Movie night with your partner can be one of the best nights of the week. Whether you’re watching superheroes causing untold billions of dollars of property damage, cops who are far too old for this s*** chasing down the bad guys, or suave ‘secret’ agents freely handing out their names and job descriptions to anyone in earshot, there’s nothing quite like cuddling up on the couch with your other half and taking in a show together. However, there are some movies that you should never watch with your partner as they could lead to blazing rows and the very real possibility of breaking up. Here are nineteen movies that you should never, EVER watch with your partner. Warning: Spoilers!

Gone Girl

It’s the tale of a woman who fakes her own death so she can frame her cheating husband. It’s probably best not to watch this one with your partner as they may start wondering what lengths you might go to if you’re scorned in any way, even if it’s just forgetting to do the dishes. David Fincher’s adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s best-selling novel is a brilliant movie; just one that’s probably best watched on your own!