In 2016, a video of an adorable little fox jumping up and down on a bed went viral. People wanted to know more about this beautiful little creature, and they were amazed to discover that she was actually somebody’s pet.

Now Juniper the fox is an Internet sensation, with millions of fans from all corners of the globe eagerly following her every move on Instagram.

But how did Juniper end up being owned by somebody, and what are the challenges of keeping a fox in a domestic setting? Read on to find out!

Meet Juniper

Meet Juniper. You probably think she was abandoned by her mom in the wild and was found by a kindly stranger, but this isn’t actually the case. Juniper was in fact bred to be a pet, which is most unusual. The lady who adopted her didn’t know what she was in for when she brought this little scamp home!

She’s Very Mischievous!

It soon became apparent to Juniper’s owner that the cute little fox was very mischievous. She loved ripping things to bits, and did quite a lot of damage to her owner’s furniture and soft furnishings. Luckily for Juniper, her owner could never stay mad with her for long because she was just way too cute.

She’s An Instagram Sensation

The adorable little creature always seemed to have a permanent grin on her face, which her owner loved so much. She decided to start an Instagram account featuring the little fox which she called JuniperFoxx. It wasn’t long before the crowds came flocking to her page, and it wasn’t long before Juniper had earned the hashtag, #thehappiestfox. Her fans just couldn’t get enough of her!

Splashing About In The Bubbles

Fans from all over the world were soon eagerly sharing pictures of this cute little creature who they simply could not get enough of! Juniper’s owner was only too happy to oblige. Fans went giddy when they saw shots of the fox having a lovely, bubbly bath. There was plenty more where that came from!

So Many Questions

Juniper’s Instagram page was soon doing very brisk business, and it’s not hard to see why. People just couldn’t get enough of the adorable creature, and the comments came flooding in from fans who wanted to know everything about her. Was it easy to keep a fox? What do they eat? Can they be trained? Juniper’s owner was bombarded with questions!

Happy To Help

Juniper’s owner set up the Instagram page not just to share wonderful snaps of her beautiful little pet, but also to educate people about foxes, and foxes in a domestic setting. She was only too happy to answer people’s questions, and they often didn’t get the answers they were expecting.

Juniper Goes Viral

In 2016, Juniper’s owner posted a video of her cute little pet fox on some crisp white bed-sheets. The fox mistook the sheets for snow, and was jumping up and down on it as a fox in the wild would do when it’s out rooting for food in winter. The video quickly went viral, and it wasn’t long before Juniper’s Instagram account had over one million followers! Wow! Good work, Juniper!

It’s Not As Easy As You Think

Many people asked Juniper’s owner where they could get a Juniper of their very own, but she was quick to discourage them. “I am not attempting to encourage anyone to get a fox as a pet, but the reality is that they are sold as pets,” she told Juniper’s followers in 2016. “They require permits to own and are illegal in most places.” It looks like the best way to enjoy cute little foxes is to follow Juniper’s Instagram page.

And Juniper’s Not Alone

Juniper doesn’t have her owner all to herself, of course. She has a ‘big brother’ in the shape of Moose. Moose is a husky, and he often appears in photographs on Juniper’s page. Juniper’s many fans adore big old Moose, and it’s not hard to see why. He and Juniper really do make quite the pretty pair!

A Bit Of A Handful

While photos of Moose and Juniper fooling around give off the impression that Juniper behaves just like a dog, her owner is quick to point out that this is far from the truth. In reality, foxes are incredibly skittish and are pretty much impossible to train. They also have a natural instinct to dig because in the wild that’s how foxes hide their food. In a domestic setting, that means a fox will try to dig through carpets and anything else it can find. Juniper’s owner makes sure everyone knows about this downside to fox ownership.

Creating The Perfect Environment

“Once we found a whole filet of fish buried under our carpet,” Juniper’s owner told the fox’s fans. “It’s important that she has her outdoor enclosure, somewhere that she can just not give a fox. She has mulch and dirt to play-dig in outside, and we’re going to get her a sandbox this spring for more fox fun.” It’s great that Juniper’s owner has so much tolerance for her ways, and that she’s doing everything she can to accommodate her natural instincts.

Juniper’s Special Requirements

Taking on a fox isn’t for the faint-hearted, or indeed for those with a sensitive nose. Juniper’s owner informed the fox’s fans that foxes smell quite bad thanks to a scent gland under their tails. And they’re not cheap to keep either because you can’t just feed them on dog food, as many people assumed you could. They must be fed on raw meat, which can be a bit expensive. No wonder Juniper’s owner is trying to put people off having a fox of their own!

She Brings Such Joy

Of course, for all the challenges of keeping a fox, the upside for Juniper’s owner is the sheer joy and love she experiences looking after this amazing little animal. “Juniper brings me so much happiness,” her owner has said. It’s not hard to see why!

Not Everyone Approves

Of course, Juniper’s owner hasn’t been free from receiving criticism for owning what they presume is a wild animal. “Juniper cannot be released into the wild,” she has told her critics. “Releasing her at any point of her life would not have only been illegal for me, but it would have also meant death for her as 50-plus years of captive ancestors have diminished an array of her natural instincts. While I agree that wildlife should stay in the wild, I also think that you should be fully-educated on a situation before placing judgment.” Sounds pretty black and white to us!

She Makes People Happy

Apart from the odd critic, Juniper and Moose bring a lot of joy and happiness to people lives thanks to Juniper’s extremely popular Instagram account. “Some of you let me know that she makes your day or helps when you’re feeling down, and it’s so amazing to me that not only does she do that for me, but she’s doing that for you too,” Juniper’s owner has said. People can’t get enough of this adorable pair!

A Fast Learner

Juniper may be a challenge, but things are getting easier for her owner. Thanks to careful management and encouragement, Juniper no longer marks her territory in her owner’s house, which means she doesn’t leave an unpleasant odor in the house, and her owner can no longer smell the fox on her clothes. Looks like this little lady is learning fast!

Her Owner’s Very Grateful

Most of all, though, Juniper’s owner is happy she is bringing so much joy to so many people. And she’s never shy about showing her appreciation to her adorable fox’s many, many fans. “You’re all so very kind and wonderful,” she has told them. “I’m thrilled that she’s now sharing her happy face all over the world and that we’re all reconnecting with nature.”

A Foxy Future

So that’s the story of Juniper the fox, her owner and her cuddly pal, Moose. Keeping a fox is hard work and it isn’t recommended for everyone. Luckily, Juniper’s owner has the patience of a saint and knows what she’s doing. Here’s to you, Juniper, Moose and your owner. May you have many, many happy years together!