In 2009, the film, The Blind Side, was released. It did exceedingly well, and caused people from all four corners of the world to feel strong emotions, to laugh and cry.

In fact, critic, S. Jhoanna Robledo from Common Sense Media said, “Based on a book by journalist Michael Lewis chronicling the real Oher’s experiences, ‘The Blind Side’ manages to inspire despite its broad-strokes approach to characterization.”

Today however, you’re about to read about the true story of Michael Oher, one of the main characters in The Blind Side – a boy that at age 16, was able to leave his drug-addicted mother, and start a brand new life.

But Oher admits that he doesn’t particularly enjoy watching the movie, as there are some flaws to the truth. Here is the true story.

2006 and 2009

The Blind Side was released in 2009, starring Quinton Aaron as Michael “Big Mike”, Sandra Bullock as Leigh Anne Tuohy, and Tim McGraw as Sean Tuohy. It’s based on a true story, which was turned into a book in 2006 of the same name. The film did so well, in fact, that it brought in $300 million at the box office, and Bullock was given an Academy Award and Golden Globe Award for her role.

The Physical

First off, the characters are portrayed in a someone different manner to how they really look in real life. Sandra Bullock dyed her hair blonde for the part, and her characters children, Sean or “SJ,” and Collins played by actors Jae Head and Lily Collins, respectively. It was note however, that SJ was a lot thinner in the film, whereas in real life, he is a lot stockier and taller. Michael, on the other hand, was shown as bigger than he really is, with less muscle.

High School

In the film, Michael was able to enroll in the local high school with relatively little issues, after football coach, Burt Cotton, uses his powers of persuasion. In reality however, the principle of the school did allow Michael to attend the school, only after undergoing several month of home schooling though.