Even the rich and famous had a prom once upon a time and it is safe to say they looked rather different before they gained their celebrity status’.

We have gathered a collection of the cringiest celeb prom pictures for you and we can assure you that you won’t be disappointed.

From Will Ferrell rocking a tiara to Ellen Degeneres with a MAN, you’re in for a treat.

Check out what hilarious outfits these famous faces wore to their high school dances in the gallery below.


Her date has really got to work, work, work, work, work on his look.

Michelle Obama

Pre-Barack, Michelle looking like an African queen in her photo with her first boyfriend David Upchurch at Chicago’s Whitney M. Young High School in 1981.

 Will Ferrell

d6b23d5bef433eec716da2d873f5bd08 His date appears to be wearing a hula necklace but that does not detract from the fact he thought it was acceptable to wear a tiara. Clearly he has been a joker since day one.

Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga certainly enjoyed her night out at Prom!

Claire Danes

Even at her senior prom, Claire Danes has clearly been a beauty since birth.

 Blake Lively

blake lively

Blake left little to the imagination when she wore this dress at her Prom.

 Bruno Mars

bruno mars He’d jump on a grenade for her, but he won’t sort his hair out! Oh Bruno!!

Natalie Portman

nat Portman seems shy, but her natural beauty shines through in this photo.



The singer looks totally unrecognizable from her Black Eyed Pea days here.

Danielle Fishel


Danielle showing off her hot pins, going to prom with none other than Nsync’s Lance Bass!

Jimmy Fallon

celebrity prom The late night talk show host looks like he has seen a ghost here. Although it might be the shock of his dates shiny white tights.

Brad Pitt

brad pit This looks more like a wedding photo than prom. Brad strikes a very proud groom haha.

Taylor Lautner

taylor I’m not sure how Team Jacob feel about this beauty. We are yet to receive confirmation of whether Lautner was electrocuted before this photo was taken.

 Matthew McConaughey

It’s safe to say baby faced McConaughey has grown up a lot since his prom.

Ashton Kuchter

The star of Two and a Half Men was clearly the life of the party at his 1996 senior prom at Clear Creek Amana High School in Iowa.

Jennifer Aniston

As always, Jennifer Aniston keeps it classy in an elegant black dress for her high school prom.

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson is a Hollywood beauty, but even her prom photo is embarrassing. Johansson and Jack Antonoff went to prom together back in 2002.

Julia Roberts

source Jimmy Kimmel

The Pretty Woman star has always been a beauty, as her prom picture she shared on Jimmy Kimmel Live proves. Roberts tried to defend why her ’80s hair was as big as her renowned smile: “There’s a hair shadow that’s making my hair appear much larger than it actually was!

LeBron James

LeBron James and, his now wife, Savannah Brinson were high school sweethearts! They attended prom while she was five months pregnant with their first child, LeBron Jr.

Ellen DeGeneres

ellen Not only are we shocked by the fact her date is a guy, we can’t get over her hideous dress!

Kim Kardashian

kim k Kim K looking very different.

Demi Lovato

demi It’s safe to say she went for a deep mahogany spray tan.

Jessica Alba

jessica alba Going for the milk maid look were you, Jess?


No matter what Lyndall Locke ever accomplishes in his life, will it ever be better than going to prom with his high school girlfriend Beyoncé.

Amy Poehler

Poehler is know for her comedy, but she looks less than impressed arriving at her prom here.

Carrie Underwood

The country music superstar looked “All-American Girl” in 2001 at the Checotah High School prom in Oklahoma.

Kellie Pickler


A lot of skin on show here.

Farrah Abraham

Teen Mom star Abraham confessed that she lost her virginity on prom night with her date Derek Underwood, which led to becoming pregnant with daughter Sophia in February 2009. Sadly, Underwood died in a motor accident before his daughter was born.

Jon Hamm

We’re not sure this is how Don Draper would do prom at the John Burroughs School prom but Hamm confessed his hair was the start of a mullet.

Ru Paul

Even out of his world-famous drag, RuPaul still managed to stand out at his 1983 prom at Northside High in Atlanta.

Taylor Swift

You’re a kid from a middle-class suburban life, throwing up gang symbols just seems cool, right?? Are you West or East Coast Taylor?

Taylor Swift

taylor swift One prom, another date! Taylor you weren’t so innocent after all!

George Clooney

Even in 1978, George Clooney had a way with the ladies and no problem getting a date for his high school prom at Augusta High School in Kentucky.

Lauren Conrad

In 2003, Conrad — then still known as “LC” — made the Laguna High homecoming court while MTV chronicled her senior year on Laguna Beach.

Halle Berry

The Cleveland cheerleading captain was accused of cheating to win 1984 prom queen. “It took me a long time to get over it,” she said.

Tupac Shakur

Tupac attended his prom at Baltimore School for the Arts with Heather L, and there Limo didn’t turn up to pick them up.

Meghan Markle

Out of all the photos we have seen, Meghan Markle’s homecoming photo is arguably the best. She surely won’t look at this photo and cringe. She looks stunning as she won the Homecoming Queen crown, was it all written in the stars?