Moms are hilarious. Or rather, moms think they are hilarious.

The cheesy jokes, the silly pranks, the bizarre text messages – they’re all part of the mom armoury. They makes us cringe and laugh in equal measure!

Here at Goodmad, we’ve collated 25 of the funniest mom moments ever.


1. The Cat and the Christmas Stocking

This woman doesn’t want to impose her religion on her cat. As admirable as this may be, it’s a cat. I doubt they have the intelligence to make an informed decision on what religion to practice! We hope that puss enjoyed his Christmas presents!

2. “My Mom Asked My Brother What He Wanted On His Birthday Cake. He Said, Jokingly, ‘Jesus Riding A Stegosaurus’ “

You have to be careful when joking with your mom, as they’re liable to take what you say seriously. Take this woman. She honestly believed that her son wanted a birthday featuring God’s representative on earth riding atop a dinosaur.

3. “Our Moms Mocked Our Selfie At The Dodger Game”

Selfies are something that our parents’ generation can’t get their heads around. Is it the narcissism, or the unfamiliar technology? Who knows. These ladies perfectly mocked their sons posing whilst at the baseball.

4. “The Mormons Insisted On Speaking To My Mom. So Here They Are Helping Her Garden”

Religious callers can be a pain. You’re just about to sit down for your dinner when someone knocks on your door, wanting to talk to you about Jesus. Well, this woman put them to good use, insisting that they help her in the garden in return for listening to their spiel.

5. “Mom Says She Knew I Was Gay Before I Did. I Guffawed. She Showed Me This”

They say that a mother always knows best. Well, that certainly seems to be the case here. This mom claims that she knew her son was gay before he did, and she’s got some pretty solid proof! What a pose!

6. Sassy Text Message

They say that older people struggle with modern technology. Not this mom. She’s well across texting. And when her daughter complained about her corny jokes, she had the perfect sassy reply. Ouch!

7. “My Mother Is Drunk. I Walked In To The Kitchen To Find Her Having Aligned The Potatoes In Size Order”

People do odd things when they’re drunk, whether it’s eating food you would never dream of eating when sober, or singing and dancing along to a song you otherwise hate. This woman takes it one step further. When drunk, she likes to arrange her potatoes in size order!

8. “My Mom Knit Me And My Cat Another Set Of Matching Ties For Christmas”

How sweet. A his and hers set. The “another” here is quite telling. It means that this is not the first time that she has knitted her son and his cat matching ties! Maybe she could do them sweaters next year?!

9. “Son Studying Abroad Sent Mom Cutout Of Himself And Thought They’d Laugh And Put Somewhere In The Corner. But His Mom Decided To Take The Cutout Along To Family Gatherings”

This is one of those cases of a joke backfiring. The son obviously thought he was being funny when he sent his mom a cardboard cutout of himself. However, she took it one step further, bringing ‘him’ along to family parties, and even putting him to bed!

10. “Friend’s Mom Left Him A Note”

Notes from your parents aren’t usually fun. Most of the time they’re asking you to do a job, like taking the trash out or vacuuming the carpet. This one is a bit different. When mom found the sunglasses, she decided there were three possibilities. We wonder which one it was!

11. “My Mom Has This Hanging Above The Dryer In Her Laundry Room”

Finding odd socks is a massive pain in the backside. Quite often you just end up pairing two odd ones together! Well, this mom has the perfect solution – a board where odd socks can be clipped onto until their opposite number is found!

12. “Feel The Tire”

Here’s one of those corny mom jokes that we mentioned earlier. It’s clear that this woman thinks her gag is hilarious, and she has gone to some lengths to make it. I’m not sure that her daughter finds it as funny, however!

13. “My Mom Just Gasped And Came Into The Front Room And Said ‘I Peed On The Floor'”

Another mom joke. After this lady spilt a tub of peas on the kitchen floor, she decided to make the above rip-roaring gag. We can hear the groans of her family from here! She enjoyed herself though, it seems!

14. “How My Mom Wrapped My Sister’s Rug For Christmas”

Those of you who are fans of South Park will remember the character Mr Hankey the Christmas Poo. Mr Hankey, who might just exist in Kyle’s head, first appeared in the original series of the animated comedy. This mom has faithfully recreated the character via the medium of a Christmas gift!

15. “My Kid Decided To Be An Astronaut In IKEA And My Mom Followed Suit”

Kids can play with anything. So when this bored boy in IKEA grabbed a waste paper basket, he decided to become an astronaut by putting it on his head. Not to be outdone, grandma decided to follow suit. Hers is a mesh one, so at least she can see!

16. “This Toddler Loves The Ads For A Local Personal Injury Lawyer So Much, His Mom Made It His Birthday Party Theme”

Children can be very obsessive. When they get into a character, whether Spiderman or Bugs Bunny, they utterly immerse themselves in it, and binge to the extreme. This young lad had quite an unusual obsession: a personal injury lawyer! So his mom decided to throw him a themed party!

17. “The cat wants to know…”

Talking to your kids about s-e-x is never easy, and is always hugely uncomfortable. So this lady decided to ask about condoms in the washing basket through the medium of cat. You can’t lie to the cute little face.

18. “That was cruel”

When this woman and her husband were away, she wanted to check that their kid was doing the tasks she had set. Despite three attempts, she got no response, so decided to offer them a new car. Well, that certainly got the required effect. Problem is, there’s no car!

19. “Mom Broke A Knife While Cooking And Sent Me This Picture”

Moms love to play a practical joke. It’s in their nature. Take this woman. When she broke her kitchen knife, she decided to send a photo to her son where it looked as if someone had impaled it in her hand. Classic!

20. “So, My Wife Told Our Kids That The Way To Talk To Santa Was Through Phones In Daddy’s Feet”

This has all the hallmarks of saying something so the kids leave you alone and go and pester daddy instead! The old ‘feet are phonelines to Santa’ trick. Why anyone would want a foot that close to their face is anyone’s guess.

21. “I’m Gay, And My Mom Sent Me This Saying ‘Remember Your First Weiner?’ “

Ah, a bit of blue humour. Another classic of the mum joke genre. This is a lovely innocent picture of a young boy in his toy car, but of course mum knows how to make it smutty! And let’s be honest, it does look like a sausage.

22. “I Asked My Mom For A Cool Bookmark And This Is What She Gave Me. (Yes, That Is My Mother)”

“Cool” and “mom” don’t usually belong in the same sentence. And so it turned out. A simple request for a bookmark resulted in this woman taking time and effort to create one bearing her own image. Certainly not one to show the cool kids.

23. “My Friend’s Mom In Poland Knit A Scarf And Crocheted A Hat For Miko”

Another case of moms knitting things for felines! This time, we have a woolly hat and scarf combo for Miko the cat. It appears to feature the badge of the Polish navy! Well, at least Miko will be warm this winter! What a handsome boy.

24. “My Mom Made This For My Wife For Her Birthday. It’s The Evolution Of My Daughter’s Temper Tantrum”

The last thing a mother wants is to be reminded of her kid’s temper tantrum every day for the rest of her life. Well, it looks like that’s what’s going to happen here, after mom in law decided to knock this up!

25. “My Girlfriend’s Mom Is Pretty Awesome”

They say that one of the best character traits a person can have is to be able to laugh at yourself. Well this woman seems to have it in spades. She manages to recreate one of the iconic images of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and using just a magazine to help!