The average American watches over 4 hours of television every single day – that’s a whole lot of Jerry Springer.

From Ellen DeGeneres to David Letterman, our favourite TV hosts are bringing in some serious cash.

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Glenn Beck – $90 million

You probably know Beck from his nationally popular radio show “Glenn Beck Radio Program”, but he’s also a TV host and a political commentator. Also looking for an opportunity to share his voice, Beck is a former Fox News contributor and is currently the CEO of Mercury Radio Arts. After launching TheBlaze in 2011, his net worth of $90 million has set him for life.

Kelly Ripa – $75 million

Ripa started her career as an actress on Hope and Faith and later made most of her wealth from hosting Live with Kelly. After meeting her husband Mark Consuelos in 2007, the duo founded Milojo, a highly successful production company. Ripa spent big bucks on a $24.5 million NYC penthouse, but that’s nothing compared to her annual salary of $20 million.

Jon Stewart – $80 million

Stewart got his big break in 1993 hosting his own shown on MTV called The Jon Stewart Show, not long after hosting You Wrote It, You Watch It. He’s most well-known as the co-host of The Daily Show, which he began in 1999, but Stewart announced his exit from the show during an episode in 2015 so he could focus on his writing – and to enjoy his millions, we’re sure.

Stephen Colbert – $45 million

With a net worth like $45 million, we’re sure Colbert has earned every one of his nine Primetime Emmy Awards, two Grammy Awards and two Peabody Awards. After starting as a correspondent on Comedy Central’s news-parody series The Daily Show, Colbert left in 2005 to host a spin-off series called The Colbert Report. The series was a total success, even becoming Comedy Central’s highest-rated series, which earned Colbert an invitation to perform at the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner in 2006.

Robin Roberts – $25 million

As the anchor of ABC’s Good Morning America, Roberts deserves every cent of her net worth for making our mornings a little brighter. She’s been lucky enough to host the Academy Awards pre-show twice and has even received three Emmy’s for her praiseworthy broadcasting work. She’s also a big name in the sporting world too, as she was recently inducted into the WNBA Hall of Fame for her contributions to women’s basketball through her sportscasting work with ESPN.

Seth Meyers – $10 million

The current host of NBC’s Late Night with Seth Meyers is also a talented comedian, writer and actor. Before earning his own show, Meyers was a head writer for NBC’s Saturday Night Live from 2001 to 2014 and hosted Weekend Update, which is the show’s news parody segment.

Judy Sheindlin – $47 million

Our favourite cut-throat TV judge has earned herself an impressive net worth of $47 million from playing no games with anyone who steps into her courtroom. The former Manhattan family court judge has brought case after case to our TV screens since 1996, and is still being aired today thanks to becoming the highest-rated daytime television program from its 3rd-5th season.

David Letterman – $400 million

Whilst he may have a lot of money in the bank today, Letterman didn’t have an easy start to his career. After his own NBC morning show failed, he was forced to work up way up from the bottom. He kickstarted his career again in 1982 when he moved to CBS to start his own show Late Night with David Letterman, which didn’t take long to be a complete success. Recently retired, Letterman now owns his own show and production company, which makes millions from reruns of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, The King of Queens and Everybody Loves Raymond. If you ever needed inspiration for why you should never give up on your dreams, it should be this man.

Oprah Winfrey – $2.9 billion

Winfrey has been ranked as the richest African-American, the greatest black philanthropist in American history, and is currently North America’s first and only black multi-billionaire – not bad for a business woman. Her enormous net worth has come from creating OWN, the Oprah Winfrey Network, which is a hugely popular TV network. Along with being the Queen of TV, Oprah has also co-authored five books and has her own radio channel Oprah Radio.

Tyra Banks – $90 million

Former America’s Next Top Model host, supermodel and businesswoman has accumulated herself an impressive $90 million net worth, but it didn’t come easy. Banks had to stand out in the world of fashion and beauty amongst industry greats such as Naomi Campbell and Gisele Bundchen before eventually landed her own show, The Tyra Banks Show, which aired from 2005-2010.

Pat Sajak – $45 million

If you’ve ever wondered why Sajak was so good at pointing to the wheel on Wheel Of Fortune, it’s probably because he used to be a weatherman. He also used to host a late-night talk show on CBS for a year back in 1989, before filling in as a guest-host for CNN’s Larry King Live and Live With Regis and Kelly when Regis Philbin wasn’t there. Sajak is kicking back and enjoying his millions now, as well as hosting The Pat Sajak Baseball Hour on the radio.

Lisa Kerney – $14.8 million

As the host and anchor for ESPN, this blonde bombshell has worked hard to earn a hefty $14.8 million net worth.

