For most, our grandparents are the ones who would babysit us, treat us to sweets and new toys when we saw them – maybe even a little bit of pocket money – and now they are definitely some of our best friends.

That in its own way is pretty damn cool, but our grandparents were a whole different kind of cool in their youth.

These vintage photographs are not only interesting to look at, but also solid proof that maybe, just maybe, our grandparents were – and still are – cooler than we will ever be.


This cool guy hasn’t got the time to be dawdling through Central Park.


Back in 1922, the flash of a camera was quite a shock.


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So cool he doesn’t even seem phased by the five beautiful women around him.


This is how dates when down back in the day.


Now that is an impressive beer run.


Just chilling in Alaska back in 1989, looking like a badass.


An absolute badass welder in WWII


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A great choice of drink – and a great choice in the size of them. Lets hope he’s thirsty.


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Two brothers getting married in a ‘joint’ ceremony – we’re here for that pun alone.


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When you Grandma doesn’t care for the rules of the day and rocks trousers even though they weren’t deemed ‘appropriate’. This is the sort of lady to look up to.


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You have to be proud when your grandmother was a real life Rosie the Riveter in WWII.


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Is this not the most 80’s pic you’ve ever seen?


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Back in 1995, this little guy was just about to receive a puppy as a birthday present – jealous.


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Smoking was definitely seen as the cool thing to do a few decades ago – at least we know differently now.


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Grandad just chilling out with his horse in Texas way back then.


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Celebrating her sweet sixteenth looking very stylish and very happy with her new car.


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We can only dream of looking this glamorous on the beach.


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This happy chappy didn’t let the freezing weather get him down. 


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Even this lady can’t believe her luck at meeting the legend that is Bob Ross.


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Imagine finding out that back in the 50’s your Grandma was an absolutely stunning car model