In a world where being unapologetically yourself is almost rebellious, plastic surgery is continuously on the rise. But whether it’s work on your nose, breasts, skin, or other that you’re contemplating or have had done – this woman will show you that getting plastic surgery is sometimes quite a dangerous addiction.

Meet Jenny Lee of Austin, Texas. Jenny started having plastic surgery during her 20’s, and since has been seen on popular TV shows, such as Oprah, for her addiction.

She’s gone through over 60 surgeries thus far, and today…she’s at the point in her life where she simply has to accept the way these operations have affected her, physically and mentally.

Growing Up

While growing up, Jenny considered herself quite a good looking girl. Her family and friends, in agreement, often complimented her on her sweet face and wonderful personality. At that time, she had no issues with her body or any aspect of her appearance.

Model Appearance

In fact, due to her tall and slim body, many encouraged her to take on modeling as a teen. And while she didn’t pursue modeling, Jenny was a happy and content social butterfly during her teen years.

Celeb Lookalike

As Jenny grew older, a few people remarked that she looked similar to Julia Roberts – with a big, beautiful smile and naturally dark, curly hair. But when Jenny got married for the first time, everything changed.


When Jenny married and had her first child, her husband persisted to mention all of her flaws. He would say that her nose was too big and that her breasts were too small. In an attempt to please her husband, she underwent her first surgery – a breast enlargement, in her early 20’s.

The Start Of Something

Due to Jenny’s husband’s constant comments, this pretty young woman began a negative internal monologue. She truly believed the nasty comments that were thrown her way, and said, “I just moved from a bad relationship with him to a bad relationship between me and my reflection.”

Ended Badly

Because of this, Jenny decided to divorce her husband. Unfortunately however, he left her with an unshakable obsession with her appearance, which lead her to undergo several other surgeries post-divorce. She said, “After the divorce, plastic surgery became an obsession for me. Today I look nothing like I did when I was married to my ex-husband.” 

Jenny’s Thoughts

“Plastic surgery for me is like a drug because it’s all I can think about. I brought my plastic surgeon pictures of what I wanted,” said Jenny.

Snowball Effect

At the age of 25, Jenny underwent a brow lift surgery, which then sparked her addiction even further. She had a certain image in mind, and with that, learned that she would have to have 33 additional surgeries in order to achieve it.

Jenny’s Nose

Jenny told her doctor that she wanted her nose to be thin, resembling that of Michael Jackson. She went on to say how she wanted to have Angelina Jolie’s lips, and Jennifer Lopez’s facial structure – using the actress as inspiration for her forehead, brows, and cheeks.

Phase One

In this photo, you will see Jenny after her first phase of surgeries. On her appearance she said, “When I look at my reflection, I still don’t like what I see, I’m trying to grow to accept what I see… If I could be just OK with it — just OK — I would be very happy.”

Phase Two

As Jenny’s appearance changes, stage by stage, one can now notice her slimmer nose quite prominently.

And given the fact that she underwent so many surgeries throughout her life during her daughter’s formative years, she said, “Her whole life, I’ve been having the plastic surgery, so she doesn’t even know what I look like as a natural person, when my daughter sees pictures of me before I had any surgery, she doesn’t recognize that that’s me. We don’t even look alike.”

Phase Three

Here, Jenny is photographed after her second nose job (two of four), and can be seen with noticeably bigger lips. But, Jenny still felt unsatisfied with this image. So, she moved onto the next surgery…

The Oprah Winfrey Show, 2004

As previously mentioned, Jenny appeared on the Oprah show in 2004. Here, you can see her at the age of 28, with an appearance brought on after 30+ procedures. Whilst on the show, she admitted to having spent over $80,000 for all of her surgeries. She also admitted that she wasn’t 100% happy with her appearance…yet.

Completely Unnatural

“I don’t know what perfection is for me if I knew that, I would be there already. I don’t want this look, I’m trying to avoid looking completely unnatural,” said Jenny. She went on to say that “the seduction of perfection is worth the pain.”

Self-Esteem Issues

“Whatever the post-operative pain that I’m going through, is not nearly as bad as the way I feel when I look in the mirror and I see something I am very unhappy with,” said Jenny. Oprah responded by saying that Jenny’s self-esteem issues would simply get worse with every plastic surgery procedure.

Truth Be Told

In a very candid interview Jenny admitted, “People don’t recognize me in some of my older family pictures, they say ‘who is this person?’ and they’re in shock and say ‘what have you done to yourself?’. I wish I had never started this.”  She also admitted to the fact that her addiction was due to her need to ‘fit in’, but despite all of her attempts, she said that she still doesn’t. “I don’t think anything I do to my nose or to my body will make me fit in because I just don’t think I do fit in.”

The Impact

After being on Oprah, Jenny’s story went completely viral, leading to many other TV interviews and interventions. A clinical psychologist told Jenny on Larry King Live that her addiction stemmed from a severe psychological issue connected to a low self-esteem.

2007, Full Body Procedure

In 2007, Jenny re-married and had a second child – a daughter. After this, she underwent a procedure called a circumferential body lift. With this, everything from the knees up were lifted.

An Unhappy Woman

But despite this intense surgery, Jenny still found it hard to accept her appearance. She felt that her TV fame was an opportunity to tell (young) woman about the negative effects of plastic surgery, and even warned them, “Don’t be me.”


By 2012, Jenny had undergone 59 surgeries in total, and wound up back on the Oprah show…this time, with a noticeable weight gain than anything else. She was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, and said,“They had told me that weight gain was… a side effect of having fibromyalgia, I had to really come to terms with the fact that, for once in my life, I’m not in control of my body.” 

Today, 2018

As time lapsed, Jenny managed to lose the weight, yet continued with her surgeries. Today, she has utilized her fame by holding a strong social media presence, giving regular updates on her life and everything in between.