Married life can be great.

That feeling when you are so comfortable with someone that you don’t feel the need to impress them is something to behold.

The silly jokes, the daft pranks, the gentle teasing – it’s all part of the fun!

In this gallery, we count down 25 moments that capture the bliss of marriage!

“My wife didn’t appreciate my fridge magnet poem.”

We’ve all had a bit of fun with those magnetic alphabet sets for the fridge – usually by spelling out rude words! Well, that’s what this fella did when creating this beautiful ode to his wife. How romantic!

“Asked my wife where my eye drops were. She responded ‘in the bedroom on the tv stand under the lightswitch slightly trapped between the wall!’ “

We’ve all been there. We’ve mislaid something, and it doesn’t matter where we look, we cannot find it! Well, this eagle-eyed wife spotted where her husband’s eye drops were hidden, and it wasn’t the most obvious of places!

“For the past two years, anything sitting in our garage that the wife says we can’t get rid of, I’ve hung as “art” in our otherwise useless front room.”

It’s a pain when clutter builds up, especially somewhere that you need to keep a vehicle! When his wife told him that he couldn’t chuck away a bunch of junk in his garage, he had an ingenious idea. He bolted it onto the walls of their front room, and pretended it was art!

“My husband sure knows how to make a pregnant, bloated girl feel special on her birthday.”

This pregnant woman wasn’t feeling up to scratch, and on her birthday of all days! So her loving husband decided to write her this sweet note hoping to cheer her up. It worked! Awwww…

“My Hubbys Reaction When He Tasted That I Added Whiskey To His Coffee”

Many couples love to play pranks on one another. Whether it’s giving your significant other a fright, or unscrewing the salt shaker, such japes can be great fun. This woman decided to add something extra to her husband’s coffee. It doesn’t look like he minded too much!

“Wife and I spend an hour trying to get the cat to turn off the lights, so we didn’t have to get out of bed.”

Lazing around in bed together is one of the best things about being in a relationship. The problem is, it’s so damn comfortable that you don’t ever want to get out. This couple needed to turn the light off in their room, but neither could be bothered to do it. One cat and a laser pen later – success!

“Told the wife the floor was gross and needed cleaning. Told her I was willing to do it. She said we don’t need to. Clean half she said and let’s see the difference….mission accomplished. (We don’t have tiled floors)”

There’s pedantry, and then there’s pedantry. This wife asked her husband to clean half of the living room floor in order to see the difference to how it was before. Instead of simply cleaning one side of the floor, he decided to clean it so that it resembled a tiled floor!

“Marriage is all about compromise. For example, I didn’t really want a dog. My wife did. So we compromised… And here is our new puppy Copper.”

When this woman decided that she wanted to get a puppy, nothing was going to stand in her way. So when her husband said that he didn’t want a dog, she put her foot down! Who couldn’t love a puppy like that?!

“I wore this custom shirt during my wife’s labor. Wife was not amused.”

Imagine that you’re in the middle of giving birth, and your husband walks in wearing a t shirt like this. You’d want to throttle him, right?! Well, we don’t know what happened after this photograph was taken, but she doesn’t look best pleased!

“Whenever we get into a heated argument, my wife stops mid argument to take a selfie with me, I’m never amused.”

Those silly arguments you get into with your significant other. Don’t you wish that sometimes you could just diffuse them? Well this woman seems to have found a way to do so. Whenever she starts arguing with her husband, she whips out her cell phone and takes a selfie!

“What I love about my parents is that after 41 years of marriage, they still know how to embarrass their kids.”

Never passing up an opportunity to embarrass their children, this couple are obviously young at heart. They say that sharing a sense of humour is the secret to a long and happy marriage. Well, this pair seem to have it in the bucket load!

“My pregnant wife sent this to me at 2:12am this morning. I’m going to guess that my snoring was quite bad last night.”

Living with someone who snores can be a nightmare. You’re lying there trying to sleep, whilst a cacophony of noise engulfs you. So when this pregnant woman was kept up by her snoring husband, she extracted revenge by detailing what Huichol women used to do during childbirth! It ain’t pretty!

“When you ask your husband to pack your lunch…”

They say that if you play with fire, you’re gonna get burnt. So, if you ask your husband to make your packed lunch, you’ve got to expect minimum effort, as well as a bit of vulgarity! Still, $20 can buy you feast and a half – even in Canada!

“I needed to borrow my wife’s phone… she said her password was our anniversary. I gave the phone back and said I didn’t know what happened.”

Men are terrible at remembering dates. Birthdays. Anniversaries. Hell, they even struggle with Christmas! So when this woman told her husband that her cell phone password was their wedding anniversary, he promptly managed to lock it!

“We were looking through old pictures of me when my wife started laughing and got the dog’s flea pills from the cupboard.”

They say that owners will often resemble their pets. But what about their pet’s flea treatment?! When this fella was going through old photos, his wife spotted a close resemblance to the spaniel on this box of flea pills!

“My wife and I accidentally got each other the same gift for our second anniversary”

Buying presents for people is tough. Even if you know them like the back of your hand, it can be hard to pick something they’ll like. This husband and wife thought that they’d found the perfect gift for one another. The only problem was that it was exactly the same thing!

“My wife said I could decorate the guest bathroom as my own. Multiple screams have ensued.”

We all know that decorating can be boring. The mind numbing task of painting walls and ceilings is painful. So, when this dude was told by his wife that he could decorate as he wished, he decided to quell the boredom by having a little fun…

“My wife includes little notes in my lunch when she packs it. I’ve been saving them in my desk. These are some of my favorites.”

This is very sweet. A woman leaves little notes in her husbands lunchbox every single day. They range from “thank you so much for everything you do” to “sorry we’re out of food!”

“Married for 62 years, but my grandpa will still pull out his road atlas to prove my grandma wrong.”

“I told you so,” is one of the most satisfying things to say in a relationship. As petty as it may be, that brief satisfaction you get when you are proved right cannot be beaten. And judging by this couple, that feeling never wanes!

“My wife and I do not lead a very exciting life.”

They say that familiarity can kill a relationship. But some people are quite happy to live the quiet life. Take this couple. The most pressing thing in their calendar is the expiry date of a packet of ham!

“Caught my husband red handed… Thought he was working out.”

Most of us are big kids at heart! This guy certainly is. When he told his wife that he was going for a work out, she expected to walk in on him pumping iron. Instead, he was ‘driving’ his fire truck on his running machine!

“Year No. 4 at my wife’s family reunion.”

Family parties can be hard work. All those distant relatives, and so many names to remember. Well, this guy has stolen a march on his in-laws. Nobody has an excuse to mistake him for someone else now!

“Whenever I asked my husband what he wanted for dinner he always answered, “Bacon-wrapped shrimp and asparagus with Hollandaise sauce,” just to f**k with me. Today I served him this.”

A touch of The Boy Who Cried Wolf here. This wife patiently asked her husband what he wanted for dinner every evening, and every evening he gave the same smart-a** answer. So one day she called his bluff! We doubt he enjoyed his meal that day!

“My wife said this license plate made her think of me…”

You can’t beat a comedy license plate. They can break up the monotony of a long car journey. This couple spotted the delightful ‘2HR POO’ which apparently reminded the woman of her husband. Charming!

“Never have I been so mad at my wife before.”

Biscuit etiquette is very important. For example, you should always ensure that the packet is resealed properly so that the biscuits don’t go soft. Another is, if you’re going to eat more than your fair share, you should ‘fess up. This poor man.