It’s the show that divides opinion, you either loved it or you absolutely hated it! Two and A Half Men was on our screens for 12 years with 12 seasons an incredible 262 episodes!

During those years it seemed the show was never out of the news, especially when lead actor Charlie Sheen famously fell out with the writer and was unceremoniously written off the show in 2011.

Charlie’s character was one hell of a ladies and, and one thing that was a constant during the 12 years was the number beautiful women on the show.

But after the show was cancelled in 2015, what are the cast doing now? Find out here.

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Marin Hinkle – Judith Harper-Melnick

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Alan’s ex-wife Judith was played by Marin Hinkle and was one of the show’s longest running characters. Judith spent most the series’ hating Alan for their divorce while also enjoying spending his alimony money. Later on, she remarried her son’s paediatrician Dr. Herb Melnick.

Marin Hinkle Now

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Marin, 51, is still acting and played the role of Isabelle in CBS’ Madam Secretary and has recently finished filming a movie alongside Finnerty Steeves, titled Before/During/After. Marin married theatre director, Randall Sommer in 1998 and the pair have one child.

Melanie Lynskey – Rose

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You’d be surprise that Rose was only seen in 63/262 episodes of the hit show. She was the girl next door that wouldn’t leave Charlie alone, she basically stalked him for eight years! She eventually won Charlie’s affections and the pair were due to be married but Charlie dies before they get married. It would have been interesting to see what would have happened to the pair if the producers hadn’t written Mr. Sheen out of it.

Melanie Lynskey Now

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Now 40, Melanie has had an impressive career in movies (Heavenly Creatures and Sweet Home Alabama) and also in TV. She is currently filming a mini-series called Sunshine and Castle Rock, a series based on the Stephen King novels.

Courtney Thorne-Smith – Lyndsey McElroy

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Lyndsey joined the cast in season seven and started an on/off relationship with hapless Alan. The pair had a peculiar relationship, as Lyndsey had a drinking problem and although she loved Alan, she was always attracted to other men.

Courtney Thorne-Smith Now

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Before Two and A Half Men, Courtney was known for her role as Georgia in Ally McBeal, as well as successful stints in Melrose Place and According to Jim. However since she finished as Lyndsey in 2015,  she has struggled to find another recurring role, and has been left with minor roles, including voiceover work for comedy Robot Chicken and lead role in TV movie  Site Unseen: An Emma Fielding Mystery.

Ming-Na Wen – Linda Harris

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We first meet Linda when Charlie is forced to go on a double date by Alan, at first the couple do not get on, but when Charlie ends up in court over a drink driving incident, Linda is his judge. The pair date for a while until Charlie ruins it by embarrassing her at an award ceremony.

Ming-Na Wen Now

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Ming-Na was actually the voice of Mulan in the Disney epic, before she had her brief five episode spell on Two and a Half Men. Since then she has played a number of roles, like Stargate Universe and Eureka. Now 53, she is currently a lead role in the TV series Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Evelyn Harper- Holland Taylor

Taylor played the role of Evelyn, Charlie and Alan’s mother throughout the series, featuring in over 100 episodes. Her and her sons had a weird relationship where they tried to avoid each other as much as possible. Like Charlie, she had an incredible wealth, thanks largely to her tendency to marry rich older men.

Holland Taylor Now

After the show ended in 2015, you would forgive Taylor for giving up acting, but at the age of 74 she is still involved and has been seen in TV shows Hollywood Mom and The Orville. In a role reversal from Evelyn, Holland is currently dating Sarah Paulson, 42, almost thirty years her younger!

Emmanuelle Vaugier – Mia

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Not for the first time, Charlie used his nephew to help woe a woman. Mia was Jake’s dance teacher, after constant pestering she agrees to date him as long as he quits smoking, alcohol and eating meat. She find out he isn’t quitting and she leaves him. A few seasons later she returns asking for Charlie’s sperm, instead Charlie proposes and the couple go to Vegas to get married. While there Mia asks Charlie to kick Alan out of his house, he refuses and the couple split again.

Emmanuelle Vaugier Now

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Thanks to her role in the show, Mia was able to land a number of roles on TV shows including ABC’s Mistresses and Lost Girl. In 2017 she was seen on TV movie Washed Away.

Brooke Shields – Danielle Stewart

Brooke made a cameo role in the show in 2007 as Danielle another love interest in the show. Charlie set up Alan on a date with Danielle in a bid to get his brother to move out, but he ends up wanting her himself. The brothers fight over her and she leaves after slipping on Jake’s skateboard!

