The Sound Of Music has to be the most timeless movie in history. The songs, the heart-wrenching storyline and the fact that the queen that is Julie Andrews starred in the film means that we’ll be watching for decades to come.

Whilst you may know all of the songs off by heart or even the entire script, we can guarantee that you haven’t heard these behind the scenes secrets.

Check out everything the producers didn’t tell you when the cameras weren’t rolling…

Christopher Plummer Recorded His Own Vocals And Learnt To Play The Guitar For The Movie

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Despite this, producers ended up dubbing everything in the end meaning his new found talent went to waste.

Debbie Turner (Marta) Had Loose Teeth During Filming And Many Ended Up Falling Out

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For continuity, the crew got the young actress false teeth to wear during takes.

Julie Sang “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” To The Children Between Takes To Entertain Them

The kids reportedly thought that Andrews had made up the song for them since Mary Poppins hadn’t been released yet.

The Song “Edelweiss” Was Created Specifically For The Sound Of Music

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The people of Austria had no idea that the song existed until the movie had been released.

Julie Andrews Was Convinced By The Director To Take The Part

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But he said if she did, she would have to learn to play the guitar – which she did!

Charmain Carr (Liesel) Had A Crush On Her On-Screen Father Christopher Plummer (Georg)

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21-years-old at the time of filming, Charmain admitted in her autobiography that she fancied Christopher Plummer, who was 35-years-old at the time. According to her, the feeling was mutual but nothing ever happened – they just flirted!

Julie Andrews Tripped During The Scene In Which She Is Running To The Van Trapp House Singing “I Have Confidence”

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Apparently this was an accident as Andrews just got so into the song, but the director loved it so much he decided to keep it in the final cut – he thought it added to the nervousness of the song and made Maria even more endearing.

Christopher Plummer Confessed That He Was Actually Drunk During The Musical Festival Scene

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Who else is going to watch it back now and see if we can spot his drunken antics?

Julie Andrews Almost Turned Down The Role Of Maria Von Trapp

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The legendary actress was worried about taking a role that was too similar to Mary Poppins – we’re thankful that she still went through with it!

 The Sound Of Music Saved 20th Century Fox From Bankruptcy

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This is because it was such a hit – it’s still considered to be the most successful musical movie today.

Charmain Injured Herself During The “Sixteen Going On Seventeen” Scene

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During the choreography, Charmain actually fell through the glass in the gazebo and hurt her ankle. During the last scene, she wears a bandage that has been cleverly covered up with makeup.

The Row Boat Scene Actually Traumatised Kym Karath (Gretl)

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Since Kym couldn’t swim, Julie was supposed to fall forward when the boat capsized to rescue her but she couldn’t get to the poor girl in time – she almost drowned!

Nicholas Hammond (Friedrich) Had The Biggest Crush On Julie

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During the puppet scene featuring “The Lonely Goatherd” the actor can be seen few times staring lovingly at Julie.

Maria’s Wedding Dress Train Was An Incredible 14-Feet Long

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She definitely had an eye for style.

Christopher Had To Do His Own Research About His Character “the Captain”

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He went to Salzburg with an interpreter to meet the real Captain’s nephew only for him to tell Christopher that his uncle was the most boring man he had ever met.

Julie Andrews’ Favourite Song From The Musical Is “Edelweiss”

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Even though she only briefly sang it, she still considers it to be the best.

Doris Day And Sean Connery?

When casting for the film, the studio was initially set on a coupling of Doris Day and 007’s Sean Connery for the lead roles. Luckily for us they decided to go for Andrews and Plummer after a second round of auditions!

Julie Couldn’t Hold It Together During Her Kissing Scene With Christopher In The Gazebo

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This was because the lights were making a really weird noise that kept making her laugh. According to the actress, it sounded like someone was blowing a raspberry whenever they leant in to kiss. Because of this, the scene was changed to just a silhouette of the pair and editors had to mute Andrews’ giggles.

The Real Family

The enitre von Trapp family were in fact Austrian refugees and fled to the United States at the beginning of World War II by heading to Switzerland.

The Real Escape

The movie wrongly portrays their escape and shows the family leaving Austria by climbing over the Alps. It is believed that the escape in real life was mostly spent under cover on that train to Switzerland and not in merrily over the mountains.

The Real Maria Wasn’t Invited

When the film premiered in 1965, the real life Maria, who the film was based on wasn’t automatically invited! Even when she asked for a ticket to attend the producers told her no. They stated that there were no seats left, they wanted recognised celebrities to have a seat in order to gain more publicity for the film. Disgusting.

Christopher Plummer Hated Filming Because He Couldn’t Stand Working With Julie Andrews

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Apparently he used to call the movie The Sound of Mucus and S&M. It is believed that Plummer couldn’t handle how nice and gentle Julie wad. He even confessed to the media that working with Julie Andrews was like, “getting hit over the head with a Valentine card.”