roles and has even battled with drug abuse.

Vince Vaughn

Despite having some pretty big blockbuster hits on his resume – including Wedding Crashers and The Break-Up – and being a part of Ben Stiller and Will Ferrell’s comedy crew, it seems Vaughn is stuck playing the same role. This has led to Hollywood casting agents struggling to find new parts for him to play.

Macaulay Culkin

Child star Macaulay Culkin’s career peaked during the iconic Home Alone franchise, he also took a supporting role in hit ‘My Girl’ and starred again in Richie Rich making him the biggest child star of the 90s.

After this, while he still managed to get some roles, nothing was ever as big as the movies that made him. In 1994, when he was only 14 years old, Culkin retired from acting citing his parents’ bitter custody dispute as a reason. 

He appeared in a London play in 2000 and Culkin has also toured with his comedy rock band that parodies The Velvet Underground, The Pizza Underground.

Elisha Cuthbert

In the early 2000s, Cuthbert was an up and coming actress with films such as House of Wax and Girl Next Door being very successful. Her career ended as fast as it began after her movies began to bomb and after she was associated with Paris Hilton – who knew your friends could ruin your career.

Cybill Shepherd

You might not have even noticed that you haven’t seen Cybill Shepherd in a while, but now we’ve pointed it out, there’s actually a reason for it. Whilst on the set of her sitcom “Cybill”, she was known as a complete diva – so much so that a character was created on CSI to mimic her behaviour, which unfortunately turned out to be a murder victim.. Awkward.

Christian Bale

Bale is known to take his roles very seriously and act from his heart. So we were disappointed to hear that he was caught on tape during the filming of Terminator Salvation yelling at the director of photography “You are trashing my scene. You do it one more time and I ain’t walking on this set if you’re still hired. You’re a nice guy. But that don’t cut it.” Ouch.

Jim Carrey

Carrey had to take some time out from the spotlight due to personal issues, which wasn’t bad timing considering producers weren’t sure whether to take the risk on him. It seems that despite his hilarious roles in movies such as Ace Venture, Liar Liar and Bruce Almighty, industry professionals can’t guarantee that he’d be taken well by viewers.

Sean William Scott

Scott is another classic case of being typecasted, audiences and producers just cannot see past his character of Stifler in American Pie. The series spanned over 13 years and although I’m sure he has been paid well enough and he’s not desperate for work, surely he would rather be working, but just can’t! Although he does voice the role of Crash in the Ice Age movie franchise.

Steven Segal

Steven Segal may be a huge name thanks to his 80’s and 90’s films, including Under Siege, but it is rumoured that he is not like amongst producers. The martial artist star is said to be an arrogant and self-centred man and therefore has a reputation that is losing him work.

Taylor Lautner


When the final Twilight movie was released in 2012, no one would have guessed that this would be the end of Taylor Lautner’s career. He has starred in a couple of movies since but all of them have turned out to be flops in the box office. It seems that people just didn’t want to see him on their screens anymore and Hollywood producers took note.

Kiefer Sutherland

Star of the TV show 24, Kiefer Sutherland is said to be hard to work with. His co-star Freddie Prinze Jr said that Sutherland would turn up to set drunk and would be forced to go to his trailer and sleep it off – meaning the entire production had to be stopped until he was able to work. No wonder we don’t see him around much anymore.

 Kat Dennings


Kat Dennings portrayed Max Black on CBS’ 2 Broke Girls for six seasons. Not only did she get a hefty paycheck each week for delivering withering put-downs and saucy double entendres.

A successful acting career can be both a blessing and a curse: Dennings is so closely associated with cool, hip girls and sarcastic Broke girls, respectively, that she could find herself typecast. Agents and directors might not be able to envision her in other roles.

John Travolta

It seems that since the turn of the century John Travolta’s career has been on a downward spiral. The Grease and Pulp Fiction days seem to be over. His reputation for being in second-rate movies in recent years has lead to him being off the Hollywood audition list. Rather than be nominated for awards, Travolta is regularly seen at award ceremonies making a fool of himself, just ask Scarlet Johansson or Idina Menzel.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

In 2013 when preparing for a third season of The Client List, Jennifer fell pregnant which put her at odds with the producers of the show. It is reported that Hewitt wanted her real life partner Brian Hallisay who was also on the show to be revealed as the father of the child. The producers disagreed, so much so that the whole show was canned.

Julia Stiles

Actress Julia Stiles rose to fame in 1999 as Kat Stratford in 10 Things I Hate About You and went on to star in the huge teen hit Save the Last Dance (2001). In recent years however she has been limited to bit-part roles, the reason, she has a reputation of turning down Hollywood in order to pursue other avenues of stardom.

Jaden Smith

Whether it’s his failed Netflix series, poorly received After Earth film or him focussing on his music, Will Smith’s son Jaden isn’t getting the work his father would be expecting. Unfortunately it seems that Jaden will always be compared to his father and will never shake of that expectation.

Hayden Christensen

Christensen can blame his work of the Star Wars ‘prequels’ episodes 1-3 for his lack of work in Hollywood. It seems that people were too overwhelmed with his inclusion in that, so much so he has struggled to get work since! He tried to make a comeback in the film 90 Minutes in Heaven in 2015 but it was a rather dead duck.

Alyson Hannigan

People will remember Hannigan for her role as Michelle in the very successful American Pie movie series and also as Lily in How I Met Your Mother. Unfortunately it seems that Hollywood producers also remember her for those roles, and only those roles. Despite being aged 43, Hannigan is still typecast as the geeky 20-something who plays comedy roles.

In due respect to Alyson, she has been focussing on her family more in recent years, raising her two young daughters with her husband Alexis Denisof.