Going to the doctor’s or dentist’s can be a very stressful thing to do. What if the doc’s got some bad news for you?

What if you need expensive dental surgery? There’s no wonder so many people approach their local surgeries with a certain sense of trepidation.

Doctors and dentists understand their patients’ fears, of course, and many of them use humor to lighten their moods and ease their fears. Here are twenty occasions when doctors and dentists proved that laughter is indeed the best medicine!

Listen To The Dinosaur

Never a truer word was spoken by a large plastic dinosaur. It is indeed true that if you’re waiting a long time to be seen, you’re probably not quite as ill as the guy in ER screaming his lungs out. Plus, sitting in the waiting room for a long time means you can catch up on all the latest cats falling into toilets videos on YouTube. It’s a win-win situation!

Monster Spray

When Madalynn Greenhaw from North Dakota couldn’t sleep because she thought there were monsters under her bed, her kindly doctor prescribed this special bottle of ‘Monster Spray’ and told her to spray it around the room every night before she went to bed. Madalynn duly complied, the monsters went away and she could finally get a good night’s sleep! Cheers, doc!


Giving birth is a stressful time for all involved, so it was nice of this hospital to try to lighten the mood of the screaming and shouting of husbands and partners having the bones crushed in their hands (plus some other noises) with this hilarious play-on-words. Altogether now! Push! Push! PUSH!

“We wants it. We wants the perfect smile.”

What better way for a dentist to show the miracles they can perform than by showing a before and after picture of Gollum from the Lord of the Rings trilogy? As you can see, the ring-addled former Hobbit has been given a smile even a TV news anchor would be proud of. “My preeeeeeeeeeecious … teeth!”

On A Scale Of One To Twelve …

This hilarious poster from Hyperbole and a Half was spotted recently on the wall of a doctor’s surgery. It perfectly illustrates the problem people have when asked to what degree of pain they’re in on a scale of one to ten. Luckily, the poster solves this problem by allowing patients to choose one of twelve options ranging from ‘I’m not actually in any pain’ to ‘All of my internal organs have simultaneously exploded and I have blood pouring out of my teeth’. Cheers, Hyperbole and a Half!

Batman Knows Best

One of the biggest complaints doctors have is the amount of patients who come into their surgeries demanding a course of antibiotics for an illness that antibiotics can’t actually treat. Viruses such as colds, for example, are not cured by antibiotics, yet every year thousands of people roll up at doctors’ surgeries across the country looking for a course of antibiotics to help them get over a common cold. This doctor’s had enough, and is using the medium of Batman and Robin to explain his surgery’s antibiotics prescription policy.

Doctor Negan Will See You Now

Losing a limb is a hugely traumatic experience that takes months to get over and will leave the person who has lost a limb with nerve damage and phantom limb syndrome for the rest of their lives. Luckily, the medical profession tries to make the healing process as comfortable as possible for the patient. In this doctor’s case, he’s an amputee himself who’s decided to inject a bit of Walking Dead-style humor into his patients’ lives. They love it!

Why. So. Dilated?

Dr. Paul Locus works as an obstetrician at the Henry County Medical Center in Nashville. He was booked to deliver the baby of Brittany and Joseph Selph. However, Brittany went into labor before her due date, and when he got the call to come to the hospital, Dr. Locus was in the middle of attending a Halloween party dressed as the Joker from The Dark Knight. He asked the couple if he wanted them to take the costume off, but they said no because it would be cool to have their baby delivered by the Joker! We think you made the right decision, guys!

Now Wash Your Hands

When it came time to install new sinks in the restroom of this sperm donation clinic, they had the bright idea to spell out what it was they were doing in no uncertain terms. They already had a sink that was about the same shape as the head of a single sperm, so why not add the tail too? A clever idea, and hilarious to boot!

They Could Be Twins

This has to be one of the funniest and most amazing coincidences we’ve ever seen! When this guy visited his doctor recently, his doctor couldn’t help noticing that he was, bizarrely, the spitting image of the guy in his upper glanatomy and acid reflux disease poster. The man agreed and took this hilarious photograph to prove it. Brilliant!