Bob Barker – $70 million

Despite retiring in 2007, Barker must have been smart with his money throughout his 50-year long career in order to be worth an impressive $70 million. He hosted TV shows such as The Family Game, Simon Says and That’s My Line, plus he’s won 19 Emmy Awards, a GSN Lifetime Achievement Award, and even got himself a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Steve Harvey – $100 million

If there’s anyone who can bring it back from the 2016 Miss Universe mishap, it’s Steve Harvey. Thankfully he graced our screens again after being trusted with the responsibility again this year, although he could have happily left the pageant with an impressive net worth of $100 million. Before being appointed to host Miss Universe, Harvey hosted the popular game show Family Feud – we wonder if he announced the wrong winner on there too..

Barbara Walters – $150 million

Walters changed the industry for women around the world when she became the first female news anchor on national evening news. Although she was born into a wealthy family, there’s no doubt that she’s made her own fortune from her ability to cover major world news and events. Walters is highly regarded for her interviews with celebrities, politicians and famous world leaders, and you’ve probably seen her on 20/20, ABC News, Today or The View.

Larry King – $144 million

The American TV host and journalist has become a global celebrity thanks to his show Larry King Live, which debuted in 1985. The show changed the game forever through celebrity Q&A, political discussions and viewer phone-ins. This brought in listeners by the millions and ultimately made CNN, and King, a huge amount of money. After retiring in 2010, King published his memoir My Remarkable Journey, making him a few more dollars.

Ellen DeGeneres – $400 million

This TV personality is living proof that being funny, kind and generous really does pay. The Ellen Show, where Ellen hosts, interviews and plays games on a daily basis, has received an impressive 32 Daytime Emmy Awards. The show has seen some pretty major guests, including former President Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey.

Regis Philbin – $150 million

Philbin made his staggering fortune by hosting some of America’s most popular competition shows. These included Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, Live! with Regis and Kelly, Million Dollar Password and the first season of America’s Got Talent. Philbin proved that it takes a unique character to be the most successful, as he was most notorious for his Bronx accent and irreverent ad-libs.

Jay Leno – $350 million

Before becoming the host of the critically acclaimed NBC show The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in 1992, Leno was a standup comedian. After more than a decade, NBC gave Leno another slot on primetime television with the talk show The Jay Leno Show, but this was later canceled a year later due to controversy amongst the hosts. Leno went back to just The Tonight Show before retiring in 2014 and being inducted into the Television Hall of Fame.

Dr. Phil – $400 million

McGraw has Oprah Winfrey to thank for his fortune after kickstarting his career from making regular appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show. The success led to him releasing a number of books that went on to be bestsellers, and in 2002 he took his career one step further by launching his own talk show, Dr. Phil. In 2008, McGraw began promoting his new spin off show, The Doctors, which was actually produced by his son Jay.

Chelsea Handler – $40 million

There isn’t much this woman can’t do – she’s got a hilarious sense of humour, she’s a great TV host and she’s even gone behind the camera to produce. Handler invested her time in the “Chelsea Lately” late-night show on E! between 2007 and 2014, before gaining even more recognition for her Netflix documentary “Chelsea Does“.

Jerry Springer – $75 million

If you love watching drama unfold on TV, then chances are you’ve heard of the Jerry Springer Show. Springer started his career as a lawyer and a political campaign adviser to Robert F. Kennedy. He even ran for Congress, but when that didn’t work out he was elected to the Cincinnati city council in 1971. Since 1991, Springer has brought us the latest dramas, and for that he’s work a staggering $75 million.

Diane Sawyer – $80 million

Sawyer went from being one of the staff members throughout Richard Nixon’s presidency to the new anchor of ABC’s “World News“. In 2014, Sawyer had enough money in the bank to resign from the World News position and declare that she will be primarily be focussing on specials and interviews with high-profile people, including Caitlyn Jenner’s first interview as transgender.

Sir David Attenborough – $35 million

This English broadcaster has a voice as recognisable as Morgan Freeman, but you’re more likely to hear him on a nature documentary than a movie about God. Formerly a senior manager at the BBC, Attenborough is the only person who was awarded BAFTAs for black and white, color, HD, and 3D consecutively. At 91-years of age and a net worth of $35 million, this TV legend shows no signs of stopping.

Bill O’Reilly- $85 million

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O’Reilly’s The O’Reilly Factor has helped the FOX News presenter reach an incredible $85 million. However, the controversial frontman has recently been axed by the network after he was accused of sexual harassment by fellow colleague, Wendy Walsh.

Kathy Griffin – $20 Million

She was a regular host of CNN’s coverage of New Year’s Eve but she won’t be there to see in 2018. Griffin, 58, is known for stepping the line in terms of controversy but after her comedy sketch while holding up a fake head of Donald Trump, she was axed by the broadcaster.