Movie night with your partner can be one of the best nights of the week. Whether you’re watching superheroes causing untold billions of dollars of property damage, cops who are far too old for this s*** chasing down the bad guys, or suave ‘secret’ agents freely handing out their names and job descriptions to anyone in earshot, there’s nothing quite like cuddling up on the couch with your other half and taking in a show together. However, there are some movies that you should never watch with your partner as they could lead to blazing rows and the very real possibility of breaking up. Here are nineteen movies that you should never, EVER watch with your partner. Warning: Spoilers!

Gone Girl

It’s the tale of a woman who fakes her own death so she can frame her cheating husband. It’s probably best not to watch this one with your partner as they may start wondering what lengths you might go to if you’re scorned in any way, even if it’s just forgetting to do the dishes. David Fincher’s adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s best-selling novel is a brilliant movie; just one that’s probably best watched on your own!

Sweet November

This charming tale sees Charlize Theron’s terminally ill character not bothering to mention to Keanu Reeves about her imminent death, leading to him being utterly bewildered and completely bereft when the inevitable happens. Many an argument has ensued from partners who watched this 2001 tear-jerker together, as one partner thinks it’s a bittersweet romance and the other one thinks it’s the tale of an idiot who’s duped into falling in love with a liar. Best avoid watching this one together, we say.

Magic Mike

Steven Soderburgh’s 2012 smash hit, Magic Mike, isn’t the best film to watch with your partner unless you have no problem with them lustily gazing at Channing Tatum’s ripped torso for the duration of the movie. Unless you’re packing a similar amount of heat, you may start feeling a little inadequate, and this may well boil over into jealousy. We suggest letting your partner let off steam on their own on this one.


There’s nothing like a bit of infidelity in a movie to start an argument. You may well think that Diane Lane’s character’s steamy affair with the much younger Olivier Martinez is entirely justified considering the listless, loveless marriage she’s stuck in with Richard Gere. However, your partner may take the view that infidelity’s a no-no regardless of the excuse given. This could lead to a blazing row, so it’s probably best to watch this one on your own and keep your conclusions to yourself!

The Good Girl

Just like in the aforementioned Unfaithful, The Good Girl sees Jennifer Aniston stuck in a loveless marriage with John C. Reilly. She willingly falls into the arms of Jake Gyllenhaal and the two begin a passionate affair that unfortunately leads to Aniston falling pregnant. That’s a potential argument right there, but what could really cause the maximum amount of tension is Aniston’s character’s decision to convince Reilly’s character that the baby is his. If you think she did the right thing and your partner didn’t, expect to be sleeping on the couch tonight!

Revolutionary Road

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet rekindled their Titanic partnership back in the 2008 drama, Revolutionary Road. They played an affluent couple who decide to move to France. However, things go wrong when Kate’s character falls pregnant and the pair’s world falls apart. You may well be looking at your own perfect relationship after watching this together and you may start wondering if it’s as perfect as you think. Best avoided, we say.

Away from Her

Away From Her tells the story of a couple who are still very much in love after many years of marriage. However, when the wife is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, her husband not only has to see her slowly slipping away and forgetting about him, but also fall in love with a patient with the same condition. Eventually, the heartbroken husband realizes he has no choice but to let his wife and her lover spend their final time together as he has completely faded from her memory. It’s a gut-punch of a movie, and may well lead to an argument with your partner about what you would do in a similar position. If you disagree, expect fireworks to fly!

A Perfect Murder

You may well be left with feelings of mistrust after watching this 1998 remake of Dial ‘M’ for Murder starring Michael Douglas, Gwyneth Paltrow and Viggo Mortensen. When Paltrow has a steamy affair with Mortensen’s character, Douglas finds out about it and blackmails Mortensen into going along with his scheme to have his wife murdered for her money. Best to let your partner sit this one out if you don’t want to be left wondering if they’ve put a contract out on you!

This Is Where I Leave You

There’s so much betrayal and mistrust going on in This Is Where I Leave You that it’s hard to know where to begin. There’s the character who comes home to find his wife in bed with another man and pregnant with his baby to boot. Another character is dating his therapist who’s twice his age, and another one runs off with her mentally-ill next door neighbor, abandoning her husband and kids. And all of this is taking place in just one family. Another one to avoid if you don’t want to end up in a blazing row trying to negotiate your way through this moral minefield of a movie!

