In a world where being unapologetically yourself is almost rebellious, plastic surgery is continuously on the rise. But whether it’s work on your nose, breasts, skin, or other that you’re contemplating or have had done – this woman will show you that getting plastic surgery is sometimes quite a dangerous addiction.

Meet Jenny Lee of Austin, Texas. Jenny started having plastic surgery during her 20’s, and since has been seen on popular TV shows, such as Oprah, for her addiction.

She’s gone through over 60 surgeries thus far, and today…she’s at the point in her life where she simply has to accept the way these operations have affected her, physically and mentally.

Growing Up

While growing up, Jenny considered herself quite a good looking girl. Her family and friends, in agreement, often complimented her on her sweet face and wonderful personality. At that time, she had no issues with her body or any aspect of her appearance.