With the first film being released way back in 1999, the series of films following the rollercoaster lives of self confessed geeks  finally finished in 2012 with the American Pie Reunion.

Although there ended up being eight films in the American Pie series, it was all about the original cast, with Jason Biggs as the lead.

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So what has happened to the geeky gang since we last saw them on our silver screen? Check out these then and now photos to find out.

Smash Hit


On the opening weekend of the first movie, it made $18,709,680!

Thomas Ian Nicholas Then


Nicholas played the role of Kevin, Jim’s friend in love with Vicky.

His intimate but hilarious scene with her is one of the best moments in the whole series.

Thomas Ian Nicholas Now


Since his role in the series, Nicholas has turned to music after failing to lead another major acting role.

In March 2015, Nicholas’ ‘All the Way’ featured on Blues Traveler’s album Blow Up the Moon.

Worked out in the end

Digital Spy

In the first movie, Seann William Scott earned just $8,000. In the follow up movies he made $5 million a movie.

Catchy Name


At first, a name could not be decided for the movie. A working title was: ‘Unfinished Teenage Sex Comedy Which Can Be Made for Under $10 Million That Studio Readers Will Most Likely Hate but I Think You Will Love’.

Chris Owen Then


The Sherminator, a self-confessed ‘Sex Robot’, was your classic confident geek that always falls short with the ladies.

Owen appeared in five American Pie films, with a small role in American Pie Presents: Band Camp.

Chris Owen Now


Despite having a few roles away from American Pie, Owen is yet to break through in Hollywood.

He featured in four of the National Lampoon’s film series. But ended up working in a Sushi restaurant in LA.

Alyson Hannigan Then


Hannigan played the horny Michelle who always remembered that ‘one time at band camp’.

Away from American Pie, Hannigan had a continuing role in Buffy The Vampire Slayer as Willow Rosenberg.

What a line


During the sex scene between Michelle and Jim, Alyson actually improvised: What’s my name? Say my name! Say my name, b****!’’ in the moment.

Alyson Hannigan Now


Now a mother of two, Hannigan has easily been the most successful away from American Pie.

She played the role of Lily Aldrin in the hit CBS sitcom ‘How I Met Your Mother’.

Jason Biggs Then


Biggs played the role of Jim Levenstein, the geek who ‘tests’ the warmth of his mother’s Apple pie.

Jason Biggs Now


Biggs hasn’t changed that much but has had a number of roles since American Pie, most notably for player Piper Chapman’s husband in the Netflix series Orange Is The New Black.

Body Double


It was originally planned that Jason Bigg’s would have a body double for the sex scenes, however his body double turned up to the scene with a scar on his stomach. This meant Jason had to film all of the scenes himself.

Eddie Kaye Thomas Then


Thomas played the quirky Paul Finch in the series and is purely remembered for sleeping with Stifler’s mom.

Eddie Kaye Thomas Now


After Pie, Thomas had a variety of roles in comedy film including Harold & Kumar.

He is currently starring in the CBS show Scorpion as Dr. Tobias “Toby” Curtis.

Seann Williams Scott Then


Stifler was by far the best character throughout the whole American Pie series.

His crazy exploits and situations made the film.

Sean Williams Scott Now


Scott has changed a lot since we first saw him way back in the original American Pie in 1999.

Away from American Pie, Scott has had a decent career with roles in Ice Age, Role Models and Just Before I Go.

Stifler’s Real Mom


Seann William Scott also tried to stop his mom from seeing the movie. Instead she went to see it with her church friends.

Still Gross

Universal Pictures

In the scene where Stifler accidentally drinks “semen” at a house party, it was actually a mix of beer and egg whites.

John Cho Then


Cho had one of the smallest parts but will always be remembered for introducing the world to the acronym: MILF.

John Cho Now


Away from shouting ‘MILF’ constantly, Cho has had a relatively successful career in comedy with Harold & Kumar and starring the reboot of Star Trek .

Eugene Levy Then


When Levy arrived on the American Pie set he was already an established comedy actor.

He played the role of Jim’s dad brilliantly with his good but sometimes unwanted advice.

Levy is the only actor in the American Pie series to have featured in all seven films, including the direct-to-video films.

Eugene Levy Now


Now aged 69, Levy is still working in the industry.

He co-writes hit show Schitt’s Creek with his son Daniel Levy and has voiced Dory’s father in the upcoming Pixar film, Finding Dory.

What a hero


Eugene Levy, who plays Jim’s dad, improvised almost all of his lines. He threatened to quit the filming if the direction didn’t let him.

Costco Pie

New York Daily History

The infamous apple pie in the movie came from Costco.

Chris Klein Then


Klein played the role Chris ‘Oz’ Ostreicher in the film, a big jock who loves to sing.

Chris Klein Now


Klein hasn’t had any more real success with his acting career.

He is more well known for having been engaged to Katie Holmes between 2000-2005.

Jennifer Coolidge Then


Coolidge was the first ever MILF, after playing Stifler’s mom way back in 1999.

Why the word Milf became mainstream


While the word MILF did exist before the movie, it was nowhere near as popular. Now if you were to type the word into Google, there are over 148 million results.

 Jennifer Coolidge Now

Coolidge has had many roles outside of American Pie but she will always be Stifler’s mom.

The 54-year-old still acts, mainly in mockumentary films like Epic Movie and also lends her voice to animated films.

No Ceiling

Mana Pop

In one of the opening scenes on the first movie, it is clear that Jim’s room has no ceiling.

Mena Suvari Then


Suvari played the innocent Heather in the film, Oz’s choir singing love interest.

Mena Suvari Now


Suvari is now a brunette and is regularly pictured near her home in Los Angeles.

Apart from American Pie, Suvari hasn’t had any major roles.

Foiled Sausage


In the scenes where Jim was supposed to appear “turned on”, Jason Biggs’ erection was actually made out of a foil-wrapped sausage stuck on a pencil.

Shannon Elizabeth Then


Elizabeth’s character Nadia, was responsible for the iconic bedroom scene in the very first film in 1999.

Eight Films!


There are eight American Pie films in total, including; American Pie Presents, The Naked Mile, American Pie Presents Band Camp and American Pie Presents: The Book Of Love.

Shannon Elizabeth Now


Almost 17 years on, Elizabeth looks as amazing as ever and despite not going onto a successful acting career, she’s remained popular through her charity work.

Natasha Lyonne Then


Vicky’s best friend Jessica who had an estranged relationship with men, including Stifler.

Natasha Lyonne Now


Lyonne is now known for being one of Netflix’s Orange Is The New Black’s main characters, she plays the role of inmate Nicky Nichols.

Big Pay Cheques

According to sources Jason Biggs and Seann William Scott received $5million to reprise their roles for the American Pie Reunion in 2012.

Alyson Hannigan and veteran Eugene Levy were both paid an estimated $3million for their parts.  Whereas the rest of the cast – Chris Klein, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Natasha Lyonne, Jennifer Coolidge, Mena Suvari and Shannon Elizabeth were paid far less, with most in the $500,000 to $750,000 range.

Tara Reid Then


Tara Reid played Vicky, Kevin’s hot love interest, in the film series.

As mentioned, the scene when she is enjoying an intimate moment with her boyfriend while holding a conversation with her father is hilarious.

Tara Reid Now


Reid has only featured in C-List films and has made some bad life decisions since starring in American Pie.

The 40 year-old has only really been in the news for the fact people are worrying about her health.

Family Banter

Hollywood Reporter

In an interview, Seann mentioned that his mom enjoys his fame. He said: ‘She likes to go into Best Buy and ask “Do you have American Pie? I’m Stifler’s mom”.’