The Gift

This twisted 2015 tale of a man who gets his revenge on his former school bully by destroying his career and his marriage is another movie that may well lead you and your partner to come to blows. Did Gordo (Joel Edgerton) go too far with his scheme to ruin Simon’s (Jason Bateman) life? Picking your way through this moral maze of a movie together may well prove too much, so it’s best if you watch this creepy chiller alone to save yourself  some grief.

Blue Valentine

The story of a young, attractive couple who fall madly in love with one another might sound like the perfect movie to watch with your partner, but don’t be fooled. What starts out as a sweet relationship between Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams slowly descends into misery as the pair succumb to relationship fatigue. Watch this with your other half and you may well be left looking at your partner and wondering if your relationship will share the same fate as the two characters in Blue Valentine. Best not to dwell on that, so another one to watch alone.

War of the Roses

If you side with one of the warring partners in The War of the Roses and your other half sides with the other, expect fireworks to fly not just on screen, but in your house too! This classic slice of 1980s comedy drama saw the third and final collaboration between Michael Douglas and Katherine Turner as they played the Roses, an estranged couple who will stop at literally nothing to force the other out of the dream home they share. One to watch on your own if you don’t want to end up in your own personal war of the Roses!

Brokeback Mountain

This story of two men who are hopelessly in love with one another in a society that frowns on that sort of thing won Ang Lee the Best Director Oscar at the 78th Acadamy Awards. So, what could possibly be wrong with a movie that hoovered up awards on release back in 2005? Well, it’s pretty gloomy and upsetting and the ending is an absolute misery-fest. Unless you want to end movie night with both of you in tears, this is definitely one film to watch solo.


Closer tells the tale of four people – played by Julia Roberts, Natalie Portman, Jude Law and Clive Owen – whose lives are torn apart by affairs. Again, this moral maze may leave you and your partner rooting for two different teams, and in turn that may well lead to an argument you never wanted on movie night. It’s probably best to leave this complicated, beautifully-shot drama to a time when you can view it on your own in peace.

Two Lovers

This gloomy drama centers on a man who has to settle for a relationship with a woman he doesn’t to be with want after having to break off his engagement to a woman he actually did want to be with due to a genetic quirk they both share that would put any kids they might have in danger. When another woman enters the scene, the man, played by Joaquin Phoenix, is left even more miserable. After watching this movie together, you’ll not only both be left in a foul mood, but you may well be looking over at your partner and wondering if he or she has settled for second best. Watch Thor: Ragnorok instead, that’s our advice.

Sliding Doors

Sliding Doors is the story of a woman who experiences two separate timelines at once. In one timeline, she misses her train and therefore fails to catch her boyfriend in the act of cheating on her. In the other, she does catch him and thus strikes out on her own. It’s a fascinating ‘what if?’ movie, but watch it with your partner and you may start wondering what would have happened if you’d missed your own proverbial train. Heaven knows where that line of thought might lead you, so it’s probably best if you watch this 1998 romance on your own.

(500) Days of Summer

Telling the tale of a young man who thinks he’s found the perfect woman until she suddenly splits up with him and moves on with an ease he finds hard to come to terms with, this bittersweet 2009 romantic comedy starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel might make you question just how committed your other half actually is to your perfect relationship. Another one for the watch alone list, we say.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

2004’s External Sunshine Sunshine of the Spotless Mind featured Kate Winslet and Jim Carrey going through a heartbreaking break up that they think might be easier to get over if they both have their memories of their time together erased. It’s a pretty downbeat movie that will have couples watching together wondering if they would be prepared to undergo a similar procedure should the worst happen. A dark thought indeed.

Kramer vs. Kramer

Kramer vs. Kramer centres on a divorcing couple who are going through a very bitter custody battle over their son. The movie won a whopping five Oscars back in the 1970s, and it’s not hard to see why when you witness the blistering, career-defining central performances of Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep. Best avoid watching this one as a couple because it may leave you looking askew at your other half, wondering what lengths they would go to if your relationship ever hit the rocks.