Audrey Hepburn will forever remain an icon, representing the best of Old Hollywood glamour.

But it seems there’s a lot more to her than being a worldwide fashion icon. The British actress has made history in other ways besides her memorable film roles and standout style.

Discover the most scandalous secrets about the famous star below.

1. Audrey’s Childhood Wasn’t As Glamorous As You Think

Whilst she is the epitome of glamour, as a child Audrey went through many hardships. During WWII, Audrey and her family lost everything. Hepburn lived in a dark cellar for months and survived on just grass and turnips.

2. She Was A Heavy Smoker

We have seen many vintage photographs of Audrey with a cigarette in her hand, but did you know she was actually very addicted to them? The actress smoked more than three packets a day, claiming it helped her calm her nerves.