Brooke Shields Now

Brooke was obviously already a huge star before she made her appearance on the show, thanks to an illustrious career in modelling and on the screen since she was a child. Now at 52, She is still acting and fans can see her in her recurring role on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

Denise Richards – Lisa

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Old flame Lisa turns up to tell Charlie that she is getting married, in a bid to stop her, Charlie tries to prove that he is a family man. Lisa gives him a second chance but like always, the relationship turned sour.

Denise Richards Now

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Denise was actually married to Charlie Sheen in real life when they shot the episodes for the show. The pair married in 2002 and welcomed their first child in 2004 and their second a year later, both girls. Sadly, in 2006 the couple divorced but made sure to keep the family unit strong. Now, 46, Denise has adopted a third baby girl and her acting career is still going, with comedy film 1st Born for release in 2018.

Heather Locklear – Laura

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Laura was Alan’s divorce lawyer but ended up sleeping with Charlie. When this fling quickly ended, she took her pain and frustration out on Alan by messing up his divorce settlement.

Heather Locklear Now

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Heather’s role in Melrose Place shot her to fame and she has gone onto star in LAX and Franklin & Bash. Now at 56, she is currently in drama series Too Close To Home. In early 2017 she checked herself in to rehab to solve personal issues caused by drugs and alcohol.

Conchata Ferrell – Berta

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You could argue that Berta is the most loved role on the show. Berta is Charlie’s housekeeper and her wit and dry sense of humour at points carries the show.

Conchata Ferrell Now

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Married to actor Arnie Anderson and at the age of 74, Conchata is still acting and in 2017 she was in comedy film ‘Deported’. Before Two and A Half Men she was in many well known films, including Erin Brockovich and Edward Scissorhands. It is believed that towards the end of the series, Conchata was being paid $150,000 an episode!

Jenny McCarthy – Courtney Leopold

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Courtney (Evelyn’s finance’s daughter) tricks Charlie into buying her a Ferrari and lending her money. He eventually finds out that both her and Evelyn’s fiance and con-artists and are actually lovers themselves.

Jenny McCarthy Now

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McCarthy is most known for being a Playboy bunny alongside her acting career. She has been married to Donnie Wahlberg (founder of New Kids On The Block) since 2005. She is a dedicated activist against vaccinations and is regularly seen campaigning.

Kelly Stables – Melissa

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Melissa was Alan’s secretary who was unceremoniously dumped by Charlie, after this heartbreak she started to fall for Alan and the two started to date. But after she catches Alan lying she dumps him.

Kelly Stables as Melissa – Now

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Stables was in the show for three seasons and since then has gone on to land roles in a number of films and TV shows. Most notably she was in Horrible Bosses 2 in 2014 and played the role of Eden in The Exes. She is now 39 years old and has been happily married with Kurt Patino since 2005.

Gail O’Grady as Mandi – Then

Remember Mandi? She was Kandi’s (Alan’s ditzy wife) mom. When she came looking for her daughter one day, she got talking to Charlie and they ended up spending the day together. Classic Charlie.

Gail O’Grady Now

Fans would have recognised Gail from her role of Helen Pryor in the TV series American Dreams. Now 54, Gail has been married SIX times! It seems Charlie Harper wasn’t the only serial lover on the set!

Jennifer Taylor – Chelsea Melini

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Jennifer played the role of Chelsea Melini, her character would be one of interest as she is Charlie’s first serious relationship in the series. She was the first woman Charlie says ‘I love you’ too, he ends up proposing but it wasn’t a happy ever after as they split when she leaves him for an attorney. Charlie responds by getting with her best friend. Who says romance is dead?

Jennifer Taylor Now

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Jennifer, now 45, is still acting and was recently on Showtime’s Shameless as Anne Seery. She has also had a number of guest appearances on TV shows, including Mom and NCIS.

April Bowlby –  Kandi

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Kandi was another girl who divided the two brothers, but it would be Alan who would win her heart, or so he thought. The pair get married in Vegas and they seem happy, until she gets an acting job on ‘Stiffs’ and breaks up with him because he doesn’t want to have anymore children.

April Bowlby Now

Now 37, April is still acting but has been limited to minor roles in TV series, for example in Big Bang Theory as Rebecca. She is currently filming for comedy ‘Love me or Else’, due for release in 2018. She is currently single but was known for dating the famous singer Josh Groban.