Where’s Waldo?

Going to the dentist’s can be a very stressful occasion. After all,  there aren’t many people who enjoy having sharp metal objects poked into their mouths, and there’s always the worry that the dentist will find something in there that needs lots of very expensive, very painful surgery. This dentist has decided to do something about his patients’ stress levels. He’s installed a ‘Where’s Waldo?‘ poster in the ceiling to take their minds off what he’s up to. What an excellent idea!

Some Commonly-Asked Questions

Many women – and men – have lots of questions about pregnancy. It’s a stressful time, as well as being a joyful one. One doctor decided to add a bit of light relief to proceedings by producing a selection of questions and answers to some of the most commonly-asked questions around pregnancy. The results were absolutely hilarious!

Breaking Bad News

Breaking bad news to patients is one of the worst things medical patients have to do. Author Amanda McCall decided to do something to help them by producing a picture book called ‘Grandma’s Dead: Breaking Bad News with Baby Animals‘. We’re not entirely sure a baby duckling really will help somebody come to terms with a diagnosis of syphilis, but we are sure it’s absolutely hilarious!

“You Had Me In Stitches.”

Medicine can be a grim business. For every patient’s life saved, there are many, many more that are lost. Medical professionals put up with a lot of terrible news and awful sights as they go about their working lives, so it’s not surprising that a certain amount of so-called ‘gallows humor’ has crept into the profession over the years. We’re not sure the patient saw the funny side of this stitching, but at least they can have it all taken out in a couple of weeks!

Thanks For The Gift, Doc

Having a vasectomy is a big decision for any man to make. Once he’s made up his mind to have ‘the snip’, he has to submit to one of the most emotionally challenging surgeries he can ever go through. To lighten the mood, Dr. Waguespack likes to hand out these bags of nuts to his patients after they’ve had the procedure. We’re not sure if it does lighten the mood, but we do know that the doctor’s special gifts are very, very funny!

My Top Priority

Some people sign ‘do not resuscitate’ forms when they don’t want doctors to try and bring them back to life after their hearts have stopped on the operating table. Other people have other priorities, such as this guy who, in the event of his death, wishes his browsing history to be deleted as quickly as possible! Good thinking there, dude!

One For The Hypochondriacs

This is a real book that someone spotted on the table in the waiting room of their doctor’s surgery. In this Internet age, it’s all too easy to go online to check your symptoms, only to fall down a rabbit hole that leads you to suspect you’re dying from all manner of hideous illnesses. Usually, the pain you think is most definitely cancer because WebMD’s told you it is is nothing more than a slight twinge that will go away with a bit of rest, and this book pokes gentle fun at our modern day tendency to self-diagnose ourselves with all sorts of horrible illnesses.

They Have A Point

Unless you have nerves of steel or you’re a masochist, you’ll probably dread a visit to the dentist’s. It’s hardly ever a fun experience, and as we’ve already pointed out, you never know what your dentist is going to find in there that might leave a gaping hole in your finances. However, the Queen Anne Hilltop Dental clinic would like to point out that however painful a visit to the dentist is, it’s nowhere near as painful as watching an episode of Jersey Shore. We wholeheartedly agree!

And Don’t Forget To Floss!

A hilarious play-on-words here, found on the wall of a dentist’s surgery. Plaque is the hard substance that attaches to our teeth and attacks the enamel. Leave it unchecked and you may end up losing your teeth. But, as this plaque hilariously points out, brush regularly and you’ll prevent it. Brilliant stuff!

Straight To The (Knife) Point

As we’ve already said, no man approaches the idea of letting his most intimate area go under the knife lightly, so any injection of humor is probably welcome to lighten the mood and take away some of the worry. This vasectomy clinic hilariously hands out penknives to potential customers and has the hilarious name, ‘Dr. Snip’. You can’t help but laugh when you see that, regardless of what’s going on downstairs!